Top 10 Dares that You Would Like to See Dora the Explorer Do

Since Dora The Explorer is the most hated fictional character in cartoon and television history. I am going to make a list of the top ten dares that you would like to see Dora The Explorer do. So if any of you top tenners got any dares that Dora should be forced to do then please add those dares into my list because I would love to read them.

The Top Ten

1 Dare her to get rid of her show for good
2 Dare her to put sticky tape on her mouth
3 Dare her to do the chubby bunny challenge
4 Dare her to play the scary maze game
5 Dare her to eat a lot of ghost pepper
6 Dare her to kiss boots
7 Dare her to play cat Mario for 24 hours
8 Dare her to cut her hand off and use it to play football
9 Dare her to take Boots's boots off
10 Dare her to pump herself with an air pump

The Contenders

11 Dare her to go on the big one at blackpool pleasure beach without any safety
12 Dare her to kill herself
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