Top Ten Dares That Involve Unsuspecting Members of the Public

While travelling to work, I let my mind wonder... This is what was on my mind...

The Top Ten

1 Pick a random stranger off the street and get them to dance with you

I did this outside a record store once when they were playing music through speakers on the sidewalk. No regrets! - PetSounds

2 In public toilets, open the cubicle doors with underwear around your ankles and announce loudly that "There's no bloody toilet paper!"


3 Fall asleep on a member of the public

I'm sure people have tried this on me. Next time I'm going to stick something you won't like in your open mouth... - Britgirl

4 Go into any restaurant / cafe and pick blatently pick food from strangers' plates and eat it in front of them.

That's the most daring and tasty thing I could ever imagine. But first I would see what they are eating in fact, of course. Why jump into such embarrassing acts when you don't get something good (tasty in this case) in return...;)
Great list! - Kiteretsunu

Would anyone really have the nerve to do this? - Britgirl

Well, I've seen teenagers doing this. - keyson

5 Propose to them

Believe it or not, this is how my parents met. - Ajkloth

Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name? - PetSounds

6 Interrupt a tourist while they're taking a photo of Big Ben and to ask them what the time is

My Father has done this! 'Strue! Haha. Crazy fool! - Britgirl

7 Get a member of the public to sing Justin Bieber's "Baby" with you
8 Ask a Tube ticket attendant what line should you get to fictional Walford East Station.

Yes. I HAVE done this, but I was pretending to be a Polish tourist at the time. I was polietly informed that that particular station doesn't actually exist. Lovely man. - Britgirl

9 Go up to a total stranger and act like you're old friends

Especially awkward if you do one of those typical gestures that you only know with your friends. Come on, we've all been there.
Britgirl, I adore this list. THANK YOU! - PositronWildhawk

10 Sell them the keys to your lately crashed car

The Contenders

11 Claim to be a medical research scientist and say to a random person that you believe to have detected a source of a widespread incurable disease in their home
12 Staple someone's sleeves together

Oh haha this is evil but might also be funny! - Curti2594

13 Talk loudly to yourself in a crowd about your love of snuff films

Go on. I DARE you... - Britgirl

14 Fill their bags with chocolate wrappers
15 Poke your head under a stall door when occupied and say how's the whiz lookin?

That would be sooo funny! But, maybe don't stick your head under the stall. You could just knock on their door and say it.

Don't think this is a good idea

Do it special needs kid did this to me still shuddering. 😧

16 Heavy breath in a lascivious manner behind someone in a queue

I may try this next time I'm in theatre queue haha! - Britgirl

17 Ask a person politely why the heck he's such a damn fool. Politely, remember, politely.

Nah, I can't do that. I have no British accent. - Merilille

18 Walk up to a stranger smiling a big smile and say Ni Hao I'm Kai Lan
19 Yell "I’m a potato" in a crowded area
20 Call Dominoes and ask for Pizza Hut's number.
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