Top Ten Most Dangerous Weather Alerts


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1 Tornado Warning

This would be really scary for me if this happened in my town - trains45

This would be really scary for me if my area got issued this weather alert

Dangerous. Go to basements. - EpicJake


2 Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Especially the power cuts. I have Achluophobia - IceBearRules

Thunderstorm I HATE THEM!

My happiness level goes to 100 when I see an exciting thunderstorm, believe it or not! - Mariomaster63

I went to Michigan for 1 week and thunderstorms were bad.

3 Flash Flood Warning
4 Tornado Watch

I had 3 of these alerts in my life it not as scary as a tornado warning, all 3 times I had a tornado watch it didn't turn into a tornado warning, be we were prepared to go in the basement just incase a tornado warning did happen

I had 3 tornado watches before, I was a bit nervous incase it turned into a warning - trains45

5 Winter Weather Alert
6 Flash Flood Watch
7 Sever Thunderstorm Watch

I get a severe thunderstorm watch every summer we had one over a week ago on june 9 - trains45

8 Red Flag Warning
9 Heat Advisory
10 Excessive Heat Warning

The Contenders

11 Freezing Rain Warning

I hate this alert, it can make the sidewalks and stuff like a hockey rink, and can be dangerous to walk on, I have slipped before when it was icy out, lucky I didn't break my bones - trains45

12 Hurricane Warning
13 Extreme Cold Warning

We had lots of these in feburary 2019, it got annoying - trains45

My town keeps getting issued this, this month, I am getting sick of it now, 4th time this month!

14 Ice Storm Warning
15 Extreme Heat Warning
16 Frost Advisory

This can damage crops and plants and stuff

17 Blizzard Warning
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1. Tornado Warning
2. Flash Flood Warning
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1. Tornado Warning
2. Flash Flood Warning
3. Winter Weather Alert


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