Top 10 Danny Phantom Cliches

Although DP is still a lovable, unforgettable show, there are many cliches here. So, here some cliches in Danny Phantom. Images will be uploaded by me.

The Top Ten

1 Box Ghost sometimes appears as a running gag.

Hey! The box ghost has feelings too! - TwilightKitsune

I'm the only one who reminds DINKLEBER or wish... From FOP when I hear it? - Garoto_Oceano

2 Transformation scenes. Transformation scenes.
3 Danny gets abused by some ghosts.
4 Danny befriends some ghosts. Danny befriends some ghosts.
5 Some of the ghosts have tragic pasts.
6 One-time characters/villains.
7 Some ghosts reappear in later seasons
8 Fake-Out Make-Out (Danny & Sam's kissing scene).
9 Danny (in his phantom form) sometimes disguises with the clothes that resemble the settings.
10 Danny gets new powers Danny gets new powers

The Contenders

11 The episodes always showing the title card with chilling voices
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