Top 10 Darkest Videos That We May Never See On YouTube

The Top Ten
1 How to Kill Puppies for Fun

This is just animal cruelty

You may regret it if you post videos like this - The69thSnowmanOnEarth

2 Top 10 Ways to Kill a Snowman

As a snowman like CerealGuy I would say indeed I am scared of it - The69thSnowmanOnEarth

3 Animal Sacrifice in Aztec Style

I don't want a pug to get killed - The69thSnowmanOnEarth

4 Clown Kills Everything
5 The Biggest Balls Ever
6 Collection of Justin Bieber Songs Backward
7 The Most Racist Video Ever
8 The Real Squidward Suicide Episode
9 Showing Hitler Penis

I don't know what would the number of perverts would look like - The69thSnowmanOnEarth

10 The Very First Pipweed Video
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