Top 10 Darkest and Creepiest Things in Nintendo Games

Even though Nintendo is a family friendly company, they also add some dark and down right creepy things in their games, some of which have spawned creepypastas.

Some of these may not be scary for your age but they would scare a little kid.

The Top Ten

1 "Who are you running from?" - Game Boy Camera
2 Mad Piano - Super Mario 64
3 Giygas - Earthbound

Even though its overrated, it is pretty dark to see as a little kid

4 Lavender Town Music - Pokemon Red and Green
5 Hell Valley Sky Trees - Super Mario Galaxy 2
6 The Moon - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
7 Gyroid Face - Animal Crossing

The most disturbing thing about this is that Gyroids In real life they are clay figurines that the ancient Japanese would bury with their dead

8 Dead Hand - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
9 ReDeads - The Legend of Zelda
10 Hanging Luigi Glitch - Luigi's Mansion

The Contenders

11 Original Game Over Screen - Luigiā€™s Mansion
12 Waterwraith - Pikmin 2
13 The Shadow Queen - Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door
14 Arrival on Zebes - Super Metroid
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