Top Ten Most Dangerous Things In Our Solar System

So many dangerous things in space... But here are the top 10

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1 Asteroids

They crush things

Oh, man Asteroids are creepy they are full of hot lava and if it lands on someone or an animal or plant it will kill them! Asteroids are so dangerous it could probably put a hole in the sky! Oh, and the most dangerous ones I don't know what they're called oh, wait but any kind of asteroid can do this, they believe it will happen in about a million years, if they land in the ocean then go back up the sun will explode and burn out! And people believe that asteroids were how the dinosaurs were killed, but nobody knows how they really died, though! OK, well that's all I have to say! Hopefully we will be safe from them!

Supernovas are not much of threatening case for now. The stars which are near us have a great deal of life-span left and so we don't have to worry. But this thing is really troublesome. - Kiteretsunu

I disagree. There is only one known case in which a human got hit by one. Also, when an asteroid reaches earth, it is called a meteorite. If it burns up in earth's atmosphere, it is called a meteor.

2 Super Novas

Star explosions are very dangerous, but the sun will take about 5 billion years to burn out, and the other stars are either too far away or not old enough for us to be concerned.

This would break the ozone layer and burn us all to death... Super novas are dead stars... When stars die they become very dangerous

I know I created the list but honestly, I'm more "concerned about super novas than asteroids.

Yeah I'm scared about super novas to I hope that super novas never happen

3 Sun Burn Out

The planets will also be pulled out of their orbits by inertia, a force pulling planets away from the sun. The more mass an object has, the greater the gravitational pull. So when the sun becomes a white dwarf, there will be more force of inertia acting on the planets than the gravity of the sun.

Before the sun burns out, it will swell up into a red giant and engolf earth, then it will loose mass, become a white dwarf, then it will burn out and become a black dwarf so we'll never see the sun burn out.

In about a million years.. The sun will run out of light... Causing dark and cold air.. An eternal freeze with no snow or rain - Bronceye

Umm, how would this not be the most dangerous. I’m pretty sure we need the sun, I mean unless we suddenly have the ability to live without heat and light. We would freeze, oh, actually, I just thought of something else. The sun crashing into Earth would be terrible too. What do you think? The sun burning out or the sun crashing into the Earth? Which one is more dangerous?

4 Black Hole

Black holes honestly made me not scared of ghosts or anything, not saying they're real but I remember one night being scared and keeping a little light on, and the next so scared that earth will be sucked up.

The nearest black hole is in the center of the galaxy, so no black hole will suck up the solar system anytime soon.. or will one?

Black holes are caused sometimes when some something stars collide with eachother and can suck up earth and un and anything in it path and there are BIGGER BLACK HOLES THAT PEOPLE don't KNOW HOW ARE FORMED /

most common dangerous thing

5 Rogue Black Hole

A rogue balck hole is like a black hole but about 10-20 times stronger

jesus christ wow

It will suck u in and kill u

6 Orbit Breakout

One day when our radial spin is gone... Our planet will basically go haywire.. Causing us to die of no air and giant planet collisions - Bronceye

We will al be dead

Woah I found da wai


7 Red Giant

OH my goodness! DESTROY EARTH?!?!? We might have to leave earth in that time.

In 5 billion years the sun will get huge and destroy earth!

8 Hypernova

Hypernova is a super sun that has been exploded and has this radioactive raise that can burn every living thing on earth

could seperate our solar system

9 Meteors

Little tiny asteroids that can damage a small school and nothing bigger... But there are showers of these things ever year... I wonder how much damage they can do - Bronceye

10 Solar Flares

They are destroying are atmosphere

If the solar flares keep on making arouras, they'll keep damaging our radial shield, meaning they'll destroy it, and when the next flare comes... O_O earth will die just like mars did.

Solar flares are very rare

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11 Space Storms

There're so bad! It can suck up anything in its path, or that's what I believe. DO NOT GO INTO OUTER SPACE! A space storm could probably kill you!


is it real

And I oop. Ah ha ha I'm not a vsco girl lololol

12 Gamma Ray Burst



Wot is dis again


13 Supermassive Black Holes

Like black holes but can cause a lot more hell

they are so creepy

it has a really big suuck radius


14 Aurora Borealis

They might look like beautiful lights in the sky but they're actually damaging the earths radial shield.. My 0.1 percent each time... Right now we're at ten percent - Bronceye


15 Heat Waves

it could barbacue us all in seconds depending on how bad it is

Very hostile to look and experience at... They damage the ozone layer and kill plants and maybe even people sometimes - Bronceye

16 The Sun

the supernovas can happen explode us out of orbit and into the sun and we could die

The sun is so hot it is made out of fire! if somebody lands on the sun they die!

It's burning hot duh!

17 Moondust
18 Comets
19 Strange Matter
20 UFOs

These things are creepy and no one knows if they're real or not but we can never be too sure - Bronceye

The government is messing with us

They are real

Is dis real again

21 Stars

They are too pointy

22 Catastrophic Climate Change

it could be too hot or too cold

23 Galactic Collision

I don't know about this one

24 Rogue Planets

they could hit the earth an inch and it will nock us out of orbit

These things are crazy.. they Travel over 100million Miles a second they could kill us any second...

25 Uranus
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