Top Ten Days That Changed America


The Top Ten

1 9/11/2001

This certainly changed everything. It upped airport security and border protection was strengthened. - Minecraftcrazy530

America was never the same.

Post-9/11 world now: SECURITY EVERYWHERE YOU GO. - Metalhead1997

2 12/07/1941

Great list! I might change the order of a couple of them, but it is unfortunate that today's education system means that very few readers will even know what they represent.

"A day that will live in infamy." - Metalhead1997

3 7/20/1969

Over the long, long course of hundreds of thousands of years of future history, this will prove to be the most important date in the history of mankind.

4 11/22/1963

Stephen King wrote an amazing novel that outlines how history might have changed if it had not happened, sometimes even bad things happen for a reason.

5 7/4/1776

Along with the 2nd-this was truly the beginning of a revolution! - keycha1n

6 4/15/1865

Lincoln's death? - Metalhead1997

7 8/9/1945
8 8/28/1963
9 5/2/2011
10 9/17/1787

The Contenders

11 2/9/1964

A British Invasion of a completely different sort, but one that fundamentally changed the US on a sociological level.

Yup, a British Invasion of a completely different kind, but one that made a fundamental sociological change in the USA.

12 11/27/1620
13 8/14/1945
14 5/8/1945
15 6/6/1944
16 8/1/1981
17 11/9/2016

This is the worst date. - Metalhead1997

18 10/3/1965
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