Top 10 Darkest Cartoon Episodes

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1 Blue Cat Blues - Tom and Jerry

What a sad episode - Flutterrose

Tom and Jerry commits suicide by sitting on a traintrack waiting to get ran over


2 Swing You Sinners!
3 One Coarse Meal - SpongeBob SquarePants

Worst episode ever, suicide is no joke, its like logan paul made this

Hey Spongebob producers, I have several questions.

This episode had murder and disturbing scenes

I saw this when I was like 5
I hated mr krabs in this episode a lot

4 Chicken Little - Disney
5 Pluto's Judgement Day - Disney

This was dark, but the Mad Doctor was darker in my opinion

6 Balloon Land
7 A Pal for Gary - SpongeBob SquarePants

I had to add this?

Dark as hell.

8 The Little Pest
9 Pantry Panic - Woody Woodpecker

At the end of the cartoon after Woody and The Cat have spent most of the episode trying to eat each other when suddenly a moose shows up at the door but all they see is food mainly meat the moose realises he's in the wrong place at the wrong time like a hiker walking in on the donner party he tries to get away but dosen't get very far and Woody and Cat devour the moose leaving only the bones and the mooses head left. - egnomac

10 Dark Harvest - Invader Zim

An episode of an alien harvesting skoolchildrens’ organs on a kids network got through to nickelodeon, but not bloody gir? Makes sense..

Someone killed another person because of this episode. - borfieworfie

This encouraged an actual harvest of organs

How is this only 11

The Contenders

11 Haunted - Teen Titans

I liked this episode because Robin accepts the help of his friends, but this episode is pretty dark. I still like it, but it isn't really lighthearted.

12 Heavenly Puss - Tom and Jerry

Dark and Weird and less chessy anyway.

13 Stimpy's Fan Club - Ren & Stimpy
14 The Mask - Courage The Cowardly Dog
15 The Ghost Bride - Hey Arnold

During Geralds story the ghost bride axe murders her former fiancee and her sister, the cops show up with her in the chair next to the dead bodies while creepily singing the wedding march before jumping out the window to her death. - egnomac

16 Gang Wars - Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids
17 Are You Happy Now? - SpongeBob SquarePants

Another one I had to add.

18 Alone - Moral Orel

It really says something if Adult Swim thought it was too dark!

19 Icy Nights - We Bare Bears

It’s dark by We Bare Bears standards.

20 Jurassic Bark - Futurama

Fry tries to clone his pet dog Seymour but he turns out that Seymour died in age of 15 after he was frozen.

21 Road to the North Pole - Family Guy
22 Frybo - Steven Universe

Apparently, blood doesn’t count if it’s ketchup

23 Homer's Enemy - The Simpsons

One of or if so the darkest episode of The Simpsons yet. - BlueMan9

24 Heart Of Ice - Batman: The Animated Series
25 Speed Demon - The Powerpuff Girls
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