Top 10 Dark Songs that Best Describe God

I never loved God and I never ever will no matter what! Satan is my one true God! Not Jehovah! These songs listed below describe my true feelings about God. If you hate God as much as I do then add more if you please.

The Top Ten

1 Disciple - Slayer


It's true! God really does hate us with all of his heart! I'll never live by his rules! He can kiss my tail!

2 The Oath - Mercyful Fate

I too deny Jesus Christ and renounce the Christian faith. Satan is the one true king of all! Screw Christ!

3 F*** Your God - Deicide

Title says it all, and just look up the lyrics (they're so blasphemous! ).

4 Abuse Me (I Want to Die) - GG Allin

This song makes me feel stronger when I rebel against God cause the lyrics are tough as hell.

5 Daddy - Korn

If God is our father then he's clearly a rapist! Our father has raped us all spiritually, now it's time to fight back!

6 Honor Thy Father - Dream Theater

I don't really care for this band cause it's not dark or satanic enough, but this song's about the drummer's stepfather who treated him poorly. Perfectly describes God.

7 Blame It on God - Deicide

Another song from my favorite band, and one that perfectly describes my feelings towards God.

8 Helleluyah!!! (God is Dead) - Vader


When the day of God's death finally comes, I will be happier than ever!

9 Declaration Of Hate - Dark Funeral
10 Thou Begone - Deicide

The Contenders

11 When - Megadeth

This song is about being loyal to someone who's just the absolute worst possible person to be with in that they just keep hurting you and hurting you. I don't understand why people would wanna be associated with God when all he does is just hurt us! It's our time to rebel against the tyrant in heaven!

12 God - John Lennon
13 Cult - Slayer
14 I Wanna Kill You - GG Allin
15 How Can You Call Yourself a God? - Deicide
16 Behead the Prophet - Deicide
17 Jihad - Slayer
18 Jesus Christ... Sodomized - Marduk
19 Carving Out the Eyes of God - Goatwhore
20 Godkill - Deicide
21 God Hates Us - Avenged Sevenfold
22 Kill the Christian - Deicide
23 When Satan Rules His World - Deicide
24 I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace
25 I Hate You - Slayer
26 Bite It You Scum - GG Allin
27 End the Wrath of God - Deicide
28 Christians to the Lions - Behemoth
29 O Father O Satan O Sun! - Behemoth
30 Death to Jesus - Deicide
31 Dead Set on Suicide - Cattle Decapitation


Actual lyrics from the song.

32 Homage for Satan - Deicide
33 The Reflecting God - Marilyn Manson
34 Kim - Eminem

I imagine myself as Em and God as Kim. That's how much I hate God.

35 I Wanna Piss on You - GG Allin
36 Payback - Slayer
37 Destroying the Manger - Nocturnus

I love this song because it's very unique in its blasphemous content. Instead of just verbally attacking God, it talks about a cyborg who goes back in time to kill off Baby Jesus. How come no sacrilegious band has thought of that before?

38 Christraping Black Metal - Marduk
39 Jesus Saves - Slayer
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