Most Dangerous Mobs In Minecraft

There is so much mobs that are dangerous... But... What is the most dangerous mob?

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1 Wither

If you think the Enderdragon, Herobrine of the king is the best, YOUR WRONG! Nothing beats the wither! The wither is a scary creature that you create. It's super strong, and it shoots explosive wither skeleton skulls! Plus it gives you the wither effect! Put it up against all the monsters you want! It cannot be beaten! Let this be #1! I do not want anything on this list to be ahead of it! And by the way, three heads are better than one.

The wither should definitely be standing at number 1. For all we know, it can fly, regenerate health, become immune to arrows, and use its three heads to independently fire three explosive wither skulls at once, each with the force of a ghast fireball while inflicting the Wither effect on a direct hit, and keep in mind that Wither is the only status effect that can kill you, so yeah, the Wither is one mean. - XX_Hydra-Virus-9860_XX

I'd definitely put this at #1, way ahead of the Ender Dragon. The Wither not only has more health, but also can shoot explosive wither skulls from each of its three heads independently. The projectiles not only deal explosive damage but they also give you the Wither effect, which is the only status in the game that can kill players and entities. The Ender Dragon gets help from his Endermen, thus reducing his danger level, while the Wither is more used to wrecking alone. Also, three heads are better than one!

Totally agree

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2 EnderDragon

If it takes you 2 days to kill the Enderdragon, it will take you a week to kill the wither. The wither has 50% more health and 10% more attack damage.

The EnderDragon is super hard to kill! I killed the dragon once... It took me about 1 hour to kill it! - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

The Enderdragon is so overrated, and the Wither has 50% more health and fires wither skulls.

This thing just keep hiding at the sky of the end and it uses crystals to heal itself,and it's so hard to see and shoot the enderdragon if it is flying in the dark and flew higher and higher.What makes it more harder is when its flying and then the other enderman thought you were staring at them and attack you,and also when it shoots acid at the dark which you can't see it,and then she suddebly flew and hit you at your back.Its kinda scary if she does that,its like a junpscare. - McUniqueKiller

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3 Herobrine

What is he doing on this list? He's just a stupid rumor that some doofus made up. Don't make up mobs, my friend. - Gamecubesarecool193

Fake for now, until someone decides to add him into the game. whoever reads this comment will decide for themselves, to tell microsoft whether herobrine should be in the game or not. I mean just because the wither ender-dragon evoker and elder-guardian are tough, herobrine is equal to all mobs put together x10

He's fake! It's just that doofus is going around the world creating Herobrine scarecrows all over the place.

This thing doesn't need to go to the top except in 3rd place like now.i'm not challenging because unlike The Wither and the Enderdragon,this both will not leave you alone they will keep attacking you until your dead or you kill them.The Enderdragon is dangerous because omce you enter its world,there's no portal to bring you back.The wither will follow and attack you until your dead.If Herobrine he'll just frightened you and attack you when your near him and then let you leave but not for that long and them he'll start to haunt you again

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4 Creeper

Blazes only appear in the nether, magma cubes also, zombie pigman are neutral, ghasts are nether only, zombies, spiders and skeletons die easy, iron golems are neutral, same with endermen, charged creepers are rare, same with spider jockeys, withers require you to build them, slimes are rare, and can sometimes be useless, enderdragons are a boss, and herobrine only exists in a mod. Creepers, however, blow up, don't burn in the day, nor do they become neutral, they spawn often, and while they die easy, they are a huge threat. Creepers for the win!

Creepers don't burn in the day, are completely silent, can never be neutral, are very common and FAST! DOOM MACHINES!

The only way to avoid them, is to run as far as possible if you hear them ignite - amenyoussef


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5 Zombie Pigman

At first they are cute but when you try to pet one (or attack one) they will bring up all of their homies and kick you in the balls. - Gamecubesarecool193

They hold gold swords and sometimes wear golden armor! They're even evil enough to work for the most dangerous mob their is! Very deadly man, very deadly!

Hmm... What is that pig doing doing with that golden sword... I guess I'll punch the pig... AH! - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

They aren't even that dangerous

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6 Charged Creeper

How is a creeper more dangerous than a charged creeper! Just looking at one is suicide!

Charged creepers will kill you enemy if your 30 blocks away they are powerful!

Everybody vote for it so it can get ahead of the normal creeper!

They're danger level is extreme!

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7 Enderman

Always look at them at the legs because if you look at them in the eyes, they will turn aggressive. Maybe that's why they turn aggressive because maybe it burns their eyes. Or maybe they think we're aliens. But whatever the reason, they are still creepy.

Enderman are annoying. Their weakness is snow golems. right now I am trying to take over the end with my snow golem army. Make sure to keep them in your house. But endermen will scream and teleport behind you and kill you. Very hard to kill.

Go into water when enderman try to charge you

Ender power is way to annoying.

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8 Ghast

The little marshmallow making that little cat sound

A fireball will get to you before you know it!

When you enter the Nether... There is a weird sound... Then, it throws fireballs at you... What could it be? It is the
GHAST! - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

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9 Wither Skeleton

The wither effect is SO annoying!

Wither skeleton = wither effect.

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10 Guardian V 3 Comments

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11 Elder Guardian

Guardians are more likely to kill you than drowning.

Really irritating when shots mining fatigue at me.

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12 The King

WARNING:YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT THE KING unless you are ready for a serious Battle! So enchant your best armor and your best weapons and go fight that tuff monster!

I could never defeat him. I tried to destroy him. He destroyed by awesome fortress. WARNING:DO NOT EVER CHALLENGE THE KING UNLESS YOU CAN DEFEAT HIM.

The king is a creature that you can never defeat! Even with all your good armour and weapons! WARNING: YOU CAN NEVER DEFEAT KING! DON'T EVEN TRY!

This is a ORESPAWN MOD.It will be easy to make them gone by deleting the mod.We're talking about REAL Mobs! Not like this mob.This is a mod! It never exist only with the mod.You all which are fans of Orespawn just got crazy.Herobrine might be not real(maybe)but some claim his real.Seriously all the mobs from Orespawn such as The Queen,The King,The Ultimate King,Godzilla and others never exist in the real game without mods.You guys really are weird

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13 Blaze

Hmm... What is that weird yellow thing... It's shooting fire everywhere! - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

The only way you can attack these is with throwing snowballs.

Huh blaze not dem I don't care how I spell the tings

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14 Iron Golem

Iron Golems are not dangerous to us... But... They are dangerous to enemies. - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

Iron golem is so cool and he helps villagers

Iron Golems aren't dangerous mobs

Iron golem best

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15 Magma Cube

Tip: Never, EVER attack a large magma cube with just a sword. Actually, DON'T USE THE SWORD AT ALL ON A LARGE MAGMA CUBE!

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16 Skeleton

They are everywhere! They shoot you with arrows non stop, you don't have any time to run away.. Those things in water are crazily dangerous

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17 Cave Spider

Cave spiders are so annoying. I have mining 42 times every time I get killed by one.

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18 Spider Jockey

This should be in at least top fifteen but not number one or top five.

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19 Slime

Sure, they're basically oozes from D&D, but that multiplying when killed can quickly overwhelm you.

Slime is a bit dangerous, and can break into more slime when damaged.

Probably the exact same as a magma cube but different color.

Slime! Slime! Me no like slime! Me end slime forever!

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20 Spider

Spider kinda mor dangerous cave spider!

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