Top Ten Best Darkwing Duck Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Time and Punishment
2 Darkly Dawns the Duck (Part 1-2)
3 Just Us Justice Ducks (Part 1-2)

An awesome episode with Nega Duck along with Darkwing's other villains Megavolt, Bushroot, Quackerjack and Liquidator combining forces to take ST. Canard and dispose of all the cops and SHUSH headquarters leaving only Drakwing, Morgana, Gizmoduck, Stegmutt and Neptunia to deal with them but because of Darkwing's selfishness he doesn't want their help and wants to stop him himself so he can get all the credit which proves to mistake as he's easily taken out by them as do the others who get captured eventually they all decide to actually work together and succeed in bringing down the villains and in a very funny moment while on top of the building Nega Duck threatens to push the button that would destroy ST. Canard and then decides to press it anyway and they all shout "NO" and he gets pushed off the building by their "NO" screams and falls. - egnomac

4 Life, the Negaverse and Everything
5 Beauty and the Beet
6 Jail Bird
7 Steerminator
8 The Quiverwing Quack
9 Twin Beaks
10 In Like Blunt

The Contenders

11 Trading Faces
12 Paraducks
13 Negaduck
14 Fungus Amongus
15 The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain
16 Twitching Channels
17 Getting Antsy
18 Night of the Living Spud

A funny and yet creepy episode Bushroot attempts to create a beautiful bride for himself and in a bizare turn of events he ends up creating a vampire potato who starts transforming people into mindless zombies and Drakwing has to stop it, funniest thing is they defeat it by while shaking Bushroot around after one of the truckers from earlier says he needs to say Potato backwards while shaking the pollen of a very specific plant only he literary has to say "Potato Backwards" - egnomac

19 Battle of the Brainteasers
20 Clash Reunion
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