Top Ten David Gilmour Solo Songs

The Top Ten

1 On an Island On an Island

One of his best solos, especially the live version at the Royal Albert Hall.

2 Out of the Blue

Very emotional and powerful song. in my humble opinion the best Daves solo song by far.

"Out of the blue on the wings of a dove
A messenger comes, with the beating of drums
It's not a message of love"

3 Murder

From quiet acoustic part to hard prog electric guitar. Impressive!

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4 Faces of Stone Faces of Stone
5 There's No Way Out of Here There's No Way Out of Here

Great from Start to Finish, up there in both Gilmour's solo work and Pink Floyd as a whole.

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6 Rattle That Lock Rattle That Lock
7 Smile Smile
8 In Any Tongue In Any Tongue

Best guitar solo of the 2000's.

9 Take a Breath Take a Breath
10 Castellorizon Castellorizon

The Newcomers

? A Pocketful of Stones A Pocketful of Stones
? Where We Start Where We Start
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The Contenders

11 The Blue The Blue
12 Love On the Air
13 This Heaven This Heaven
14 I Can't Breathe Anymore I Can't Breathe Anymore
15 So Far Away So Far Away
16 Near the End

I'm the biggest fan of David Gilmour he is the best guitarist ever I seem him live over 14 times and love every song I think murder IS awesome and wish you were here snd animal's shows how great he is shine on Dave Boston loves you I hope you tour again please come to Boston we missed on a island last time thanks for all the great songs and you are# 1 John O'Brien Quincy mass

17 Marooned V 1 Comment
18 Let's Get Metaphysical
19 Cry from the Street Cry from the Street
20 A Boat Lies Waiting A Boat Lies Waiting
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