Best DBF Database Recovery Software

dBase/FoxBase/FoxPro are very old DBMS. So their .DBF file format is a bit out-of-date. But there are still some software products using such a format.

This list proposes several best DBF database recovery software in the world. Hope it will be useful for the DBA of dBase/FoxBase/FoxPro.

The Top Ten

1 DataNumen DBF Repair

I was surprised by this powerful tool. Well done!

I get back my data by using this repair product. It's great.

Do help me with my tough issue in DBF files. Thanks a lot.

This tool is useful

V 2 Comments Visit Website9
2 DBF Recovery

Very good software

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3 Stellar Phoenix DBF Recovery

Stellar failed to recover my files for the second time. I have wasted my time and money on a product that failed from the first day to recover any of the corrupted database files. Customer service failed to serve me while unnamed company did the recovery flawlessly in minutes and on top that made an out of country call to ensure satisfaction with the recovery.

The predicted results generated by the software during the initial scanning is “false” and “deceiving”. Not even one corrupted database file was recovered properly.

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4 DBF Doctor Visit Website9
5 DBF Repair Toolbox Visit Website9
6 DBF Repair Tool Visit Website9
7 Kernel for DBF Visit Website9
8 Sysinfotools DBF Recovery

One of the great product by SysInfoTools. DBF recovery Tool flawlessly recover dBase Files.

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9 DBF Repair Visit Website9
10 Recovery Toolbox for DBF Visit Website9
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