Darkest Observations About Life

This list is pretty dark, if you have chronic depression, please don't view this. Look for some better lists.

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1 The life you live now is a desire for several others.

Everyone in our country strives super hard to fulfill their easy needs. Bad things happen to people, things beyond anyone's control. Nobody has the resources to manage their lives. Nobody has family and friends who care about them. So the next time you crib about getting late for work, remember that you are more fortunate than anyone else. - Extractinator04

2 If you have a lot of friends, you have a lot of trouble.

Eventually, you realize that if you have no friends, that is good for you. It is extremely difficult to please everyone, and importantly, expectations backfire. It is good to keep your distance from everyone, so you do not lose your cool later. - Extractinator04

3 We do not see stuff as it is. We see things as we are.
4 We are always in a hurry but never on time.

We always need to get somewhere, and we need to reach it speedily. But the truth of the matter is that it is impossible to multitask all the time. There will be a day when it will not be possible to do everything. So take it slow and relax! - Extractinator04

5 Social media is about psychology, not technology.

Social media is all about lying, and who lies better. It is a game we all love playing, and we have become masterminds at it too. - Extractinator04

6 Everyone is selfish.

We talk to people we need to talk to. We go out of our way only for those people who we think our worth it. Simply, our actions revolve around our love and hate. So how are we not selfish? - Extractinator04

7 Everyone will hate you if you be yourself.

That is the reason pleasing everyone is the most basic way to wreck things. - Extractinator04

8 Everyone chooses the correct option. It's subjective.

This is a truth we never acknowledge. We are so full of ourselves and our version of the correct option, we ignore everyone else's opinions. Remember that everyone, including your colleagues, think that they are doing the right thing. - Extractinator04

9 Nobody will ever understand you.

Do not expect people to understand you. Understand yourself, and understand those around you. Only then can you expect people to relate to you. - Extractinator04

You’re absolutely correct.


10 Everyone has valid reasons to hate you.

You are not the only one who has the right to hate people. Fellow humans are also entitled to their thoughts. And if they are not fond of you, you must deal with it. Depressingly, we all live to believe that the world revolves around us. But it does not. - Extractinator04

I know

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