Most Dangerous Mobs In Minecraft


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41 Water Dragon
42 Creeper Titan V 1 Comment
43 Trolls

In my opinion, REALLY scary when you come across them at night in a dark cave.

V 2 Comments
44 Notch

Since notch is the boss of Minecraft he should create redstone tools and armour.

Notch is the strongest PLAYER, he isn't a mob

V 3 Comments
45 Godzilla V 1 Comment
46 Morbid Harvester

This Guy Has a lot Of Attacks You Need Ender Scale Armor And A Sharpness IV Diamond Sword

47 Mobzilla V 1 Comment
48 Snow Golem

You're wrong! Snow golems are slower and have less health than a baby zombie.

Are not better than the iron golem but better than the baby zombie

Snow golems suck! Make an iron golem that's way more protective

V 1 Comment
49 Werewolf

If you have the mod, it takes forever to kill it with a normal sword. Only takes couple of hits if you use a diamond or gold sword.

50 Endercreeper

Take this off the list! DOES ANYONE AGREE?!?

Another fake mob just like Herobrine.

V 4 Comments
51 Chica

Only exists at Minecraft freddy mode.

This is about Minecraft, idiots

52 Chicken Jockey

As rare as hell as weak as hell too

V 1 Comment
53 Mantis

I agree. I saw it once, and died 20 times by it.

V 2 Comments
54 Attack Squid V 1 Comment
55 Silverfish

Silverfish are strong! They attack in swarms!

V 1 Comment
56 Herobrine's Minion V 1 Comment
57 Wither Storm

The wither storm is strong! But is only in Minecraft story mode.

V 1 Comment
58 Mutant Creeper

Bigger explosions, never stops exploding until you kill it! And even drops a little creeper egg.

59 Mutant Skeleton

They're giant boney creatures that have crossbows.

60 Mutant Enderman V 1 Comment
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