Top Ten Darkest Pixar Movies

It's already November 1st 2017, only 21 days left 'til Coco is released in theaters in the US (sadly since I live in Sweden I have to wait until February 2018 for it to get released in theaters but whatever). AND Halloween has just ended, so let's mix these things, and make the list "Top Ten Darkest Pixar Movies" With Halloween ended and Coco almost released in theaters.

The Top Ten

1 Toy Story 3

Toy story 3 had some really dark moments. Lotso’s story, Kindergarten was turned into some kind of concentration camp.

This movie had quite a few dark scenes, with Lotso’s story and the incinerator scene being some of the major ones. - 3DG20

I thought it was Pixars weakest movie, but it was thankfully one of the darkest Pixar movies with a pretty evil antanogist, Lotso, the pink dictator bear. When Andy ges to college, his mom accidently transfers his toys to Sunnyside, a daycare, the leader of all toys is Lotso, he might seem cute and cuddly on the outside, but inside, he's a ruthless, killing machine! And at the end where Lotso left the toys to die, so dark! - darthvadern

This wasn't "weak" at all... at least not in my opinion. Like @darthvadern said, they turned daycare and made it prison run by a dictator... and he smells like strawberries. He pretty much:
1) Tricks main characters into thinking Daycare is great
2) Locks them into a nightmare
3) Nearly kills them multiple times
4) Brainwashes their closest friend
5) Ends up being stuck to the front of a garbage truck for... pretty much forever.


I never thought I'd be typing about my opinions on a movie with a plush pink/purple bear that's a dictator and smells like strawberries that turned a daycare into prison, and also nearly murdered OTHER toys in a ' garbage dump. But here we are, so... - mattstat716

2 The Incredibles

Bob and Helen seemed to be on the verge of divorce. Potential Robin took a darker turn and killed all competition.Bob is our everyday reminder of mundane workplace heck yeah this is the darkest one

This should be number 1, and no, I do NOT like Screen Rant (They are blabbering on about how this is the darkest Pixar movie) - 445956

The villian gets grinded ALIVE by a plane engine, enough said, plus the villian kills so many superheroes in the movie! The villian is pretty butthurt and annoying, but also a genius! - darthvadern

The only "dark" parts are
A) Dead superheroes (oh come on, every superhero dies eventually.)
and B) The main villain being shredded by a plane.

...okay maybe it's a bit darker than I thought when you think about it.
BUT, It did give us one of the funniest lines (at the time).

"WHERE'S MY SUPER SUIT?! " - mattstat716

3 Cars 2

Rated G yeah right

I really think Cars 2 is the second darkest Pixar movie, I remember before Cars 3 was released, everyone thought it would be the darkest of the franchise, after watching that movie, I thought it didn't really have a dark tone, the beggining was pretty dark but that's just it, Cars 2 however s defintly the darkest in the franchise, as well as one of the darkest Pixar movies, with so good action and dark moments and dark lines, like when they killed a good guy near the beggining, overall think it's one of the darkest Pixar movies. - darthvadern

4 The Good Dinosaur

When Arlo loes his father, so sad! - darthvadern

5 Up

One of the saddest Pixar movies of all time too! - darthvadern

6 Brave

Both emotional and prety dark! Brave is one of the weaker Pixar movies, but I still loved it because of how well-done and dark it managed to be! - darthvadern

7 A Bug's Life

It's suprising how a movie about ants and insects can be one of the darkest movies by Pixar, Hopper, the leader of the evil grasshoppers wants to ruöe Ant Island and beacome the Hitler of bugs. Now that's pretty dark! - darthvadern

8 Inside Out

This should be top 5. It deals with stress and depression - wren6

9 Incredibles 2

A lot creepier than dark, but yes - darthvadern

10 Monsters, Inc.

Sully was killed

The Contenders

11 Coco

Guy murders his best friend for fame - codgtamk34

Terrible movie and dark too

12 Toy Story 2
13 Toy Story

I'd put this at number 1. The Incredibles looks childish not dark.

It’s not one of their darkest movies, but I thought the scene from the first night at Sid’s house was pretty dark. - 3DG20

14 Monsters University
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