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Ghost Bride

Pretty terrifying episode of the kids showing up at the cemetery at night to find out if the legend of the ghost bride who murdered her former lover and sister before jumping out the window to her death, Helga plans to trick the boys since they didn't invite her to come along but the tables turn when the real ghost bride shows up who actually turns out to be Curly who was upset that Gerald got to tell the story of the ghost bride they kids punish Curly by tieing him up and locking him in the crypt as he hears someone outside humming the wedding march who turns out to be the real ghost bride. - egnomac

Helga on the Couch

Helga gets send to see a child physiologist and reveals a lot more about her childhood then she planned on how she is constantly ignored by her parents and all their attention went to her older sister Olga, in one scene she pleads with her parents to take her to preschool but ignore her focusing on Olga playing the piano and Helga is forced to walk alone in the rain past a really bad part of town gets mud splashed on her by oncoming cars and gets her lunch stolen by a dog leaving her in a depressed state until Arnold show up and shows her an act of kindness offering her his umbrella. - egnomac

Haunted Train

I've already talked about this one just a brief summary, Grandpa tells Arnold and the rest of the kids about the story of a mad engineer who drove his train off the tracks crashing it and then mysteriously disappearing and that every night on the anniversary the train mysteriously appears to take unexpected bystanders on board and sends them to hell where they are greeted by the devil himself, Helga doesn't believe the story so she, Arnold and Gerald go down to the old train station at night and to their surprise the train shows up and they ends up taking it but find out that it was just the train for the steel mill workers as they realize that grandpa made the whole thing up or so they thought as the episode ends the crazy engineer's ghost appears on the train singing the ballad of when he drove the train off the track as the epsiode ends. - egnomac

Headless Cabbie

The episode opens with Arnold getting mugged by a mugger who steals his bus pass, following this Grandma enrolls Arnold in her self defense class so he can learn to defend himself Arnold becomes a martial artist master but lets his training go to his head though he has learned self defense he still haunted by what happened when he got mugged that he ends up accidentally unleashing his karate skills on unsuspecting people at one point at night he is approached by a stranger and Arnold cuts off his clothes with his karate and the guy explains that he just wanted to know where the bus stop was as he leaves weeping the other people around begin calling out Arnold for his actions and he starts to realize what he's slowly turned himself into. - egnomac

My poor baby arnold got mugged

Weezing Ed
Monkey Business

Mr. Simmons gives a lecture on old world diseases one of them is Monkey nucleosis which causes the victim if come contact with and infected monkey they would develop monkey like behavior which leads to fever, sweating and eventually death, later at the park Helga sees an organ grinder and his dancing monkey who happily latches itself on to Helga giving her a big sloppy kiss on her arm, later Helga starts to feel the symptoms of monkey nucleosis including monkey like behavior sweating and fever and fears for the worst as the final symptom is death later Helga has a nightmare of her turned into a monkey as everyone including Arnold shuns her and she is adopted by the organ grinder where she spends the rest of her life as organ monkey, realizing that the final stage is death Helga invites all of her classmates to give her last goodbyes at one point almost tells Arnold her secret of her crush on him before Phoebe tells her that the disease isn't real and that she's going to live. - egnomac

Pigeon Man

Arnold befriends the Pigeon Man after he heals his bird and introduces him to the outside world and takes him out for pizza while their away Harold and some bullies go up to pigeon man's place and vandalize the place, Arnold and pigeon man return to find his place destroyed as Arnold asks who could have done this and pigeon man tells him that it was people, people who ridicule people like him for being different, originally the episode was going to end with Pigeon man committing suicide by falling off the building to his death and Nickelodeon said no to it feeling it would be too depressing. - egnomac

Phoebe Cheats

Phoebe cheats on an assignment by plagiarizing a poem from a book and submitting it as her own wins an Emily Dickens trophy, after winning and given an opportunity to perform her poem at an assembly her conscience begins to haunt her as the Emily Dickens trophy begins creepily talking to her calling her a cheater she tries getting rid of the trophy but it keeps coming back and continues to haunt her until she finally confesses to Mr. Simmons about cheating on the assignment. - egnomac

Grandpa's Birthday

Grandpa is approaching his 81'st birthday and according to him everyone of his family members have all died at 81 and prepares for his own death while Arnold tries to convince him that he's perfectly healthy and that the whole family curse is just a myth, later Grandpa surrounded by the other boarders, grandma and Arnold as he prepares to die only for Arnold to tell him that his father and grandfather actually died at 91 not 81 and this gets grandpa to remember that the family curse is 91 not 81 as grandpa celebrates his new lease on life. - egnomac

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