Most Dangerous Mobs In Minecraft

There is so much mobs that are dangerous... But... What is the most dangerous mob?

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1 Wither

To be honest, I think it depends on how you define "dangerous." I think there are two primary definitions: which one has the most health and attack power and requires the most equipment and strategy and is hardest to kill even if you know what you're doing, and which one is a more everyday danger, more likely to unfairly end your game before you even know what's happening. By the second definition creepers and ghasts win because they spawn frequently in the overworld/nether and have ridiculously OP attacks which can blow up everything around you and they can often attack you before you have time to do something about it, but by the first definition (which I have voted based upon), the wither is far more powerful - it is basically impossible to take down without a frenzy of potions and a collection of diamond armour and the wither can destroy anything in its way, even obsidian, just not bedrock and so forth. The worst part is when the wither flies above you, you can't reach it with ...more

If you think the Enderdragon, Herobrine of the king is the best, YOUR WRONG! Nothing beats the wither! The wither is a scary creature that you create. It's super strong, and it shoots explosive wither skeleton skulls! Plus it gives you the wither effect! Put it up against all the monsters you want! It cannot be beaten! Let this be #1! I do not want anything on this list to be ahead of it! And by the way, three heads are better than one.

I'd definitely put this at #1, way ahead of the Ender Dragon. The Wither not only has more health, but also can shoot explosive wither skulls from each of its three heads independently. The projectiles not only deal explosive damage but they also give you the Wither effect, which is the only status in the game that can kill players and entities. The Ender Dragon gets help from his Endermen, thus reducing his danger level, while the Wither is more used to wrecking alone. Also, three heads are better than one!

It can blown up stuff and kill easy

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2 EnderDragon

I think the ender dragon is harder to beat than the wither because the wither is spawned by you so there is nothing preventing you from spawning him in a place where he can't hurt you. On top of that, the battle is very simple because all you have to do is attack him and he dies. The ender dragon needs a strategy to beat because if you just attack him, the dragon will just regen it all back. Also you HAVE to fight him in the end not just put him in an inescapable cage.

The wither is definitely weaker plus the ender dragon in 1.9 shoots fire balls on steroids and has a ' FLAMETHROWER OF ENDERDRAGON BREATH (which sure sounds disgusting I'll tell ya that) which damages the player like a lingering potion there is no denieing that the wither is weaker than the THE "ORIGINAL BOSS OF MINECRAFT"

For me wither is easy to kill just get good armor,milk and diamond sword that has smite on it (better if smite 5 though) and the ender dragon can charge you and shoot dragon breath on you and a ender crystal heals it faster than the wither regenerates and you need to destroy ender crystals to kill the damn dragon

Not as strong as the wither but it's wing blast will send you from Oregon to cannada! It's better to fight it with a friend.

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3 Herobrine

What is he doing on this list? He's just a stupid rumor that some doofus made up. Don't make up mobs, my friend. - Gamecubesarecool193

Fake for now, until someone decides to add him into the game. whoever reads this comment will decide for themselves, to tell microsoft whether herobrine should be in the game or not. I mean just because the wither ender-dragon evoker and elder-guardian are tough, herobrine is equal to all mobs put together x10

People say that he's not real but guess what he is real, one time when I was in a cave mining diamond I looked behind me and there he was I was looking at him for a while until he killed me, he is powerful, He only needs to hit you once and all ready your dead. I should say he is the strongest.

Come on he is dead. -Amy

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4 Creeper

Creepers rock. Here's some reasons: 1) They are silent. 2) They are cute. 3) They are sooo powerful (fun fact: if you set the difficulty to hard and released a charged creeper, it does roughly 149 hearts (true)) 4) They can climb ladders and vines 5) They blow up griefers (which happened to me before back in a world. Two griefers came and was killed by a lot of charged creepers lol) 6) They are great for adventure or battling maps. Creepers could literally blow up everything, which was cool. Charged creepers are even cooler. I have some reasons why charged creepers rock: 1) They maximizes blow up damages to griefers! 2) They look cool. 3) When you throw the potion of invisibility at it, its aura remains there. 4) When they explode on other "head-dropping" mobs, the head dropping mobs will always drop a head. That's especially useful if you want wither skeleton skulls, so lure some charged creepers to the nether! 5) The damage is powerful enough to, maybe knock HEROBRINE outta the ...more

Creepers don't burn in the day, are silent, and are always hostile. The worst part is that they always show up when I'm done a new house or a red stone contraption. I hate them hate them hate them.

Blazes only appear in the nether, magma cubes also, zombie pigman are neutral, ghasts are nether only, zombies, spiders and skeletons die easy, iron golems are neutral, same with endermen, charged creepers are rare, same with spider jockeys, withers require you to build them, slimes are rare, and can sometimes be useless, enderdragons are a boss, and herobrine only exists in a mod. Creepers, however, blow up, don't burn in the day, nor do they become neutral, they spawn often, and while they die easy, they are a huge threat. Creepers for the win!

Creepers are the cause for the most deaths - Toptenanimallovers

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5 Zombie Pigman

At first they are cute but when you try to pet one (or attack one) they will bring up all of their homies and kick you in the balls. - Gamecubesarecool193

They hold gold swords and sometimes wear golden armor! They're even evil enough to work for the most dangerous mob their is! Very deadly man, very deadly!

Hmm... What is that pig doing doing with that golden sword... I guess I'll punch the pig... AH! - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

They are hard because if you punch one, the others will attack you, the baby ones are SOOO hard to kill because of their speed! - Datguyisweird666

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6 Enderman

Always look at them at the legs because if you look at them in the eyes, they will turn aggressive. Maybe that's why they turn aggressive because maybe it burns their eyes. Or maybe they think we're aliens. But whatever the reason, they are still creepy.

They are kinda like herobrine because once you piss them off all it takes is for one of them to hit you once & then you die

Enderman are annoying. Their weakness is snow golems. right now I am trying to take over the end with my snow golem army. Make sure to keep them in your house. But endermen will scream and teleport behind you and kill you. Very hard to kill.

Look at them you are
dead whaaa

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7 Ghast

The little marshmallow making that little cat sound

A fireball will get to you before you know it!

It shoot fireballs really fast

Fking blows me off my bridges

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8 Charged Creeper

How is a creeper more dangerous than a charged creeper! Just looking at one is suicide!

I can have killed a creeper like 20 times and I only killed a charged creeper once they should be number two or one.

Charged creepers will kill you enemy if your 30 blocks away they are powerful!

If these things took the place of creepers in minecraft,i would quit.
Sorry 4 bad grammars.

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9 Elder Guardian

Really irritating when shots mining fatigue at me.

Guardians are more likely to kill you than drowning.

Really hard whit there beams! - POPIES

Never seen one anywhere

10 Wither Skeleton

The wither effect is SO annoying!

Wither skeleton = wither effect.

They give you wither

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11 Guardian

It is really cool

Huh what that oh I see it

Never attack! Don't even think of taking on one without armor.they have 80 health points so Melee combat would be a result of a lose for you.

The prince

12 Blaze

Hmm... What is that weird yellow thing... It's shooting fire everywhere! - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

The only way you can attack these is with throwing snowballs.

Huh blaze not dem I don't care how I spell the tings


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13 The King

WARNING:YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT THE KING unless you are ready for a serious Battle! So enchant your best armor and your best weapons and go fight that tuff monster!

I could never defeat him. I tried to destroy him. He destroyed by awesome fortress. WARNING:DO NOT EVER CHALLENGE THE KING UNLESS YOU CAN DEFEAT HIM.

The king is a creature that you can never defeat! Even with all your good armour and weapons! WARNING: YOU CAN NEVER DEFEAT KING! DON'T EVEN TRY!

The king shouldn’t be here is is vanilla mobs only

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14 Skeleton

Most people who post on these lists just look at raw power, like the Wither's high attack and the Enderdragon's quick movements and knockback attacks. However, one thing they are ignoring is the power level, the state that the player is in when they encounter the mob in question. Nobody would be stupid enough to spawn the Wither or go after the Dragon without at LEAST iron armor and a diamond sword, but those are voluntary (you choose to make them happen) encounters, while skeletons are not. Skeletons will attack you from the shadows while you are still a recent world join with stone tools and leather armor, and without good strategy and PvE skills, they can easily shoot you to death before you can even land a blow on them. Creepers, Zombies and Spiders are easy to defeat, Endermen, Withers and the Ender Dragon are only a problem if you intentionally attack them, nether mobs and cave spiders only attack you when you enter their domain, but Skeletons can shoot you anywhere, anytime, ...more

They are everywhere! They shoot you with arrows non stop, you don't have any time to run away.. Those things in water are crazily dangerous

Why are skeletons so low! The spawn like crazy and shoot arrows at you non stop! However, the still shouldn't be in top 5.

Very annoying. But easy to dodge their arrows

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15 Iron Golem

Iron Golems are not dangerous to us... But... They are dangerous to enemies. - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

If you hit one its your funeral

Iron golem is so cool and he helps villagers

Funny very funny

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16 Magma Cube

Tip: Never, EVER attack a large magma cube with just a sword. Actually, DON'T USE THE SWORD AT ALL ON A LARGE MAGMA CUBE!

Meh he chased me to a cliff and he fell down

17 Cave Spider

Cave spiders are so annoying. I have mining 42 times every time I get killed by one.

You people just don't understand do you? This thing will kill you through diamond armor by poison, and will follow you more relentlessly than any other groundbound mob.

Cave spider poisan you

They suck!

18 Spider Jockey

This should be in at least top fifteen but not number one or top five.

18, are u kidding me!


Can easily slip out of your clutches. Even considered more powerful strategy’s won’t defeat this creature in one blow. Their ability to climb walls makes it easier for them to make the list on “ Most Dangerous Mobs”. ( Honestly, I only chose this one because I don’t have any of those Godzilla mods or whatever. HELP ME! )

19 Spider

They're not that dangerous.

Spider kinda mor dangerous cave spider!

20 Witch

I don't think so

These are less powerful than lazer pigs!

Very annoying very,very annoying why da heck do you keep using potions on meh?!

21 Slime

Sure, they're basically oozes from D&D, but that multiplying when killed can quickly overwhelm you.

Slime is a bit dangerous, and can break into more slime when damaged.

Probably the exact same as a magma cube but different color.

Slime not dangerous at all!

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22 Baby Zombie

Even more dangerous than snow golems

They don't burn in the day.

They're hard to kill and they move fast! - Userguy44


23 Zombie

Ya those zombies attack very well. One time there were 2 zombies after me. I went through I nether portal to escape, but THREE zombies were already there! And I died. And another time I went through my nether portal again and they just kept pushing me out! Those zombies aren't just strong, they're smart to! Even with no brains.

A easy mob to kill if there is just one

I agree. They're pretty dangerous

Me love zombies (brains)

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24 Attacked Wolf

Wolves can be dangerous in swarms. But they are helpful when tamed

Whoa they're danger level is higher!

You can tame one with rotten flesh.

Ya they get red eyes that Greek me

25 Witherzilla

I tried to defeat witherzilla in the Titans mod. I had the full hardcadium set on to, the wither turrets launched me into the air towards him, but witherzilla gave me the wither effect and I died. WARNING: NEVER BATTLE WITHERZILLA UNLESS U CAN DEFEAT HIM!

See this thing

Health : 100mil damage: unlimited minions : a crap ton of withers can use kill comands

Oh I saw him

26 Pig

Pigs are SO dangerous. This one pig wrecked me even when I was wearing Royal guardian armour and had my Royal guardian sword!

Pigs should be last on this list

They're harmless pink pets that live in the wild.

Pigs be deleted

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27 The Queen

I think the queen and the king should work together to wipe Herobrine off the list.

The Queen has 6,000 health, 21 defense, and attacks for 250 damage with its heads and feet

The queen is impossible to kill WARNING JUST RUN

This should be at the top of the list

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28 Slenderman

I agree guy who said he can blind you he is kind of creepy and he has 8 arms+he's 4-5 blocks tall and that white face is creepy

I agree with both guys who said he can blind you. He's just like Herobrine!

Really? Slenderman is a modded mob. We're takin' about MINECRAFT mobs here. - DontMakeARookieMistake


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29 Burning Godzilla

He is more dangorus then Godzilla


30 Block Wielder

I totally agree with you.

I have no idea who this creature is.

31 Notch

Since notch is the boss of Minecraft he should create redstone tools and armour.

Notch is the strongest PLAYER, he isn't a mob

He should be ahead of EVERYONE!

Um I don't know

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32 Sea Viper

I don't know what it is

33 Mutant Enderman

What's this? A mod? - Target

Lots of moves

34 Sheep

That's not a dangerous mob


35 Cows

Why is this on the list?

The cow is deadlier than /kill on a repeat command block

op deadlier than a pig! even a deadbush

36 Baby Pigman
37 Hydra

Every time a head is destroyed on that thing 2 new ones come back! Crazy!

Hydra strong!

38 Wither Storm

The wither storm is strong! But is only in Minecraft story mode.

This should be #1!

Yes it grows mad the wither storm just keeps on summoning severd wither storm

39 Killer Bunny

How is this not on list. THIS IS BUNNY THAT CAN KILL YOU WITH NO PROBLEM! Luckily they are very rare and can be spawned using commands

What is this thing supposed to be?

40 Dr. Trayaurus

The most annoying scientist who causes unspeakable trouble for poor Dan who still forgives him no matter!

Dr.Trayaurus is very dangerous because he is dantdm's lab partner.Just kidding he isn't dangerous or is he.

Dr. trayaurus is very dangerous doctourarus trayopitechus has infinity health and can kill u in one punch
the second one is dantdm danomus tintindemus has 9000 health can kill u in two punches

41 Robo Gunner
42 Robo Sniper
43 Water Dragon
44 The Kraken

I saw someone battling it with ultimate armor ultimate sword and ultimate bow. And he just died instantly!

How the heck can he fly?

What is that giant squid blanbbgyrufhgbyjhbnvnhg ahh

It's like a death giant with tentacles!, he flys!, and only appeares with rain!

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45 Endermite

Really? Defeating this thing will be easy peasy.

Please? a weak version of silverfish?

46 Chicken Jockey

As rare as hell as weak as hell too

Very rare!

HEY! The chicken jockey is way better than any of the mobs on this whole thing! >:(

47 Pigbrine

Do not run, very weak.

He's another rumor

Is this Herobrine's son? Naw! No way! Herobrine dosen't exist

How about enderbrine?

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48 Silverfish

Silverfish are strong! They attack in swarms!

So dangerous, man

O come on just get some TNT you dumys

49 Mutant Zombie

Once they die, they get back up beast

Looks just like the hulk.

Super smashers!

I can't belive how people voted for this. This came from 53rd place to 36th place!

50 Golden Freddy

Maybe golden Freddy and chuck Norris are brothers

I think so

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