Top Ten Dangerous Things to Do While Sitting Before Your Boss In His Office

The Top Ten
1 Say with wonder, "Did you just fart, boss? Smells heavenly."
2 Jump on the table, kick his laptop away, and place one foot lovingly on his head.

Chaos in the campus! - HezarioSeth

3 Go around to your boss, dump him out of his chair, plonk down, and grin smugly.
4 Ask, "Boss, may I ask you a confidential question? Why do you always wear that pink polka dot tie? It makes you look even more like a sucker."

You'll either get sacked or you'll get fired. - HezarioSeth

5 Gush eagerly, "I've always wanted to kill you, sir! I'm so excited about it!"

Haha this is amusing love to see the response bet firing wouldn't be the only thing happening probably a mental place - Curti2594

Macabre and polite, this eager warning.

You're right, Curtis! "Off to the bally asylum, my boy." - HezarioSeth

6 Fart with gusto, and then wink at him.
7 Leap onto the desk and slap your boss seven times. Afterwards, sit and lean back contentedly and sigh, "I've always dreamed of doing that."
8 Ask monotonously, "Can I have your autograph?"

"It's for a fraud of mine."
"Why, sure! Any fraud of yours is a fraud of mine." - HezarioSeth

9 Get out your bazooka and fire all around the office. After that, lean against the wall and ask cockily, "Any comment on that?"

"No," the boss replied nervously, wiping his brow. - HezarioSeth

10 Ask him with a straight face : "Sir. I want to ask your advice on a family problem of mine. My teenage son yesterday was heart-broken because he choked the snobbish penguin who does his algebra. What am I to do?"

You'll get anything but advice. - HezarioSeth

The Contenders
11 Put on headphones and start watching YouTube on your phone
12 Jump on his/her desk and scream at the top of your lungs, “be nice, I’m putting my pants on!!!”
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