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Darkrai is a legendary Pokemon developed by Game Freak. The only way to get this Pokemon was through two events, only one in the United States.


Darkrai rules! He can be all the other dark type pokemon... Especially since he is legendary... Did you see how Darkrai beat Ash's team? He rules! If Ash can't beat him, probably no one can!

Darkrai is the best dark type ever his ability bad dreams works great with dark void his signature move and with the moves dream eater and dark pulse which is the best dark stab move he gets he can wreck stuff he also learns sludge bomb for fairy types darkrai also has a great speed and special attack.

Tyranitar is slow and has horrible defensive typing, one close combat from lucario and he's done, absol is strong but fragile, any faster fighting or fairy type and he's done, umbreon's pretty good but darkrai's stats are higher, and dark void, I hate dark void, hypnosis that doesn't miss, op

This Pokemon is very amazing for a Pokemon team! In the movie Pokemon and the Rise of Darkrai, it risked its LIFE to save the city! Most Pokemon wouldn't ever do that in their lives! It's also an AMAZING legendary, and if people gave it a mega, this thing would demolish anything in its path!

Darkrai is the best and the bravest of all dark Pokemon. In the movie, he is willing to fight for everyone even though everyone thinks he is evil. Also shows that it doesn't matter what you look like, but what you do that counts.

I have a Darkrai and since I got it I am undefeated. Mine also knows Dark Pulse, Dark Void, Dream Eater and Nightmare and that combination of moves can take down any type, in my opinion.

Darkrai is cool! No one can change my mind. Most people think it is evil, but that's stereotyping, bro. Just because it is the bringer of nightmares, doesn't mean he intends to. Plus, there is not neccesarily ONE Darkrai. Some could be evil, others good. Plus if your tired, you could teach it to wear a Lunar Wing necklace to negate its powers(if it were real). Also, it powers are awesome. It can go inside your dreams. It can turn into pure shadow. No need for a bath. So quit stereotyping and give this species the love and respect it deserves.

Darkrai is a easy number one here. He's really fast, has one of the best sleeping moves in the game and his really hard with his high special attack. Darkrai is a stable top uber threat which not even Tyranitar can brag about being.

Darkrai is a good pokemon. He is one of the awesome Dark types. Use it correctly, and you will win almost every battle with it, and this thing is also fun to use. Start with Dark Void, and then start your attacking or setting up.

Darkrai is so powerful. People always say Mewtwo can beat Dakrai because of aura sphere. He can probably take it and use dark void. Then they say Mewtwo can control his dreams because he is his type of Pokemon. That does not mean it is not going to be effective. In conclusion, Darkrai can beat all dark types at the same time with dark void

Darkrai is the strongest and best dark type Pokemon. At least it should come in the top three. Darkrai should also come in the top ten strongest Pokemon. But my doubt still lies, why isn't darkrai a ghost type.

Darkrai is the best dark type Pokemon to say. With his two moves learnt, dark void and nightmare he can sweep any type of Pokemon easily. I'll go with darkrai, he us the best.

The Dark Void, Dream Eater, Nightmare Strategy is truly a nearly invincible tactic unless you are fighting a Pokemon that is immune to sleep... Or fighting a snorlax.

I only have little to say first look at him I'm pretty sure you would want absol as a Pokemon before darkrai because it's based off of dark types. Now second well... how should I put this DARKrai

Absolutely darkrai is the best dark type Pokemon. He is a high sp attack and speed Pokemon. Just put it the right moves dark pulse, dark void, nasty plot, thunderbolt

He is the most badass looking and crushes all plus with dark void in double battle or triple battles puts all the enemies to sleep and then dream eater heals himself and does damage to the opposing Pokemon and added on to that bad dreams does damage to sleeping Pokemon every turn so he's basically untouchable and on top of all that his impressive
Speed means that if a Pokemon has the advantage he still moves first with dark void and he can learn other powerful moves as well and rips basically everything into pieces and that is why he is my favourite Pokemon oh yeah and he's rare and let's face it on Pokemon x and y everyone wants one which is stupid because if I ever find a darkrai I will happily give it a pokeball and ask it to catch and train me THE END

Darkrai is the legendary dark Pokemon which can win from cresselia the legendary fairy type. darkrai even won from dialga and palkia 2 of the most strongest Pokemon

This is like the strongest Pokemon ever, he can give people any dream what so ever an it can learn dark void. This Pokemon is even capable of floating through walls.

After watching Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai I understand why people love him he is powerful and heroic AND bad ass this guy messed up Palkia and Dialga's fight

The guy is literally the face of all Dark-type Pokemon. His name even means Dark. I mean come on people, Darkrai should be number one no question

Hey Darkrai is powerful pokemon than Absol. Darkrai is use more special attacks than Absol my choice the darkrai is number 1 or also number 2

Just look at this Pokemon and try to resist the urge to vote for him! Dark void is a great move that a great Pokemon knows, so vote darkrai!

Dark void the field and then use dark pulse with nightmare ability and it easily beat the three above it.

Best legendary to use in battle. SERIOUSLY. Hypnosis+Nightmare+dream eater= win

Umbreon is fully outmatched with Darkrai...
Darkrai is the best ultimate Dark.
It can outstand any other dark Pokemons...
He is unbeatable!