Top Ten Most Dangerous Weather Alerts

The Top Ten Most Dangerous Weather Alerts

1 Tornado Warning

This would be really scary for me if this happened in my town - trains45

This would be really scary for me if my area got issued this weather alert

Dangerous. Go to basements. - EpicJake


2 Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Especially the power cuts. I have Achluophobia - IceBearRules

Thunderstorm I HATE THEM!

My happiness level goes to 100 when I see an exciting thunderstorm, believe it or not! - Mariomaster63

I went to Michigan for 1 week and thunderstorms were bad.

3 Flash Flood Warning
4 Tornado Watch

I had 3 of these alerts in my life it not as scary as a tornado warning, all 3 times I had a tornado watch it didn't turn into a tornado warning, be we were prepared to go in the basement just incase a tornado warning did happen

I had 3 tornado watches before, I was a bit nervous incase it turned into a warning - trains45

5 Winter Weather Alert
6 Flash Flood Watch
7 Sever Thunderstorm Watch

I get a severe thunderstorm watch every summer we had one over a week ago on june 9 - trains45

8 Red Flag Warning
9 Heat Advisory
10 Excessive Heat Warning

The Contenders

11 Extreme Cold Warning

I hate this alert, I have one right now and it really sucks, I hate that it is way too cold outside - trains45

I hate having this alert right now! I wish it wasn't -30°C in a few days, I hate it when it gets way too cold in winter

We had lots of these in feburary 2019, it got annoying - trains45

My town keeps getting issued this, this month, I am getting sick of it now, 4th time this month!

12 Freezing Rain Warning

I hate this alert, it can make the sidewalks and stuff like a hockey rink, and can be dangerous to walk on, I have slipped before when it was icy out, lucky I didn't break my bones - trains45

13 Hurricane Warning
14 Ice Storm Warning
15 Extreme Heat Warning
16 Frost Advisory

This can damage crops and plants and stuff

17 Blizzard Warning
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