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1 Coraline

Totally dark for a kids movie! - PandasNGaga

Could not sleep for WEEKS!

I watched this when I was 12, and I got nightmares for 2 days. This is scary as hell

I like this movie, best scary cartoon movie ever! like coraline sense I was 7 year old.

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2 The Nightmare Before Christmas

When you see the title, it may look dark, but it's actually a really cute and good movie. - PandasNGaga

It's a little dark but compared to coralline my god coralline is way creepier film but I like that I want kids films to have a little of a dark edge but 100 percent dark like silence of the lambs or anything, but yeah this a good film I don't why but watch mojo ranked as number two on the other top ten creepy kids movies.

This isn't dark! Just because its set in Halloween town! The only creepy part is Oogie Boogie being made out of bugs! But its still a good movie

It's not really a "dark" film, it isn't scary at all - Myuuu

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3 Monster House

This never scared me. The only part that got to me was when he was dreaming while that phone was ringing. Everything else was fine. I've seemed to have only been freaked out by Coraline on this list...

It's strange because nothing in this list ever scared me as a child except monster house.

Scared me to death when I was little. Now it still creeps me out. Despite that, it's one of my favorite animated movies

What really scared me is when the house was standing up and chasing the kids and the other guy. What disgusted me was that Bones was a real pervert. - LaST_LiGHT

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4 James and the Giant Peach

All the bashing for this on the site needs to stop! I love this and it is way scarier than Paranormal Craptivity. - 445956

Lol, this movie was awful. 2/10 - AlphaQ

not scary

5 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The villain alone earned my vote. Frollo is creepy. - Cyri

Even though I don't love this film, it's a brilliant piece of animation. I think it is the darkest kids' movie as even though there are a group of comical gargoyles featured, themes of death, redemption, friendship and lust. At one point, the villain actually sings a song about how he wants to rape Esmerelda!

Wow no wonder this movie sucks

I agree with everybody on the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The movie suggests murder and it has a dark undertone to it. There are all these hidden dark messages in the movie.

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6 The Secret of NIMH

This is not too similar to the book, but I like it nonetheless. - Cyri

Not too similar too the book at the end, but amazing nonetheless. It manages to have a darker tone that does the original story justice. - Cyri

One of the best animated, no, one of the best movies of all time. The internal conflicts of the characters, the dark atmosphere and overall gloomy moments makes this movie quite intense, and it's complicated plot may be too difficult for younger kids to understand, but it's overall a great movie for people looking for an animated movie for older kids and adults.

Some of the characters look terrifying especially the owl and the old guy. I don't get why it has a G Rating. - CharismaticKat

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7 The Black Cauldron

I love The Horned King

When I was a kid and watched it for the first time I was so scared I couldn't sleep well for weeks. My mum still feels bad about letting me watch this 😄

8 Poltergeist

Its not that scary. But it's not for kids. Before we watched it my mom told me it was scarier than most scary movies I've seen. True.

I mean it is rated PG so id say its for older kids, if they feel like getting fqed up

This is NOT a kids movie! Take it off now! It has a guy's face being peeled off!

This is a grown ups movie you idiot

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9 All Dogs Go to Heaven

I've seen a couple of the movies on the list, surprisingly. - Cyri

Its sad. When I was like 7 or 6 I cried

It's about dogs dying

Darkest movie about dogs, but it is actually a really good movie. - Bluejay3

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10 Babe: Pig In the City

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11 The Land Before Time

Probably the darkest dinosaur movie, Sharp tooth (the T-Rex) was surprisingly very terrifying! Some scenes were also very sad and even depressing and it has an overall dark atmosphere throughout. But it's a great movie with beautiful music and immensely likable protagonists. - Bluejay3

I love this movie it's not scary at all

12 Watership Down

Why is it so low, this should be number 1.

This should not be a kid's movie. - Cyri

Why is this number 12, it has a lot of blood and violence

Just watch this classic movie and see. It's very deep and spiritual on many levels, and generally a legit classic, but it is also disturbing and gory for a kid's movie about seemingly cute little bunny rabbits.

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13 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is so much better. This one is pretty dark. - PandasNGaga

It really scared me when I was a kid! Especially when you see the boy who becomes very long. I couldn't sleep for days!

Watched this when I went to visit my cousin. And a bunch of my little cousins friends came over to visit (the cousin and their friends are all like 6 year olds) and they laughed at the movie. So not that scary at all. - Lunala

I got scared when Violet turned into a huge violet balloon and when the fat kid gets stuck in the tube. I thought he drowned after being in all that chocolate. - LaST_LiGHT

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14 Return to Oz

Between the shock therapy and the Hall of Heads, definitely a dark and disturbing movie. - PandasNGaga

The pumpkin head freaked me out. What really freaked me out was the hall of heads! I was like what? - LaST_LiGHT

She has a freaking hall of HEADS!

This was based on the books, and it seems cool!

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15 The Adventures of Mark Twain
16 Spirited Away

This does not derive to be on this list

They may be nothing creepy about it but it still kicks ass.

This needs to make it to the top ten. - Discord1

17 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

I like the show and this films, but this shouldn't be for kids - 445956

18 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter stopped being just kid's entertainment at the third movie. The books were always for all ages. - Cyri

Yeah the title says half blood so yeah its not like it sounds family friendly.

This is not a kids movie I couldn't watch it until I was 10

Not for kids

19 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This movie is not scary at all! At least in my opinion. I mean, there is dying and assassin. But that is what makes the movie what it is. If you still think this movie is scary you should read the book first, then it will seem less scary. I used to be scared of Harry Potter and the Socerers Stone, but I read the book, and once I finished the book I was able to watch the movie without being scared. So parents, have your children read the book first instead of watching the movie first, it will help a lot.

This is a scary movie kids should not watch this

After Sirius Black dies the HP movies get darker. This is an exception. At the start of the film we see skulls which represent death and Harry Potty twerking. - AlphaQ

20 Small Soldiers
21 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

I know a lot of people think Tim burtons charlie and the chocolate factory is creepier movie well yeah it may be a little disturbing but when you really get down to it this ones creepier ok I'm not gonna explain everything because I know a few people know about the theories but yeah it's so disturbing that I disagree with a lot of people who think the bad remake is the more disturbing, but I think we can all agree that this is better than the Tim burton but am not saying he's a bad film maker or anything I mean I like films like the dark batman movies also nightmare before Christmas and beetlejuice all that stuff but remember he did do the 2010 live action version of Alice in wonderland so yeah he was doing some pretty painful remakes for while but I'm sure there's a lot of painful remakes out there that are worse also one of the reasons why I thought the original was better was because it was more colorful but I know that's Tim burtons thing and all so I'm not gonna complain about ...more

Wonka is crazy. - Cyri

I don’t fine this movie really dark all except for that tunnel scene which still gives me the creeps even today.

This movie is down right twisted. - VADERtheIMPALER

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22 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

This is not often considered a kids movie, but I still agree. - Extractinator04

23 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

17? This should be somewhere down in the top 10 list! It's the darkest Harry Potter movie of the entire series.

No the last one is.

Not scary at all

24 Pinocchio

It's a movie based off a really deranged, dark and twisted book. The movies dark to, but OH MY LORD. The book's just sadistic!

A movie that's dark, but the book is even dark.

This is a fantastic movie. It scares the crap out of me though...

The part when the kid turns into a donkey, freaked me out, man. - LaST_LiGHT

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25 Gremlins

If you get scared easily, you probably shouldn't watch this movie. - PandasNGaga

I don't really recommend children's movies that teach kids that it's okay to put animals in dangerous mechanical kitchen appliances

Gremlins 2 The New Batch may be calm and tame, but this sequel still has scary moments and a terrifying character that turns into a giant half orb weaver spider half gremlin abomination after drinking a magic potion.

Gremlins 2 The New Batch is way more scary than this crud seriously it could give you nightmares for the rest of your life

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26 Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island

Really Scooby doo, that most mean she's scared of the live action movies too.

Agreed my sister cried in this and she's 14

27 Disney's a Christmas Carol

This film scared me so much when I was little

28 Jumanji

This movies not creepy at all.

Love that movie

29 The Polar Express

That scene with the cart of abandoned toys always creeped me out, - Turkeyasylum

30 Frankenweenie

More sad than creepy. - Cyri

Absolutely LOVE this movie. Sad though and a little creepy.

It really scared me and my friend we did the opposite of recommending it we talked people out of watching it we were so afraid we wish we never heard or saw the movie/preview we wish it never existed

Love it but sad

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31 Toy Story 3

The first two Toy Story movies were pretty good. But this one, it's so dark! The toys almost die! Not to mention, there can be some pretty sad parts. - PandasNGaga

The first two were so light you could fly in those. This was filled with an evil teddy bear, that smells like strawberries, which are red and what else is red? The story is about abandonment and prison. I watched this at school and I felt like I saw a gory animation.

Toy Story 2 ended quite well, why did they need to make another?

One scene the incinerator


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32 Matilda

I mean this movie is literally about child abuse don't believe me watch it yourself.

Child abuse - LaST_LiGHT

33 Antz

Nobody mentions this one. I don't see why. There is a battle where you get to see brutal deaths (by ant and termite kid's movie standards) - Cyri

34 Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton threw away the rulebook on this one, with dark scenery, awesome effects and a certain burtonesque tinge to all the evil characters - CrowdedChisel

Well in my opinion this version sucked it had lazy writing made all the characters uninteresting and I didn't find any thing imaginative.

Tim Burton gave his own twist on it, and I like it


35 The Witches

Why is this a kid's movie if it has a scene where she peels her face off? - LaST_LiGHT

It's just a disturbing mess of a movie.

This movie is scary because it has a witch peel her face off

This movie scared the hell out of me.

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36 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry sticks a sword up a snakes mouth and then it shows blood all over it

This was supposed to be a kids film, its so dark - roblist

37 The Dark Crystal

This movie is dark and the fact that it was made by the same guy who did Sesame Street and the muppets Jim Henson was his name and I think the reason why he made this was because he didn't want all his films to be all bright and colorful or too happy and go lucky and I agree I think kids films need a little bit of a dark edge but not too much and don't listen to the guys who say kids can't handle darkness, well little kids who are like 5 maybe but kids above yeah I think some of them will be ok and the creator Jim Henson I think went on to do labyrinth that's also one of those old dark children films and the puppets in that film are just as disturbing as the puppets in this film or even creepier and it has the late David Bowie and yeah you should check it out it's a pretty good film it's also on this list oh yeah let me tell why this film is dark A the puppets are creepy and want to rule the world B one of human animatronics gets slaughtered but there isn't really any gore or anything ...more

The puppets freak me out.

38 The Plague Dogs

Two dog surviving in England where they also eat one man.

39 The Brave Little Toaster

I think this should be higher. I mean, come on, many characters die onscreen, and even three of the main characters nearly die at certain points!

It may sound like a movie like Care Bears but it's not this movie actually pretty dark the clown is creepy.

Such a dark movie. FOR A TOASTER! - Pony

This is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
times darker than monster house!

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40 Night at the Museum

I'll have you know that Night at the Museum is NOT a scary movie, unless you write your own story about it. You better take this off this list, or I will SLAP you SILLY!

This is a wonderful movie, and not dark. Not scary at all. Unless you are little, and scared of the T-rex. - TheWolfLover

41 9

This is a cool and underrated movie. - Cyri

Forget saying the movie Coraline is dark because THIS IS THE DARKEST ANIMATED FILM OF ALL TIME, THIS MOVIE SHOULD BE AT NUMBER 1!

Definitely freaky. 5/9 characters died in this.

42 Corpse Bride

Just as dark as films like coralline and the nightmare before Christmas the reason why is because they are all by the same creator obviously!

Well DUH. Why can't this be number 1 or 2? - LaST_LiGHT

The movie was very dark.

43 Fantasia
44 Frozen

How the hell is frozen dark?!

Can someone tell me why is this here - LaST_LiGHT

Number one how is it dark? Number two why is it rated PG?

45 Brave
46 Inside Out

It's not dark, it's deep

Out of all the dark kid movies out there seriously this your kidding right?!

This is not dark at all. Only a stupid kid thinks that

It's not dark who the hell in the world will think that's movie is dark it's just stupid

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47 Paul Blart: Mall Cop

What how is this dark whoever put this on the list is nether high or just plain stupid.

Wow... This shouldn't even be on the list

This is not dark at all - Sparkjolt

Maybe because of the hostages? besides that, it's not dark.

48 The Goonies

This should be in top 10. Some parts are really dark and it's a kids movie. - MaxPap

This was quite dark

49 Stand By Me

the entire plot is about a group of kids going to see a dead body. Stephen King wrote it too... need I say more? - VADERtheIMPALER

How is this a kids movie? It's rated R!

50 Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

You idiot bad guys don't kill kids and the Star Wars franchise is a classic movie series whether it's the prequels or the sequels it will always remain a classic in our hearts

Star Wars is not for kids, it's too violent, kids get killed in those movies by bad guys, it's for teens and up. - nelsonerica

Darkiest of the Triolgy at the same time the worst - ss1oooz

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