Top Ten Darkest Lists We'll Never See On This Site

The Top Ten

1 Best Blunt Objects To Hit Yourself With
2 10 Reasons Your Parents Hate You
3 Reasons Why A Blind Dog Can Make A Better List Than Most Of Us
4 Most Painful Objects To Shove Up Your Arse

I tried to make this list before but it didn't get approved - bobbythebrony

5 Best Gibberish Words Of All Time

I think this list would be popular! - Britgirl

6 Reasons Why You Should Kick A Dog For Fun

No. Just no and never. If there is an old dog at my school the kids kick it for no reason and I'm like stop but if it was a puppy they are nice (if they are mean to cookie they dead) - AnonymousChick

If you make such a list, you probably shouldn't be here. - PositronWildhawk

Um, animal abuse?!? - Catacorn

7 Top 10 Reasons To Jump Off A Building
8 Best Ways To Make A Baby Cry

The thing that there is "Best" written there, no one will approve that list. - Kiteretsunu

9 How To Convince Aliens That Your Parents Want To Be Taken Away In A UFO
10 Top Ten Best Types Of Human Dung

The Contenders

11 Top 10 Ways To Sexually Abuse Your Children
12 Top 10 Reasons To Be Racist

This list would be so controversial. - Catacorn

13 Top Ten Ways To Kill Puppies For Fun

What the heck? NO! NO NEVER - AnonymousChick

That's totally against the ASPCA!

NEVER! NEVER! - Catacorn

14 Top 10 Sexual Fetishes You Should Try Out


15 Top 10 Way to Murder Your Grandparents
16 Top Ten Users To Hate

I would request for the list to get off if someone made it. - Turkeyasylum

This will not be approved, but very dark! - funnyuser

17 Ten Ten Reasons to Dislike a TopTenner
18 Top Ten Ways to End Yourself
19 Top 10 Signs That Your Wife Is Cheating On You With Me
20 Top Ten Butt Cheeks
21 Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Commit Suicide
22 Top Ten Signs I'm Better Than Jesus
23 Top Ten Things That Aren't Weapons But Can Be Used As Weapons

Easy :) A spoon. A Potato. A pen. A football. I think I might make this. - letdot52

24 Top 10 Ways to Please Satan
25 Reasons To Become a Nihilist
26 Top 10 Songs to Play While You're Being Raped
27 Top 10 Ways to Kill and Torture Animals
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