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41 Inside Out

Out of all the dark kid movies out there seriously this your kidding right?!

It's not dark who the hell in the world will think that's movie is dark it's just stupid

This is not dark at all. Only a stupid kid thinks that

It's not dark, it's deep

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42 The Goonies

This should be in top 10. Some parts are really dark and it's a kids movie. - MaxPap

This was quite dark

43 Spirited Away

They may be nothing creepy about it but it still kicks ass.

This does not derive to be on this list

This needs to make it to the top ten. - Discord1

44 Lady in White

It's very dark and its underrated. - Fandomstuck

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45 Stand By Me

the entire plot is about a group of kids going to see a dead body. Stephen King wrote it too... need I say more? - VADERtheIMPALER

How is this a kids movie? It's rated R!

46 Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

You idiot bad guys don't kill kids and the Star Wars franchise is a classic movie series whether it's the prequels or the sequels it will always remain a classic in our hearts

Star Wars is not for kids, it's too violent, kids get killed in those movies by bad guys, it's for teens and up. - nelsonerica

Darkiest of the Triolgy at the same time the worst - ss1oooz

47 Brave
48 Scared Shrekless

"We will chop off your head, and then laugh when you're dead! - RalphBob

49 Hotel Transylvania 2

Dumbass dumbass how is hotel Transylvania movies dark I can tell you have never seen any children films from the 80s and 90s they were dark if you see movies like dark crystal secret of Nimh return to oz little monsters and stuff like that then you will know what dark movies for kids are, and besides those movies are hilarious

I like the original Hotel Transylvania, but this one is WAY too dark for me

50 Finding Nemo
51 The Incredibles

This is one of my favorite movies ever but it's SOOO dark. It has genocide - Username123

52 Cars 2

This is so disturbing.

I had nightmares for days when I saw these vehicles with eyes!

Not recommended for kids until they're 12+ - tent2

Come on guys really cars 2 out of all the creepy kids films.

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53 Paul Blart: Mall Cop

What how is this dark whoever put this on the list is nether high or just plain stupid.

Wow... This shouldn't even be on the list

This is not dark at all - Sparkjolt

Maybe because of the hostages? besides that, it's not dark.

54 Foodfight! V 1 Comment
55 Where the Dead Go to Die

This doesn't even look like a kids flick to me.

This needs to be in the top tens

Why isn't this on the top ten?

56 Antz
57 Mars Needs Moms V 2 Comments
58 Kubo and the Two Strings V 1 Comment
59 Son of the Mask

The visuals are creepy, execpt for Masked Otis.

60 9
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