NFL 2018 Season Predictions (NFC and Super Bowl)

Previously I did the AFC. Now I will tackle the NFC. Before we get started just keep in mind that the NFC will most likely be the tougher of the 2 divisions. So honestly there’s going to be some more controversy with this. With that said here’s my NFC Predictions
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys: Sorry but getting rid of Dez Bryant was not a good idea. I expect them to struggle a bit. There offense will basically rely on if Dak and Zeke can return to their rookie form. If not then I don’t see playoffs for America’s team and Jason Garret will get fired. With Philadelphia likely running away with the division and New York trying to recover the Cowboys only chance at the playoffs will be a wild card which won’t be easy considering how tough the NFC will be this year.
Predicted record: 9-7

Washington Redskins: the Redskins decided to trade Kirk Cousins for an older but arguably better QB in Alex Smith. Derrius Guice could also make a big impact. Da’Ron Payne could improve the defense that ranked last in run defense a year ago. Could this team make the playoffs or will they stay in the middle of the pack once again?
Predicted record: 8-8

New York Giants: After a disaster season last year the Giants will look to have a bounce back season. They have Dave Gettleman as their new GM and Pat Shurmur as new head coach. The offense looks better than just Odell with Saquon Barkley in the mix now. hopefully the defense can improve from last year as well. So is this team a contender or not? To me it all comes down to two things: Eli and the offensive line in front of him. The O-line looks better on paper, though far from dominant and not deep. With better protection, Manning should thrive, but that’s a big question mark.The Giants are convinced that his problems of the last two years were mostly O-line related. They still believe he has all the ability that once made him elite but does he really? New York better hope so.
Predicted record: 6-10

Philadelphia Eagles: Philadelphia is going into new territory being a defending Super Bowl champion for once. Is this the beginning of a new era in Philly? The offense will probably once again be scary for any defense with Wentz/Foles having an arsenal
of weapons to choose from. The defense was very solid last year and I expect it to be once again. Doug Peterson and the Eagles fanbase have a lot to be excited for. Expect at least a few more years of contention
Predicted record: 12-4

Overall I expect this division to stay with Philadelphia. The Eagles are too good right now for any other team to take the division from them

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons: Last year this team was decent after trying to shake the demons from the 28-3 choke.They managed to beat an up and coming Rams team. Can they still compete this year? I believe they still have the key pieces to make a deep run it just depends on how they perform. Again the NFC will be a tough battle so if Atlanta looks to stay relevant in the Super Bowl conversation they need to play like in 2016.
Predicted record: 9-7

Carolina Panthers: The past few years this team has looked the part of playoff contender but looks can be deceiving. Are they a contender or not? The offense will rely almost completely on Cam Newton. Torrey Smith and DJ Moore should both be decent weapons for Cam to work with but will it be enough? Defensively they have a good front 7 but the secondary will be a big question mark. At the end of the day I think This team could go a long way, but a lot of things have to break right. Kuechly and Newton have to stay healthy and play at an elite level. Another legitimate receiving threat must emerge The secondary has to improve and McCaffrey has to take another step forward.
Predicted record: 8-8

New Orleans Saints: I believe this team will establish itself as a factor in the NFC playoffs for years to come. Brees doesn’t show any signs of slowing down at age 39. I expect this offense to be dynamic once again and the defense should be decent. The Saints look ready to step up and compete with the big boys of the NFC. A tough schedule awaits but I think they can handle it
Predicted record: 11-5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Last year people thought the Bucs would make noise but instead they were 5-11 and sat on the couch while the rest of the division all made the playoffs. The defense has been rebuilt so can they produce and can Jamies Winston lead the Buccaneers to the playoffs? My guess is probably not
Predicted record: 5-11

Overall I think this division will go to the Saints again. The other teams in the division have too many flaws that need to be fixed before they could make a case to win the division. However I expect Atlanta and Carolina to be in the mix for a wild card spot

NFC North.
Minnesota Vikings: The Eagles finally won a Super Bowl. Are the Vikings next? They are returning a lot of their offensive weapons and adding Kirk Cousins who appears to be an upgrade on paper over Keenum. But can he have the same success of Keenum last year? I’m saying he can with the top defense in the league. Anything less than a Super Bowl appearance will be unacceptable. This team has enough talent to challenge Philadelphia and get their first Lombardi trophy.
Predicted record: 12-4

Detroit Lions: Will Stafford lead Detroit back to the playoffs? I’m guessing probably not because despite all the changes I don’t think the results will happen immediately. But they are close.
Predicted record: 6-10

Green Bay Packers: The return of Rodgers should be good news for Packers fans.With his return the offense should theoretically be back. They lost Jordy Nelson but gained Jimmy Graham. I expect the defense to make some sort of improvement after last year. The Rodgers injury might have been what this team needed to push them forward.
Predicted record: 10-6

Chicago Bears: With Matt Nagy as thier head coach can they get out of the NFC north basement? It all depends on what Mitchell Trubisky can do in his second year. While I don’t think we’ll see another Rams turnaround it could be close. I expect both offense and defense to be decent this year and I expect them to improve from 5-11 last year
Predicted record: 7-9

I expect this division to go to the Vikings again. Even with Rodgers’ return I don’t think it will be enough to take the division back. However the Packers should be in the wild card race

NFC West
San Francisco 49ers: The niners seem to have found there momentum in Jimmy Garoppolo who led them from the basement to respectability. The question now is was that a mirage or are the Niners back? Only time will tell but at least they have hope. McKinnon could be a great weapon and Richard Sherman could add some spice to the defense. Things will be interesting next year for sure.
Predicted record: 10-6

Los Angeles Rams: The Rams are going into 2018 being one of the most hyped teams and for good reason. That off-season helped set them up for a potential playoff run. However the success McVay created will largely depend on Goff. Time will tell if he can repeat last year. But This team just became more aggressive and they’re clearly aiming at the Super Bowl.
Predicted record: 11-5

Seattle Seahawks: it’s safe to say that Seattle’s window has closed. The legion of boom defense is dead and the offense is almost lifeless. Really the Seahawks should just clean house and rebuild now. Sorry but I’m not seeing playoffs in Seattle
Predicted record 5-11

Arizona Cardinals: much like Seattle the Cardinals window is closed. When a quarterback with glass bones and paper skin named Sam Bradford is your go to option and most of your roster is a bunch of old guys past thier prime you have a problem. If you’re smart you’ll start up the tanking process now.
Predicted record: 3-13

The NFC West is really either going to the Niners or Rams. I think Both will make the playoffs but I’m picking LA to win the division

Playoff picture
Byes Eagles,Vikings
Wild card hosts Rams,Saints
Wild cards Packers Niners

NFC Super Bowl contestant: Vikings
After a crushing defeat last year I believe Minnesota will be out to get thier first Lombardi trophy after watching the Eagles do it. The Vikings will use last years NFC championship defeat as motivation and get thier revenge on Philadelphia.

Super Bowl 53: Vikings vs Jaguars
Winner: Vikings. After watching Philadelphia get thier first Super Bowl win Minnesota will get thier first and end the years upon years of suffering and misery. The Vikings have more veteran players who will give them the edge over an up and coming Jaguars team who is still very young.

Now let’s see how wrong I am in February 2019!


I’d expect Carolina and Dallas to have a losing record, but otherwise, I agree with all of this. - PackFan2005

I expect the super bowl winner to between Saints, Texans, Titans, Eagles, Vikings, and Jaguars. Some other teams that I believe can be a dark horse are the Broncos and Falcons. - 2storm

Jesus A Vikings and Jaguars Super Bowl? That was way off... neither of them even made the playoffs - Randomator