Top Ten David Gilmour Solo Songs

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1 On an Island

Really neat song. Sounds like the marching hammers from the wall.

One of his best solos, especially the live version at the Royal Albert Hall.

Top 3 favorite solo's of Gilmour's...along with Comfortably Numb (of course) and The Division Bell. Gorgeous song...wonderful harmony vocals. Add in Richard Wright's distinctive keyboards creating that Pink Floyd-esque soundscape and you have classic David Gilmour!

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2 Murder

From quiet acoustic part to hard prog electric guitar. Impressive!

Great tribute to John Lenon

3 There's No Way Out of Here

Great from Start to Finish, up there in both Gilmour's solo work and Pink Floyd as a whole.

Awesome song

This song is just beautiful.

Brilliant song, it's capturing...

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4 Faces of Stone UListen to Sample
5 In Any Tongue

The live version from Pompeii is incredible, one of his very best and one of my favorites.

Best guitar solo of the 2000's.

It should be in top three. It has amazing concept and lyric. and the solo at the end is breathtaking. - douknowtanveer

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6 Out of the Blue

Dave' best solo song

Very emotional and powerful song. in my humble opinion the best Daves solo song by far.

"Out of the blue on the wings of a dove
A messenger comes, with the beating of drums
It's not a message of love"

7 Rattle That Lock

What the heck? Why is the amazing Rattle that Lock at 7? This is his best for sure. Very catchy.

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8 Take a Breath UListen to Sample
9 Smile

"I'll make my getaway
Time on my own
Search for a better way
To find my way home
To your smile."

This song is definition of beauty.

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10 Castellorizon UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 The Blue

Def one of his best poetic songs.the lyrics are subtle and the solo breathtaking.

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12 Near the End

This is such a brilliant song, awesome solo! Great lyrics too!

Do yourself a favor and listen to this song.. it has an acoustic part and the soaring climactic david gilmour wails at the end

I'm the biggest fan of David Gilmour he is the best guitarist ever I seem him live over 14 times and love every song I think murder IS awesome and wish you were here snd animal's shows how great he is shine on Dave Boston loves you I hope you tour again please come to Boston we missed on a island last time thanks for all the great songs and you are# 1 John O'Brien Quincy mass

13 Love On the Air
14 This Heaven

Why isn’t this higher? This is probably the best song on On An Island!

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15 So Far Away UListen to Sample
16 A Boat Lies Waiting

Beautiful tribute to Richard Wright.

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17 I Can't Breathe Anymore UListen to Sample
18 Marooned

That's a Pink Floyd song which he co-wrote with Richard Wright.

19 Where We Start UListen to Sample
20 5 A.M.

The most surreal and pieceful song. Combined with And Then.. its one of the most beautiful compositions I've heard

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21 Let's Get Metaphysical
22 Cry from the Street UListen to Sample
23 All Lovers are Deranged UListen to Sample
24 Short and Sweet UListen to Sample
25 You Know I'm Right UListen to Sample
26 A Pocketful of Stones UListen to Sample
27 Cruise UListen to Sample
28 Today
29 Blue Light

Great song from About Face, one of his best.

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