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1 Fiction
2 The Gallery

This will always be an epic classic. It hasn't really standout tracks like the other albums, but The Gallery as a whole album is their best in my opinion. - Flav

3 Damage Done

Awesome Album! No clean vocal sections on this Album, which makes it a comeback to their roots after Projector and Haven.

4 Character
5 Atoma

Mixes the sounds of construct and fiction to perfection

6 Haven
7 Construct

The best - EvilAngel

The best - EvilAngel

This is the only lame album by DT in my opinion.
Skydancer was great. Gallery and Minds I were excellent. Projector and Haven were good, but not stellar. Damage Done, Character and Fiction were superb again and We Are The Void was quite decent, but not as good as the previous albums... but Construct was pretty boring.
I can't help that's how I feel. Of course this is all just my personal opinion, but I really really can't appreciate this album.
I hope Atoma will be good again.

8 Projector
9 The Mind's I

The Mind's I and The Gallery rule! I love both equally, but I'm going for this one, since it has more standout tracks in my opinion.

by the way.: Finally someone who wrote "Dark Tranquillity" right :D

10 We Are the Void

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11 Skydancer
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1. The Gallery
2. Fiction
3. The Mind's I
1. The Gallery
2. The Mind's I
3. Projector
1. Damage Done
2. The Gallery
3. Fiction

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