Top 10 Most Dangerous Minecraft Modded Mobs


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21 Kraken (Orespawn Mod)
22 Witherzilla (Titan Mod)

For those who don't know the Titans mod, update the Titans mod and battle the Titans. But don't even try to fight witherzilla. WARNING: DON'T BATTLE WITHERZILLA!

23 Kror (Advent of Ascension)

He kills you almost instantly, and is pretty much a balanced boss. - Golem

24 Ferrous Wroughtnaut (Mouzie's Mobs)

Can Be Only Attacked In The Back When Does His Move.
Insane Knockback
+ Epic Animations

25 Flame Wraith (MoCreatures Mod)

They are really fast, spawn above ground, I've seen them pass through doors and walls and THEY SET YOU ON FIRE!

26 Rahovart (Lycanites Mobs)

He's immune to orespawn bosses now and their exploits to break other bosses, plus he's way more advanced. He should be #1, no question.

He's got to be pretty immune, since Orespawn's strategy is just attacking, while Rahovart actually requires a strategy besides power. If Rahovart wasn't immune and Orespawn bosses were smarter, Mobzilla could kill in less than 10 seconds.

27 Basilisk (Ore Spawn)

Basilisk orespawn basilisk is a giant snake that have over 100 health do 2.3 hit with iron armor and poision you and the first mob that was overpowered in orespawn

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28 Pirate King (Better Dungeons Mod)
29 Twilight Lich [Twilight Forest Mod]

Don't need to consider unless you plan to fight him with a gold sword naked

30 Arctic Scorpion (MLP Mod) V 1 Comment
31 C.R.E.E.P (Advent of Ascension)

These explosive menace has 3000 hp and deal high explosive damage. His attack is very quickly, able to quickly whittle down the health of armored player. Explosive armor is recommended for this fight. AoA bosses is extremely powerful. Many other bosses from this list from other mod is mostly just a boss where you need extremely good gear, and loads of health. Very few boss is actually a balanced boss that could be used on adventure map. - Golem

32 Wither Skeleton Titan (Average Titan) Wither Skeleton Titan (Average Titan)
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