Top 10 Most Dangerous Minecraft Modded Mobs

What Modded Mob is The most Dangerous? Vote Here! Please only include only one mob from each mod.

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1 The Queen (Orespawn Mod)

Has lots of health and takes down a percentage of the opponents health, Regardless of the defense. That BULLET PROOF VEST IS USELESS! - DAIMONDDUDE

You NEED Royal Guardian armor for her. (Found in 6 tier dungeon) She has 6000 health, and peaceful at first (blue) but will turn black and attack you. She can one-hit you - ThunderdrumsRule

The queen always one hit kills if I have different armors on, and it does over a 1000 damage and had powerful beams.

The ultimate king is not really a mob mob, its an add on.

No contest. This is the strongest mon to ever see the light of day. - GREATEST

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2 Burning Godzilla (Godzilla mod)

Has even more health than the queen and lights you on fire plus giving you poison from 50 blocks away. But it does have less defense than the queen and does not ignore defense. Now use the bullet proof vest. - DAIMONDDUDE

He is mutant godzilla and he fights like crap.

He is pretty fun to defeat considering my Minecraft name is burning Godzilla.

He gets owned by the queen

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3 The Ultimate King (Orespawn)

I think he should be number two behind the Queen.

He is stronger than the queen so he should be number 1

Come on the ultimate king is the strongest and most dangerous it can get

This mob is unharmable exept from the windigo but even the creater of the mythical creatures mod said that that was not suppose to happen. Burning godzilla also could 1 shot him but his attack does not even do2000damage and the ultimate king has 7000 plus highest defense in the whole minecra ft. s o that is100%bug. And he can kill witherzilla and witherzilla can kill infinite amounts of windigos. And burning godzilla lol

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4 Tigrex (Monster Hunter Mod)

Try it on the Windigo or The Queen

Good thing for popularmmos to fight!

I agree with that popularmmos thing but not hard. Put it up against a nightmare, rainbow catipillar, or the Emperor Scorpion

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5 General Graardor (WildyCraft Mod)

HELL NO the order should be Windigo, Ultimate King, Queen.

Guys this guy hits like a truck shouldn't he be number 3

He hits like a truck, A MUTANT TRUCK FILLED WITH ACIDIC EBO- no already used that. - DAIMONDDUDE

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6 Mist Spider (Killer Spiders Mod)

He's fast, Angry, and, Well, A KILLER! - DAIMONDDUDE

7 Mutant Obsidian Golem (Pun Mod)

He's Cool, and he sucks you in like a murderous black hole! How Fun! - DAIMONDDUDE

8 The King (Orespawn Mod)

It's either the Queen or the Windigo that's strongest

Top 10 are: kiryu, King Kong, Ghiddorah, Arctic scorpion, Bowser, Godzilla, burning Godzilla, king, windigo and queen

This is only my appinion I may be wrong but the top10 strongest mobs in Minecraft are:10 mobzilla 9:king kong8 king godioria 7:king Bowser 6:godzilla5:burning Godzilla 4the king 3the queen 2:the ultimate king and 1 is the windigo! so the king is actually number4.

9 Hydra (Twilight Forest Mod)

There are 2 Hydras in the world of Minecraft mods and the Twilight Forest Hydra is nothing compared to the other Hydra

He breaths deadly fire, ya know, like cats do. - DAIMONDDUDE

That punk is in normal final hydra

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10 Godzilla (Godzilla Mod)

The Contenders

11 King Ghidorah (Godzilla Mod) V 1 Comment
12 King Kong (Godzilla Mod)
13 Ore Boss (Ore Boss Mod)

I don't know not good start all. You could kill it with vanilla stuff.

Well he hits like a truck, LA NUKES! Ya had to finish the joke. - DAIMONDDUDE

I think it's quite strong but not TOP 10

14 Walker King (Better Dungeons Mod)

He has high defense. A MUTANT shield FILLED WITH ACIDIC protection things! This is really getting old. - DAIMONDDUDE

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15 Kiryu (Godzilla Mod)

Kiryu is only good because of his death move. Having him as a pet is boss, but still...

This is the worst poll ever so wrong

16 Mobzilla (OreSpawn) V 1 Comment
17 Windigo (MLP mod)

This thing is stronger then the queen so I don't know why he's 20th

Best only one mob ever can kill it

18 Herobrine (Herobrine Mod)

I know this thing will be a match.
I cheated Minecraft and spawned Herobrine without mod.
But the best thing ever?
It has super powers!

He's stupid it's just a rumor you should'nt even install the mod 'because it just adds in him and his chain boots plus it's basicly Steve with white eyes

Herobrine cheats. The Ultimate King is litearlly nothing compared to Herobrine.
He can 1 hit kill anything. It can also controll its health.

19 Fire Witch (Elemental Witches Mod)


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20 Emperor Scorpion (Orespawn)

Has Really high defense same as the young adult prince and 1 point less than the king and queen by the way it has 20 defense if you didn't know

Definitely put the emperor scorpion on here, it was once the strongest mob in orespawn, and is still very hard to defeat.

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1. The Queen (Orespawn Mod)
2. Burning Godzilla (Godzilla mod)
3. The King (Orespawn Mod)
1. The Queen (Orespawn Mod)
2. Burning Godzilla (Godzilla mod)
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