Top 10 Most Dangerous Warriors or Armies of All Time

This is a top 10 list of the most skilled and impressive military forces. No force was admitted if it's not acknowledged by the government. The selected force has to have a verity of skill sets and knowledge. This is the reason for the Green Berets, British SAS, and Delta Force not being admitted to the list, for the Green Berets and British SAS are focused on anti-terrorism and unconventional warfare. Delta Force isn't acknowledged by the U.S. Government.
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1 Israeli Commando (Sayeret Matkal)

These modern day soldiers are among the best fighters in the world. They have developed their own martial art called Krav Maga and are skilled shooters.

If I were a terrorist, I wouldn't sleep at night knowing these guys exist

The best in every possible parameter, including humanism

Warriors inspired & protected by God. War with purpose

2 The Roman Legionaries

The roman army is one of the best armies in the ancient world. they are well known for their professional soldiers and their invincibility on the battle field. their equipment is the best.

The Roman Legionaries were the basic unit the Roman Army used. The Romans basically ran the world for hundreds of years. These troops were heavily disciplined and used the unique tortoise formation quite often. The Roman Legionaries are amongst the best fighters in history.

Probably the top three you don't want to mess with are the Romans, the Mongols, and the Spartans. Israelis and the modern Chinese come in close to those.

They coudnt defeat Basque people.

3 Mongol Empire Army

The Mongols is best

How are so many others on this list with out ghengis khan army who pillaged and sacked all of Asia and Eurasia

4 The Spartans

The best warrior society of all time. Only spartan men are true men and only spartan women give birth to real men. The thing is, they were so disciplined they caused their own demise. A flaw in a baby, they left it for dead. Agoge, several boys did not come back. Imagine if all the boys came back, made the Spartans number bigger, more warriors, more blood. Spartans were the best warriors and most feared army of all time! Unfortunately the things that made them such good warriors also killed the empire.

the Spartans are the frickin GOAT if were talking about the most dangerous. They didn’t give a damn about armies that were bigger than them. They literally were an army of 300 and went up against thousands. They are a whole other breed!

The spartans are a elite fighting force that dominated the ancient greek world. they were well trained full- time soldiers. I think they relied on their cunning tactics and their fighting strength. my opinion is that they are suitable to fight on flat land not on hilly terrain.

Should be first. Their whole reason to keep living was to die a honorable death in battle. The Spartan families threw them out of home for military training when theyreached the age of seven.

5 The Vikings

Vikings are the best and strongest because they are healthy, tall, strong.
One is enough to kill a big grizzly bear.

Used to sharpen their own teeth to make themselves appear more scary

AR! Wait, no, that's not right...

Ruthless in battle!

6 Russian Spetsnaz

Just awesome. Wait, where are the green berets on here?

Can beat anything, there RUSSIAN!

I was spetsnaz (спецназ) for 5 years. Equipment and support, training and vitality- it's the best. You study your enemies perfectly. Study how to be invisible. It's highly skilled ghosts more than military advance army...

7 Templar Knights and Crusaders

They were fierce warrior who fought on horse back. they fought for religion to recapture the holy land from the muslims. they were well protected with their thick armour.

The Crusaders controlled parts of the Middle East, Israel, Europe, The Holy Roman Empire, and The Byzantine Empire. The Templar Knights were elite knights. It is said they feared neither man nor demon.

I think it is hard to do in the forced or anywhere else... I would not do that at all

8 German Empire Army

They were trained to defend germany

9 U.S. Navy Seal

The Navy Seals are definitely the most impressive military force to date. They go through intense training and preform elite missions. The Navy Seals have taken out terrorist leaders and other essential targets. The Navy Seals are truly deserving of the #1 rank on this list.

Up to the current year of 2018, The U.S. Navy SEAL is the most elite fighting force this world has ever seen. But to date, other armies and soldiers may be in a proper spot. But the U.S. Navy SEAL is the deadliest warrior and soldier the world has ever seen.

You think 10 roman legionaries would beat 10 Navy Seals? Literally the Navy seals could just shoot them. Its asking for the greatest ever, not the greatest of its time.

This is definitely higher on the list. Like number 3 or 4. They’re seals.

10 The Sikhs

Evident by the battle of Saragarhi, and the battle of Chamkaur.
The Sikhs never attack first. Should be way up top on the list.

The religion who gives equality and history of fighting hundreds against millions. The ones to end mongols(mughals) rule in north India.

The only martial race still alive.

One of the finest in the world.

The Contenders
11 Gorkha Regiment

If any one of your relatives is in the army just ask about us, doesn't matter from which country you are. if they don't know us that means your army doesn't know what FEAR is. if you say you're not afraid of dying either your'e lying or else your'e one among us.

Most fearest worriers in the world
Only Nepali gorkha

Fearless is only gorkha

Gorkha should be in top

12 Turkish Special Forces Bordo Bereliler
13 Persian Immortal

My personal opinion for this warrior is that it is generally weak against alexander the great's army.

They most important and influential army all time

There are bettar than every army in the world.

14 British SAS

The most elite spec ops of all time including the world today.

The first ever special forces. they are like no other and even the navy seals say they are baddass

The mother of all special forces units.

Why not top 3 best commando ever

15 Ancient Samurai

The Ancient Samurai are probably the best ancient military on this list. They devoted there lives to fighting, following the Bushido or "way of the warrior". The Samurai believed in honor till death.

The Samurai were the best bowmen. Even hitting their target while riding a horse.

16 The Ancient Macedonian Army

I think the Macedonian army is a very well organised army and their cavalry became important in the role in the battlefield unlike the city states.

This is Alexander the Great's army that included an improved development of the Greek phalanx. Elite soldiers were featured in this army. The cavalry and the troops that defended the flanks of the phalanx, were among the most impressive troops.

Just the best of all time

Alexzander (The great) D'Alessandro that's my last name.

17 Nazi SS

The Waffen-SS was a army with highly trained soldiers,the soldiers were good people,but of course,the winners are the ones who wrote the history.

Most fearless army unit ever, and most productivity

The black ops/special forces of ww2

Was the most advanced in it's time

18 U.S. Army Rangers

The Army Rangers are a unique military force. They can fight terrorists, other militaries, or militias. These troops are smart, skilled, and useful. The Army Rangers are an extremely versatile military force.

Very nice but nnot so much

19 Marine Raiders/MARSOC

These troops are a great modern soldier. They have survival, intelligence, and combat skills. The variety of skills these troops have is undeniably useful.

They are so overrated

Highly trained.

20 U.S. Marine Corp
21 Wehrmacht

Should be No.2. Romans lasted longer but Sparta, all they did was stall the Persians at Thermopylae and kicked Athens. Meanwhile, the Wehrmacht swept across Europe, and the Spartans never did that.

Should be #1 objectively

Extremely well equipped powerful military what lost them ww2 was not there fighting but hitlers military foolishness as in taking command from his generals and implementing silly tactics and forbidding surrender or retreat when necessary

22 Comanche Indian

Strong enough to stand their ground against apaches

23 Zulu Nation

Strategy of this nation is documented and use by more than 5 military countries including U.S.

They took out the Britidh empire who had way more powerful weapons than them with complex military stategies.

Yeah to yell and charge in the millions...oh wait the us nvm they will just taze the army instead of NUKING

Unlike the Spartans, these guys faced guns.

24 Soviet Red Army

This was a force of tond of men who would stop at nothing to take down their enemy. Death count did not matter to them, all that they cared about was taking down their enemy at all costs.

The army that defeated the most technologically advanced military power at the time.

They only held the country together for about 40 years, so...

Vodka creates great warriors

25 The Anzacs
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