Top Ten Most Dangerous Weather Alerts


The Top Ten

1 Tornado Warning

I would be very scared if my town had this weather warning - flaggy0666

Dangerous. Go to basements. - EpicJake


2 Flash Flood Warning
3 Severe Thunderstorm Warning

My happiness level goes to 100 when I see an exciting thunderstorm, believe it or not! - Mariomaster63

My town gets a watch every summer, twice the past summer we had a warning and nothing happened - flaggy0666

I went to Michigan for 1 week and thunderstorms were bad.

I'm kind of scared... - Mariomaster63

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4 Winter Weather Alert
5 Tornado Watch
6 Flash Flood Watch
7 Sever Thunderstorm Watch

My town gets these every summer - flaggy0666

8 Red Flag Warning
9 Heat Advisory
10 Excessive Heat Warning

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11 Hurricane Warning
12 Extreme Cold Warning
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