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21 Witch

These are less powerful than lazer pigs!

I don't think so

22 Witherzilla

I tried to defeat witherzilla in the Titans mod. I had the full hardcadium set on to, the wither turrets launched me into the air towards him, but witherzilla gave me the wither effect and I died. WARNING: NEVER BATTLE WITHERZILLA UNLESS U CAN DEFEAT HIM!

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23 Baby Zombie

Even more dangerous than snow golems

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24 Slenderman

I agree guy who said he can blind you he is kind of creepy and he has 8 arms+he's 4-5 blocks tall and that white face is creepy

I agree with both guys who said he can blind you. He's just like Herobrine!

Really? Slenderman is a modded mob. We're takin' about MINECRAFT mobs here. - DontMakeARookieMistake

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25 Burning Godzilla V 2 Comments
26 Attacked Wolf

Wolves can be dangerous in swarms. But they are helpful when tamed

Whoa they're danger level is higher!

Ya they get red eyes that Greek me

27 Zombie

Ya those zombies attack very well. One time there were 2 zombies after me. I went through I nether portal to escape, but THREE zombies were already there! And I died. And another time I went through my nether portal again and they just kept pushing me out! Those zombies aren't just strong, they're smart to! Even with no brains.

I agree. They're pretty dangerous

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28 Pig

Pigs are SO dangerous. This one pig wrecked me even when I was wearing Royal guardian armour and had my Royal guardian sword!

They're harmless pink pets that live in the wild.

Pigs should be last on this list

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29 The Queen

I think the queen and the king should work together to wipe Herobrine off the list.

The Queen has 6,000 health, 21 defense, and attacks for 250 damage with its heads and feet

The queen can kill anything on the list.

This should be at the top of the list

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30 Block Wielder

I have no idea who this creature is.

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31 The Kraken

I saw someone battling it with ultimate armor ultimate sword and ultimate bow. And he just died instantly!

It's like a death giant with tentacles!, he flys!, and only appeares with rain!

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32 Endermite V 2 Comments
33 Baby Pigman
34 Pigbrine

Am a little piggy in a little world I will puncha your butt I will puncha your butt!

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35 Hydra

Every time a head is destroyed on that thing 2 new ones come back! Crazy!

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36 Killer Bunny

How is this not on list. THIS IS BUNNY THAT CAN KILL YOU WITH NO PROBLEM! Luckily they are very rare and can be spawned using commands

What is this thing supposed to be?

37 Mutant Zombie

Once they die, they get back up beast

I can't belive how people voted for this. This came from 53rd place to 36th place!

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38 Dr. Trayaurus

Dr.Trayaurus is very dangerous because he is dantdm's lab partner.Just kidding he isn't dangerous or is he.

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39 Sea Viper
40 Water Dragon
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