Top Ten Best Darkwing Duck Episodes

Darkwing Duck is a 1991 American animated TV series about Drake Mallard, an anthropomorphic duck who fights crime with his superhero alter ego Darkwing Duck.
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1 Time and Punishment

Darkest and most thought provoking episode yet. Gosalyn's death hardens DW into a ruthless, violent, coldhearted dictator in the name of law and order.

2 Just Us Justice Ducks (Part 1-2)

An awesome episode with Nega Duck along with Darkwing's other villains Megavolt, Bushroot, Quackerjack and Liquidator combining forces to take ST. Canard and dispose of all the cops and SHUSH headquarters leaving only Drakwing, Morgana, Gizmoduck, Stegmutt and Neptunia to deal with them but because of Darkwing's selfishness he doesn't want their help and wants to stop him himself so he can get all the credit which proves to mistake as he's easily taken out by them as do the others who get captured eventually they all decide to actually work together and succeed in bringing down the villains and in a very funny moment while on top of the building Nega Duck threatens to push the button that would destroy ST. Canard and then decides to press it anyway and they all shout "NO" and he gets pushed off the building by their "NO" screams and falls.

Easily the #1 best episode of the series

3 Darkly Dawns the Duck (Part 1-2)

The two part pilot that sees Darkwing Duck attempting to take down Tarus Bulba whose secretly operating from behind bars and has stolen a special weapon that requires the code to operate which only Goslyan an orphan knows the code and Darkwing has to protect her from Bulba and his gang.

Pilot episode

4 Life, the Negaverse and Everything

Darkwing Duck's version of Mirror Mirror, and it's just as awesome

I like the friendly 4

5 Beauty and the Beet

The episode that introduces Dr. Reginald Bushroot a scientist who just wants to make the world a better place for both duckkind and plants but his experiments are ridiculed by his collogues who mock his experiments he later subjects himself to his own experiment which results into him becoming a half duck half plant hybrid who can communicate with plants and uses his new powers to get back at those who ridiculed him leading to Darkwing Duck and Launchpad to stop him.

6 Night of the Living Spud

A funny and yet creepy episode Bushroot attempts to create a beautiful bride for himself and in a bizare turn of events he ends up creating a vampire potato who starts transforming people into mindless zombies and Drakwing has to stop it, funniest thing is they defeat it by while shaking Bushroot around after one of the truckers from earlier says he needs to say Potato backwards while shaking the pollen of a very specific plant only he literary has to say "Potato Backwards"

7 Jail Bird

Very interesting episode in which Negaduck absorbs the powers of every other villain

8 A Brush with Oblivion

All those varying art styles make this episode the most complex and interesting of all

9 Tiff of the Titans

Darkwing and Gizmoduck battle over a flood of eggs

10 Twin Beaks

pretty much because bushroot not really a villain

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11 Comic Book Capers

It's funny how everyone's unique style makes the plot convoluted

12 Negaduck

The origin story of Negaduck!

13 Steerminator
14 Easy Comes, Easy Grows
15 When Aliens Collide

Goslyan and Honker come across an alien named Wakko who they think is good but later turns out to be a wanted criminal who is pursued by the galactic police.

16 It's a Wonderful Leaf
17 Clash Reunion

We finally see DW and Megavolt's origin stories

18 The Quiverwing Quack
19 Dry Hard
20 The Incredible Bulk
21 Film Flam
22 Duck Blind
23 Bad Tidings
24 Disguise the Limit
25 Paraducks
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