Best Dani's House Episodes

This page contains the best Dani's House episodes. Dani is a young actress that is forever stuck at home looking after her evil brother Maxm un-measured friend Ben and the evil prankster Maisy. Luckily for her she spends time with her best friends Jack, Sam, Ruby and Toby. What they don't know is that two aliens Coordinator Zang and Zark watch them above from the space cable. The gang have a wild and crazy adventure during their time in Dani's House.

The Top Ten

1 The Birthday Trap

Fantastic Series Finale when the gang is all back together again! - kevint2245

Spin-Off Dani's Castle replaces the show :D - kevint2245

2 Jack in the House

Jack appears in the house for the firs time. Jack makes the show funnier - kevint2245

3 Queen of Pranks

Laugh out loud. Funniest show ever when they try to pull pranks at each other - kevint2245

4 Sister Act

Maisy and Ruby fight over family reunion - kevint2245

5 The Cook Off

First time ever when we see Dani, Sam and Jack cook. The foods look all delicious - kevint2245

6 Freewheelin

Shocking to see Dani in a wheelchair. But Megaboyd is hilarious in this episode - kevint2245

7 Sleepover

Poor Dani and Sam. Bot can't fight over :( - kevint2245

8 They Came From Outer Space...Again!

Laugh out loud! Zang and Zark come down from space again! - kevint2245

9 Ghost Mutterer

Best Halloween Special in Dani's House. - kevint2245

10 Scrooge Tube

The gang have a Christmas celebration when everyone is reunited. - kevint2245

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