Top 10 Most Dangerous Warriors/Armies of All Time

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21 The Anzacs
22 U.S. Marine Corp
23 Goguryeo Army

All men in Goguryeo were required to be in the military from a very young age unless they paid extra taxes. During the Goguryeo-Sui wars, over 3 million Sui attacked Goguryeo which was larger than the entire male population of Goguryeo at the time, but Goguryeo won a decisive victory with 90% of the Sui dead. In the Battle of Salsu River, Goguryeo's 10,000 men defeated 305,000 Sui men killing 302,300 of them. - Stevenloveswaffles13

24 Rajputs
25 The Ninjas

They are so dangerous but amazing

26 Zulu Nation

Strategy of this nation is documented and use by more than 5 military countries including U.S.

Yeah to yell and charge in the millions...oh wait the us nvm they will just taze the army instead of NUKING

27 Soviet Red Army

Just a bunch of hooligans who loved vodka and communism strength came in numbers and war crimes with these animals

The army that defeated the most technologically advanced military power at the time.

They only held the country together for about 40 years, so... - JustAnAccount

This was a force of tond of men who would stop at nothing to take down their enemy. Death count did not matter to them, all that they cared about was taking down their enemy at all costs.

28 Zulu Impi
29 The Sikh Warriors
30 Indian Bengal Army
31 Gorkha Regiment

Fearless is only gorkha

Gorkha should be in top

32 Viet Cong

Gave America quite the run for their money

33 Ancient Turko-Mongolian Steppe Warriors V 1 Comment
34 The Janissaries

The Janissaries were elite infantry units that formed the Ottoman Sultan's household troops and bodyguards.

35 Germanic Tribes
36 The Chola Army
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