Top 10 Darkest Evanescence/Amy Lee Songs

Evanescence are known for their dark and beautiful sound, a trait that continues into Amy Lee's solo releases. This lost celebrates the dark beauty of their unique sound, from the debut 'Fallen', the gothic 'The Open Door', to the aggressive 'Evanescence' and everything in between, as well as Lee's solo career.

The Top Ten Darkest Evanescence/Amy Lee Songs

1 Haunted
2 Snow White Queen

A deliciously dark and twisted song about an obsession. - phensh23

3 Lacrymosa

A gorgeous, dark and gothic song. - phensh23

4 Missing

There's something so eery about this beautiful tune about a person who has left it all behind, but fears nobody has noticed. - phensh23

5 Like You

Not just your typical "grieving" song, here Lee describes how she will one day be reunited with her late sister.. joining her buried in the ground, "there's room inside for two". - phensh23

"I long to be like you sis, lie cold in the grounds like you did, there’s room inside for two, and I’m not grieving for you...

I’m coming for you..."

This band rules. 6/5 - DCfnaf

6 Lithium

A song about depression, and Lee's relationship with it. - phensh23

7 Tourniquet

A song about suicide is always going to be dark. - phensh23

My god my tourniquet ;)
sometimes hidden parts in the obvious parts

8 The End of the Dream

One of the bands most aggressive tunes, this song is about death and living life to the full before its over. - phensh23

9 Sally's Song

An absolute gem, Amy's cover of the song from "A Nightmare Before Christmas" truly is a dark delight. - phensh23

10 Hello

The Contenders

11 Give Unto Me

So dark and hauntingly beautiful.

By far one of the darkest songs Evanescence have recorded

It has such a dark vibe

12 Even in Death
13 The Only One

Beautifully dark and a fantastic definition of Evanescence's sound. - phensh23

14 My Immortal

My favorite song. - Ilovestephanie

Let’s’s about a girl that thinks she’s seeing the spirit of a relative/loved one whose death traumatized her.

Do I need to say more than that? 6/5 - DCfnaf

15 Imaginary
16 Everybody's Fool
17 Farther Away
18 My Last Breath
19 Lose Control

Just listen to it... - DCfnaf

20 Your Star
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