Top Ten Best Days In Human History

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1 May 8th, 1945

This was the day that marked the end of WW2 in Europe because Germany surrendered.

Yes it's the best day because world War was over and because it's my birthday

I won the finels

The day of the German surrender in WWII.

2 June 26th, 2015

Gay marriage legalized in the U.S.

Finally its legal

3 November 11th, 1918

The end of the Great War, Lest we forget.

It marked the end of the worlds most destructive conflict up to that point and the beginning of a new age

4 May 2nd, 2011

May 2nd and 3rd is always a good day

Osama Bin Laden killed.

5 November 9th, 1989

The Berlin Wall fell reuniting the two Berlins.

The fall of the Berlin Wall.

Best day in the universe!

6 September 2nd, 1945

The end of WW2 in the Pacific.

7 December 25th, 1991

The Soviet Union broke apart into 15 different countries marking the end of communism in Europe. Unfortunately, the Asian communist countries still exist.

Why the hell isn't this number one? Can we please change this?

Collapse of the Soviet Union.

This should be number 1

8 October 28th, 1962

End of the Cuban Missile Crisis

possible outbreak of ww3

9 July 20th, 1969

This is the greatest technological achievement in the history of the human species.

The day Neil Armstrong beat the Soviets in the Space Race by landing on the moon.

Put this at Number One, This was our greatest goal we have ever achieved, what could be next? a trip to Mars?

One step for mankind. Neil Armstrong is a legend

10 April 11th, 1920

Fall of the Ottoman Empire.

The Contenders

11 May 9th, 1865

Victory over the confederate states.

12 November 9th, 2016

They day we didn't get hillary the liar as president

The day that America was saved from a corrupt feminazi liar

The day Trump became president

13 December 25, 1 BC

The most likely day Jesus was born.

Jesus was born for crying out loud.

14 June 1st, 1440 [approx]

Johannes Gutenberg invents printing press.

15 February 9th, 1964

The Beatles first performance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

16 November 10th, 2001

Greatest day of all time

17 July 4th 1776

The day America gained our independence from Britain.

And it's a national hop known as the 4th of July.

18 July 20th, 2005

Canada legalized gay marriage!

19 August 15th, 1969

Woodstock Music Festival begins.

20 April 9th, 1865

The Confederacy surrendered at Apottamax.

21 February 1st, 2019
22 July 14th, 2015

The day we first explored Pluto, which was another technological step in history.

23 May 16th 2006

World's best day because this day and year I was born. By V.KAPIL.

World's best day. V. Kapil

24 February 24th, 2017
25 October 12th, 1492

The day Christopher Columbus discovered America thinking it was India. He also did something horrible, he commuted genocide against the natives there!

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