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1 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Many of the people voting seemed to have confused dark with scary. Something scary is in your face, Ursula's death can be called scary. Dark implies something more subtle that has an alternative meaning. The song hellfire in Hunchback is dark. They show no blood and death, it is just shown with words where he sings about raping Esmeralda and/or sending her to hell. My other choices for this list would be Zootopia for the racism. The Princess and the Frog because the villain is literally dragged into hell. And finally, The Lion King for making Scar strikingly similar to Hitler. - schnippernyc

This one I feel is the darkest because of Frollo. In the opening scene he crushes an innocent woman's scull underfoot and tries to drown a baby because it was ugly. The story goes on to show him manipulating Quasimodo, groping Esmeralda, burning down a house with an innocent family in it, and committing genocide. This has to be the darkest Disney film ever.

This film with themes of lust, sin, religion, and racism, it can't be ignored that this is one of Disney's darkest animated film they've created.

Dark in a way that is likely to fly over a kid’s head, but terrifying nonetheless. While they soften the blow by not killing off Esmeralda (one of the very few adaptations to do so, Quasimodo tends to get spared a little more often), they make the movie darker in other points to counterbalance it: true, the moralities are simplified, but this allows Frollo to be made into a frightening, twisted, and uncannily realistic villain: a monster who recognizes his behavior as wrong several times but then blames it on his victims, a virulent racist, a judge who is less corrupt and more a zealot, and who instead of gloating in his malice (classic Disney villain shtick), firmly believes himself to be a good man. Even the comic relief is often quite dark (e.g. Clopin cheerfully announcing how he’d hang Quasi and Phoebus). Hands down the darkest Disney movie

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2 The Black Cauldron

With its creepy villain and the undead army that he's created with the black cauldron, this movie could be on the list where the darkness raised the bar in Disney animation.

There is a rumor where there is a deleted scene where there was partial nudity from the princess. Brought to you by the happiest place on earth

Forgive me for saying this guys, but I'm afraid those people at Disney might have been on drugs when they made this piece of trash.

3 Pinocchio

By today's standards Pinocchio should be rated PG a lot has to due with the whole Pleasure Island scene an island where bad kids can drink, smoke fight with and even kill one another the only thing its missing is an hooker bar, but as it turns out the island is a trap where the coachman turn the kids into donkey's and sell's them off to places like the salt mines and the whole sequence where Lampwit turns into a donkey is pretty scary. - egnomac

I can't believe I saw this when I was like 5. I mean it's pretty good but really dark, to me, especially the pleasure island part

No boys come home

Too weird! That is one of the Disney movies that I’d wish for it to be better. - asantalo

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4 Return to Oz

Return to Oz drops everything that was great about the original Wizard of Oz colorful atmosphere, musical numbers and lovable characters and replaces it with hideously deformed characters and darker tone. - egnomac

Egnomac this is me mrcoolface. What did you mean with the whole giving the devil my due thing on overdense's top ten members list. Also I don't hate you, I just don't like anime. It doesn't interest me.

This is a dark, creepy and weird film that they made based on L. Frank Baum's books.

Its not dark. Its just a crappy wizard of oz sequel that looks like a failed remake.

5 The Lion King

Scar murders Mufasa in order to take over as king then tricks Simba into deserting his kingdom by telling him that Mufasa's death was his fault, Simba comes back all grown up and challenges Scar then sends him over the edge and is either killed or eaten by the Hyenas. - egnomac

Scar has killed Simba's dad. - EpicJake

It may be all happy and cute at first with Simba and Nala’s friendship as cubs, but then it gets darker throughout the movie and later escalates to Scar killing Mufasa and blaming Simba for it, then Simba returning as an adult and fighting Scar. - 3DG20

Be a man, Fasa!


6 Fantasia

Definitely the best Disney movie ever made. And since Chernabog is the reason to be scared of, it deserves to be top 3, Chernabog is the scariest and the best Disney Villain ever made. - asantalo

Four Words: Night on Bald Mountain - egnomac

7 The Fox and the Hound

The first half of the movie is more kid friendly but after both Tod and Copper grow up they are pitted against each other even Big Mama warns Tod that the time will come when Copper will do what Amos has trained him to due which is hunt game, just the scene where Tod and Copper are face to face with each other with a crazed look in their eyes as they go in for the kill. - egnomac

This should be in the top three, or in the top five to say the least. By the middle of the movie to the end, it gets more sadder and sadder, and the themes of the wildlife makes you feel lost. This movie is incredibly good and sad. Probably one of the best Disney films in my opinion.

This was the warning by IMBD, that The Fox & the Hound is sure to be the darkest Disney movie since it first came.

The Fox & the Hound franchise is as old as the best-know Mario franchise which is even more famous than the Mickey Mouse franchise overall.

Pretty sad with an unsatisfactory ending. They’re forced to leave one another after Tod saves Copper from a bear? Wow. I thought they’d be reunited. Pretty sad and depressing.

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8 Toy Story 3

The inner story of this film is full of discrimination. Toys in one room are treated one way and other toys are treated in another. And then there's the incineration scene...

This is my favorite but its kinda dark

The first 2 were not very dark with very few exceptions, but things took a pretty dark turn here with Lotso’s backstory, the reincarnation scene and pretty much the whole last quarter of the film. - 3DG20

Well, latso was pretty evil in this.

9 The Nightmare Before Christmas

It is a little too scary for little scary for little kids but is really really good

This is touchstone.

10 James and the Giant Peach

This movie is a total flop!

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11 Spirited Away
12 Alice In Wonderland (2010)
13 Saving Mr. Banks
14 Frozen

I LOVED this film, but I don't consider it dark.

I don't think this movie is "dark"

I'd love this movie more if there wasn't singing

The evil powers are dark...

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15 Old Yeller
16 Bambi

Despite its cuteness this movie has a couple of dark moments most memorable is the death of Bambi's mom another scene is where a couple of birds are hiding in the grass and one of them starts panicking uncontrollably and flies off and is shot down by the hunters. - egnomac

come on

17 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Evil Queen commands the Huntsman to kill Snow White and if that wasn't enough also wants him to rip out her heart and place it in a chest as proof of her death. - egnomac

18 Pocahontas
19 The Incredibles

This is a VERY dark movie.

20 Brave

This movie is so dark its not even for kids the whole movie about trying to change your fate so of course kids won't like it

The whole movie Dark to be honest Except for the ending

I honestly think brave is the first movie that really empowers women besides Mulan by the way I'm a feminist if you're a guy prepare to get your dick chopped off thanks😽

21 Maleficent
22 Monsters University
23 Big Hero 6

Jeez, the real dark scene was tadashi's death, or the fact the parents are dead (good ol disney) or the fact callaghan was alive and he screwed tadashi's efforts to help him, but this movie otherwise is really not that dark.

24 Something Wicked This Way Comes
25 The Princess and the Frog

Its Dark mostly for the whole Voodoo magic thing. - egnomac

26 Chicken Little
27 The Black Hole

Very underrated movie and pretty dark after you've watched it.

A classic but very Dark with a 2001 Space Odyssey type of ending.

28 The Watcher in the Woods
29 Beauty and the Beast
30 Sleeping Beauty
31 101 Dalmatians

This movie is about killing the puppies and using their furs. So yeah this is dark!

32 Dumbo
33 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
34 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
35 The Great Mouse Detective

It's dark when the bad guy falls to his death

36 Oliver & Company
37 The Little Mermaid

Half naked Ariel, Ursula’s scary laugh, and not to mention Ursula’s own demise? THAT’S HOW DARK IT CAN BE. But still, it’s better than Hans Christian Anderson’s Verizon (that story is horrible). - asantalo

38 Lilo & Stitch
39 Lady and the Tramp
40 Wreck-It Ralph
41 Peter Pan
42 Brother Bear
43 Marvel's The Avengers
44 The Rescuers
45 The Rescuers: Down Under
46 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
47 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
48 The Legend of Tarzan
49 Zootopia
50 Clueless
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