Darkest Sounding Slipknot Songs

The Top Ten Darkest Sounding Slipknot Songs

1 Danger - Keep Away
2 Iowa

Had to add. Why wasn't this here already? - HeavyMetalHero

3 Scissors
4 Be Prepared for Hell

The negative one was dark too, but this short song comes just before it on the fifth album. What a creepy intro to come before though.

5 Left Behind
6 All Hope is Gone
7 Psychosocial
8 (515)
9 The Virus of Life
10 Diluted

The Contenders

11 Tattered and Torn
12 Goodbye
13 Dead Memories
14 XIX

This one was dark for sure

This is their darkest
It sounds so awesome and perfect

15 Killpop
16 Vermilion
17 Snuff
18 People = S**t
19 Purity
20 Prosthetics
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