Top Ten Greatest Dark Lords of the Sith

Within this list you shall see MY, note I said MY, top ten GREATEST Dark Lords of the Sith. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Darth Revan Darth Revan

This was a REALLY hard choice but Darth Revan makes second on the list. Though he did discover the Star Forge, found his own Sith Empire, slay Mandalore the Ultimate in single combat, challenge the Sith Emperor twice and survive, create his own holocron, technically found the Rule of Two, build HK-47, defeat his former apprentice and best friend Darth Malak, nearly destroy the Galactic Republic and restrain Darth Vitiate via a force bond he ultimately failed in his chief goal of destroying Vitiate, never defeating the Emperor in either of their confrontations. - Razgriz577

2 Darth Vitiate
3 Darth Bane Darth Bane Darth Bane is a legendary Sith from Star Wars. Darth Bane was one of the greatest Sith lords who ever lived in the Star Wars universe. Darth Bane's greatest accomplishment was creating the Rule of Two, making the Sith am secretive order with one master and one apprentice. The apprentice would learn more.

Darth Bane is third because he tricked Lord Kaan as well as the rest of the Brotherhood of Darkness into activating the Thought Bomb Ritual (destroying all life, including themselves on the planet Ruusan) so as to rebuild the Sith Order from the shadows, discovered the ancient Sith holocron of Darth Revan, founded the Rule of Two, anointed Darth Zannah as his apprentice, created orbalisk armor that was literally impenetrable to all forces of nature and man, recovered the ancient Sith holocron of Darth Andeddu the Immortal God-King of Prakith, constructed his own holocron and discovered essence transfer. He would be slain by Darth Zannah both physically and mentally. - Razgriz577

4 Darth Malgus Darth Malgus

He was willing to do everything to see the dark side succeed including killing his love and committing treason. If he had succeeded the Sith would have won. He was also a tank in combat able to kill jedi with simply force lightning.

Darth Malgus was the Sith Lord that personally commanded the attack on the Jedi Temple during the Sacking of Coruscant, assisted Darth Vindican in the reconstituted Sith Empire's successful campaign to reclaim Korriban, headed a massive Sith invasion of Alderaan that ultimately failed, slew Cao Den Darach, murdered Ven Zallow, betrayed the Empire after the death of Darth Vitiate and founded the New Empire by using the recently captured Rakatan Foundry to build an immense army of extermination droids and a seemingly invincible stealth armada, which makes him 4th place on the list. His New Empire is eventually destroyed by an Imperial strike team that would also kill him. - Razgriz577

5 Darth Malak Darth Malak Darth Malak is a Star Wars character. Malak is a Sith from the time of The Old Repbulic. He is the apprentice of Revan, and appears in Knights of the Old Republic

Darth Malak was the former apprentice and best friend of Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith, ruler of the Sith Empire (Jedi Civil War era), master of Darth Bandon and master of the Star Forge. Though there is no questioning his skills and abilities Malak was a major hothead that lacked the finesse and intellect to maintain his empire, instead relying on brute force and savagery. These traits would ultimately cost him his empire, the Star Forge and his life, which is why he makes 5th place on my list. - Razgriz577

6 Marka Ragnos

I actually think he should be higher. He was smart. He was smart enough to know that the sith couldn't over power the republic. Most sith just charged into battle for glory or hunger or power and a lot of them thought that they were invincible.

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7 Tulak Hord

Tulak Hord was a Dark Lord of the Sith that seized power after the death of Ajunta Pall, the first Dark Lord of the Sith in galactic history. He would greatly expand the Empire's borders, develop skills with the lightsaber that would come to mark him as the greatest lightsaber duelist in galactic history, acquire abilities in the Force that all but dwarfed the powers of all Force-adepts combined (possibly making him the most powerful Sith Lord in Sith and possibly galactic history), appoint Khem Val and Aloysius Kallig as his two most trusted generals, discover essence transfer and never face defeat. However, he was literally stabbed in the back by his own apprentice and as with Marka Ragnos, failed to confront the Galactic Republic. This is why he is 7th place on the list. - Razgriz577

8 Darth Sidious Darth Sidious

This is the only guy that was actually in the movies,the thing that made Star Wars famous.

9 Exar Kun Exar Kun

Exar Kun was the Dark Lord of the Sith that started the Great Sith Wars against the Galactic Republic. He would come to anoint Ulic Qel-Droma as his apprentice, conquer large portions of the galaxy, slay his former master Vodo Siosk-Baas during the rescue of Ulic Qel-Droma on Coruscant, be the first to use a double-bladed lightsaber, destroy the spirit of Freedon Nadd once and for all and wipe out the Massassi race. But he failed to actually defeat the Republic and the Jedi in the Great Sith Wars thanks in part to the betrayal of Ulic Qel-Droma on Yavin IV and sheer arrogance on his part. He would also be slain by the Jedi first by a Wall of Light and later by the spirit of Vodo Siosk-Baas himself. Thus he makes 8th place. - Razgriz577

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The Contenders

11 Darth Maul Darth Maul Darth Maul is a fictional character in the science fiction franchise Star Wars. Trained as Darth Sidious's first apprentice, he serves as a Sith Lord and a master of wielding a double-bladed lightsaber. Darth Maul first appeared in Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, and has also appeared in The more.

Okay,I'll tell you the whole story of Darth Maul after he was "Killed".He got some robotic legs,took over the Death Watch by killing Pre Vizzla,killed Obi Wans lover,fought Darth Sideous and almost won,but he didn't die.I know,impressive.

12 Darth Vader Darth Vader Darth Vader was the original dark lord for Star Wars. Darth Vader ruled with both fear and aggression. Originally Anakin Skywalker a young Jedi who was then seduced by the dark side of the force by Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Vader had his limbs cut off by his jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi leaving more.

Better than maul for Ssurrre - riki1234

13 Darth Nihilus Darth Nihilus

14? Seriously? He's the most badass sith ever. He used the force to feed off of entire PLANETS. His lightsaber hilt also looks awesome.

"He is a wound in the Force, more presence than flesh, and in his wake life dies… sacrificing itself to his hunger."

14 Darth Plagueis Darth Plagueis Darth Plagueis is a fictional character from Star Wars. Originally a Muun named Hego Demask, Plagueis trained under Darth Tenebrous. After he murdered Tenebrous, Plagueis, disguised as businessman Hego Demask, mentored a young Palpatine. Palpatine eventually joined Plagueis as his Sith apprentice. Plagueis more.

Trained Darth Sidious until Darth Sidious killed him.

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