Most Dangerous/Worst Boroughs of London

The Boroughs in London which are the most dangerous and the most failed.

The Top Ten

1 Croydon

Croydon is a dump for crime, no social mobility, mediocre shops and crap public services. This area deserves to get nuked.


Your all wrong it's a really nice area with a smashing community u wankers

Somone robbed me for my Lonsdale plimsoles in yr6,next day I saw a roadman stepping with them

2 Brent

I moved from Camden to Brent and I feel unsafe every night when I got back home from work. terrible area

Includes Harlesden, Wembley, Kilburn etc. This is the most failed Borough in the entire city. The people in the most parts of Brent live off Council Housing and Welfare money which they get in exchange for votes for the Labour Party.

YouTube Search: "'BBC Documentary - Don't Cap My Benefits! '". Panorama gains exclusive access over six months to Brent - one of London's worst-hit boroughs - and follows the personal stories of some of the people most affected by the changes.

I feel uneasy every time I am in Brent. Really bad place

I felt very unsafe here

3 Newham

Newham has the most betting shops in the borough thanks to Labour's relaxes laws on gambling and Newham's corrupt Labour Council. The same council ignored that some household have built illegal garden houses to accommodate illegal migrants. Those illegal migrants will become registers voters to the Labour Party.

Gangs and Violence are the Face of Newham Borough. Single Mothers with three or more children with no fathers is average in Newham.

Newham is now the Acid Attack Capital of London, courtesy of Labour-run Newham Council.

Dangerous place

4 Haringey

This is the Borough which includes Tottenham and Edmonton which are dangerous ruined places. These give the Borough an even worse reputation than it already has.

Borough of Haringey is possibly one of the worst and corrupt boroughs in entire country, easily..

I agree.. Tottenham and Edmonton just bring Haringey right down

Roadmen everywhere

5 Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets is the new capital of Bangladesh and is a model of Labour Multiculturalism Policy.

Another area ruined by the incompetent and corrupt Islamic Labour Party Council and the previous Labour Government.

Estates and flats surrounding tower hamlets! Very scary during night time I wouldn't want to walk there during the night. Unfortunately, I've lived here for 17 years and the amount of drugs here is unbeleivable! If your any drug user, tower hamlets is the place to get your drugs!

I live in tower hamlets and the amount of drugs I've seen being used is surprising for me.

6 Lewisham

Named least year as the least peaceful area to live in England & Wales. If you want to get killed, Lewisham is the place to be.

This is where gangs/drugs/guns/knives thrive. Also this is where Race-Baiting Hustlers (who are also Closet Racists) live. I left Lewisham and England as a whole for a better country because I do not want to pay my hard-earn tax money to feckless, welfare single parents (absent fathers) who breed degenerate kids, who will grow up to become feckless, welfare single parents themselves and career criminals, who will add more burden to the British Taxpayers.

Lewisham has gotten better but is still a brutal crime ridden place. The Borough is full of Gangs and is partly very Poor.

Another area ruined by the incompetent and corrupt Labour Council and the previous Labour Government.

Place is a scum hole. Over priced rents to live in gang territory is mental

7 Hackney

Once named the worst place to live (according to channel 4) and is 3rd least peaceful area to live in England & Wales after Lewisham & Lambeth. Hackney is another London Borough crap hole run by a corrupt Labour Council, a race-baiting MP (Diane Abbott), and wannable degenerate sub-human gangster who were born out-of-wedlock to single mothers dependent on welfare. Tanzania & Angola are better places to live than Hackney.

Upper Clapton, today 8th Feb 2018, a gang of crack dealers operating in a private car park. Reported to the police and told they would send someone immediatly, 4 hours later nothing, now there are more of them out there. The car park is part of a block of flats that are specifically for vulnerable people, including ex drug addicts tying desperately to better their lives.

Violence and Crime are the main problems in Hackney

Very dangerous place to be in

8 Harrow

Bull! Why would you put harrow on here?

Most of Harrow is alright, but there are some areas like south harrow and the wealdstone area (by far the worst) which are gang populated, 'one stop shop' crowded places. However there are beautiful leafy places in Harrow such as Stanmore and Pinner but as soon as you leave those areas you definitely feel the difference.

Harrow is a nice area

9 Lambeth

Lambeth is named the 2nd Least Peacesful area of England & Wales after Lewisham. That's no surprise because (1) they are run by Labour Council/MPs, (2) it is hotbed for crime, gang culture, drug dealing, single mothers on welfare producing unruly kids out of wedlock, (3) residents of Lambeth are uncivilised, sub-human degenerates that destroys more lives than a unlimited atom bombs.

If Lambeth was a country, it would be a failed state on par with Somalia, Congo & Sudan.

Closet Racist, Race Hustler and Street Agitator Lee Jasper lives in Lambeth. The Borough is also run by corrupt, useless Labour (socialist) MPs and Councillors.

I love my swamp

Includes loads of Gangs which are living in the Housing Estates in the possibly most Dangerous Areas in London, these are Brixton and Stockwell. This alone could put Lambeth on top of this list, but it does have nicer parts (Clapham)

10 Ealing

I live here, and none of what you say has held true at all for me. I live in West Ealing, which is neither crime ridden nor ruined. In fact, it's very intelligently put together. And Yes, there are bad parts of Ealing, which can be run down or poor, but when you're in the good parts, you can really call it home. - PositronWildhawk

South ealing come on 5 world

The once rich and beautiful place is long past its glory days. Although South Ealing and parts of Hanwell are nice and calm there are also bad parts. Greenford, Southall and West Ealing are crime ridden ruined places

I live in hanwell, and yes West ealing is not that bad but it is true that greenford is really bad now

The Contenders

11 Enfield

Enfield is very nice, but DON'T EVER GO TO EDMONTON!


Most of Enfield is nice (i.e. Southgate & Cockfosters), however Edmonton is a craphole, ruined by Labour Councillors and successive Labour MPs by encouraging gang violence, broken families, drugs, welfare dependency, cheap mediocre shops and ugly tall Council Estate Buildings.

12 Wandsworth

Not sure about this. There are a few dodgy estates but it's alright really.

Although the area between the commons is amongst the nicest in London, the North of the Borough (Battersea) and the South (Tooting) are home to some pretty nasty estates, I know because I used to live right next to the Winstanley.

Most areas in Wandsworth is alright. The only area that's bad is Tooting, where London Mayor Sadiq Khan was once an MP. The area is a crime-ridden ghetto and has been neglected (socially & economically) by successive Labour MPs and Labour Councillors.

Roehampton, Clapham Junction, Tooting, Southfields are all areas blighted by poverty crime and desperation. Definitely DO NOT explore north of clapham junction and accidentally wonder in to some of the worst ghettos in South London like Winstanley, Doddington and Patmore (Doddington where a man was recently beaten to death after trying to move away drug dealers and Winstanley and Patmore where every few months a teenager gets stabbed or shot to death.)

13 Westminster

Cheap Housing Blocks, Welfare Money and Unemployment. Welcome to Westminster

14 Peckham

So many stabbings


15 Hounslow

The London Borough of Hounslow is ruined by the Local Labour Council, courtesy of their multicuturalism experiment that has created the same mediocre shops, segregated communities, crime, over-crowding, tax rises and has devalued public services e.g. health service, police service, schools and basic infrastructure.

Too many imdians

Too many Shias - NotoriousMMA

16 Camden

I got mugged about 5 times in thhe last year

17 Waltham Forest

More than 100 police officers shut down entire high street in east London after fight 'that started between two girls over a boy' turns into a violent RIOT involving baseball bat-wielding schoolgirls (Daily Mail, 9 October 2015): 'The Metropolitan Police had to shut down Hoe Street, where the station is located, in an effort to get the 200-strong crowd of youths under control.'

YouTube Search: "News: walthamstow Riot Against Police From a College Fight".

Walthamstow is partly a really nice place which is ruined by the crime infestation there. Same principle as in Ealing applies to here.

Another failed borough run by a corrupt Labour Counil

Big tobz got smoked broad day light in his own ends

18 Chelsea

I was stabbed well attemptedly and came out with a large gash and £75 in cash and an iPhone

19 Hillingdon

Amazing place to live the people are lovely

This place is messed up

Make sure your bike don't get robbed

Worst peopple working in this council

20 Havering

Basically I have everyonemake bare p and there are no 69 anywhere. There's only 96 but there just a few wet year 7s.

Its quite getting more dangerous,I'm feeling that

I 'm surprised it's so low on this list.

21 Bexley

Has changed dramatically over the past five years. It’s much more cultured and dynamic. The housing prices are affordable in comparison to other areas of London. I think in time to this area can be regenerated.

22 East Ham

East ham more like east pakistan!

I call it India

23 Hammersmith and Fulham

So many muggings...

24 Southwark

Apart from London brodge and borough market. Lots of crime haplens here.
Be aware of your surroundings.

25 Edmonton

a dump

Edmonton is a crime-ridden dump ruined by successive Labour Councillors and Labour MPs. It's a good place to get mugged, beaten, stabbed or shot. Edmonton is the worst area in the London Borough of Enfield and meanwhile the current MP, Kate Osamor, and his drug dealing son, Ishmael Osamor live in social housing despite earning a combined income of £130,000.

And the majority of people in Edmonton are still stupid enough to re-elect Labour MPs like her and still see continuous decline in regards to standards of living.

26 Southall

I got stabbed 19 times while walking my mum, then I got Teabagged repeatidly whilst being shouted at saying "imma biscuit and imma dunk my balls in you"

27 Thornton Heath

One of the worst areas in Croydon
Gun crime
Knife crime
The high street is a hotspot for crime
Also close by is south Norwood and selhurst which is also crime ridden

28 Northolt

Rubbish Area where broken families live and is a breeding ground for gang culture and terrorists. This place is home to Chavs, Pikeys, Hoodrats, Violent Migrants, Islamic Extremists and thugs with knives, guns and corrosive substances. It is also home to selfie-taking narcissists, who have no sense of reality. It is run locally by useless, self-serving and lazy Labour Party Councillors who represent Labour-run Ealing Council (also useless). Why are we wasting nuclear missiles on poor countries like Syria and Iraq? We use those missiles to nuke Northolt instead.

29 Beckton

E6 gang roam beckton without paying taxes and are a rivalry gang to e7 forest gate

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