Top 10 Dave Mustaine Vocal Performances

I know everyone hates his vocals, but here’s a list of the songs in which he does best.

The Top Ten

1 Peace Sells

The vocals in this song are also very unintentionally funny, like a lot of Megadeth songs.

This song and Angry Again are the only songs where I think his vocals are good, the rest of the songs range from Ok to awful - christangrant

I would second christangrant - this song and Angry Again are among the several songs where I have no problem with listening to the entire song. - Metal_Treasure

2 Last Rites / Loved to Deth
3 Mechanix

His vox are OK here but I still prefer James Hetfield vox AND lyrics to The Four Horsemen (music of these two songs is the same) - Metal_Treasure

4 Angry Again
5 Sweating Bullets

Only because this song is so unintentionally funny

I am OK with this because he basically just speaks for the most part. - Metal_Treasure

6 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

The intro to this song is probably my most favorite metal intro of all time. But Dave starts giving me a hard time from the opening line (though it isn't the worst by him):
"Brother will kill brother
Spilling blood across the land" - Metal_Treasure

7 Cold Sweat

Thin Lizzy cover, his vox are pretty good - Metal_Treasure

8 My Last Words
9 Take No Prisoners
10 Looking Down the Cross

The Contenders

11 Wake Up Dead
12 Hangar 18

So VICIOUS. His vocal sharpness harkens back to Araya in "South of Heaven". Every syllable just slices into your core. You almost feel an extension of his disgust in the "Military intelligence" part. Legendary performance that stands with "In My Darkest Hour" as not only one of his best vocals, but as one of metal's greatest vocalists, ever.

13 Trust
14 Symphony of Destruction

Nah. When he starts singing this part it isn't good "Just like the Pied Piper..."
Give a listen to Paul DiAnno's cover and you will hear how vox should be. - Metal_Treasure

15 A Toute Le Monde

I actually think this is one of his worst... Don't kill me. I know that liking his vox is an acquired taste and I got used to his vocals to some extent. But in this song he sounds like a constipated person with painful bowel movements trying to sing in the bathroom (except for the "ah ah ah" part). - Metal_Treasure

16 Head Crusher
17 In My Darkest Hour
18 Promises
19 Return to Hangar
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