Top 10 Most Dangerous Types of Natural Disasters


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1 Meteor Strike

Killed all the dinosaurs so what chance do you have - Spiritualsavedboy

Tsunami really a meteor could end the world

Danger to the world run

FYI meteors are happing right now tiny ones though

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2 Tsunami Tsunami

What do you do when you hear the alarm! DRIVE AWAY! - Spiritualsavedboy

You will drown

3 Tornado Tornado

A black funnel with like winds that's going 300MILES PER.HOUR! - Spiritualsavedboy

Bruh earthquakes? - Spiritualsavedboy


4 Hurricane

How this is only at 5 confuses me. Below tornadoes? Hurricanes have the same wind speeds of tornadoes, but are hundreds of miles in diameter, and bring catastrophic rain and flash foods that cause billions of dollars in damage. - errrr

Don't forget 9/2018, two of these monsters on different sides of the earth caused lots of chaos, brought lots of flooding, killed people, and so much more. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Hurricanes are basically tornadoes but with water and much bigger.


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5 Earthquake

You know to me seeing buildings falling down the ground cracking scares me - Spiritualsavedboy

These scare me

6 Volcano Eruption Volcano Eruption

This was what caused the biggest mass extinction known to man, so this is really the most dangerous.

When you hear the boom you better be running - Spiritualsavedboy

7 Landslide

I don't know about you but I don't want to die being crushed - Spiritualsavedboy

I like snow but not being crushed

8 Thunderstorm

Man up go drive your car oh wait I don't want to get hit by a 54000 degree lighting bolt - Spiritualsavedboy

Why are the chances you will be struck in a thunder storm in a car? - Alapisboy

If you are kn a city, you are probably fine. If you are in the remote planes, well you're screwed. - MChkflaguard_Yt

9 Flash Flood Flash Flood

This is the king of death but not to scary wait the China flood killed 3 MILLION PEOPLE! - Spiritualsavedboy

10 Wildfire

It's like hell on earth - Spiritualsavedboy

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11 Sinkholes Sinkholes

Guess what there is a gaint hold in my backyard - Spiritualsavedboy

12 Fire Tornado

Fire + tornado = he'll + Katrina - Spiritualsavedboy

Hell - Spiritualsavedboy

13 Drought

It's so hot I need food water so yeah droughts bad - Spiritualsavedboy

14 Blizzard

I love snow but this is way overboard - Spiritualsavedboy

15 Hailstorm

Raining rocks - Spiritualsavedboy

16 Ice Storm

These things are really scary, they knock out power easily, freeze and close down roads, it's a very bad thing to experience

Please ice let us go - Spiritualsavedboy

17 Avalanche
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