Best Dark Souls 1 Area in Terms of Aesthetic

As I have already gone into detail about the design of the areas in Dark Souls, I think that I should say what my favourite areas are based on how they look.

The Top Ten

1 Kiln of the First Flame

While the area itself may be fairly lackluster, the pure beauty of this area is unmatched, everything about it looks so amazing and definitely is fitting for the end of your journey. - kempokid

2 Ash Lake

Best area in all of souls. The majesty and mystique of this area is unprecedented with its minimal and dismal setting brings a ethereal beauty and excellence to this area. So beautiful. One of my favorite places in all of fiction. - RaidenRain

The sheer majesty of this area, especially after you have just had to walk through Blighttown to get here is amazing. The music adds another layer of beauty to this desolate beach. It also has my favourite part in any of the games,the part where you find Siegmeyer. - kempokid

3 Crystal Cave

Crystal Aesthetics in any form of media are always one of my favourite things, I don't know why, but the sight of crystals is one of the most beautiful things for me. This area is obviously one of my favourites in terms of visual design then, because everything is crystalline, even the enemies. - kempokid

4 Anor Londo

Despite my criticism of the design of the area, I still must admit that the actual visual design is amazing, when you first go to Anor Londo and see the gigantic palace, you feelas if this is going to be amazing. It's honestly a shame that this area wasn't actually the sizeof the palace, because that would have been awesome. - kempokid

5 Darkroot Garden

This area seems to have been made for the sole reason of showing off the prettier side of Lordran, even the bosses here aren't disgusting monstrosities, instead,they are a butterfly and a giant wolf. - kempokid

6 Painted World of Ariamis

Snowy areas are almost always nice to look at.That said,I like this area for the ruined buildings rather than the snow, I find these ruins to be vastly superior the those in Izalith, both in terms of design and aesthetics. The colours of this place are also nice. - kempokid

7 New Londo Ruins

While this area is far from aesthetically pleasing, it is the only area in this game to creepme out at all, and a big part of this is thanks to the mountain of corpses on the ground level. The desolation felt in Souls games doesn't get much stronger than in this place, so while it isn't the usual kind of great aesthetic, it certainly fits the bill of being very well made in that regard. - kempokid

8 Firelink Shrine

No other area in this game feels quite as comforting as this place, the fact that there are so many (kinda) friendly faces that are here, as well as the music and lack of anything threatening, even in terms of creepy imagery make this a pleasure to return to after having to trek through dark skeleton caves or burn out your retinas in Izalith. - kempokid

9 Oolacile Sactuary

Despite the tiny size of this area, I love how it looks, the passage to the Guardian is interesting,and the giant lake is very nice as well. - kempokid

10 The Duke's Archives

The library setting is something that has been used in all future souls games to various degrees, but this is where I feel it looks best, the stacks upon stacks of bookshelves give a certain grandeur to a game that usually focuses on darker, creepier areas. - kempokid

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