Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Moves


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1 Kamehameha

This move gets old really fast

Let's see how he likes a Kamehameha... - Servbot

Guess what? its named after Hawaiian prince Kamehameha I

2 Specialbeam Cannon

Pierces through any body.
It's used by piccolo, the mean, green, fighting machine!

3 Spirit Bomb

Come on it destroyed majin buu bow is it 4th - taha123

Let me remind you it wasn't a Kamehameha that killed omega shenron, it was spirit bomb

So strong. Even stronger than ka-ma-ha-me-hhaa! - Gogeta55

Yup do you know why? killed kid buu I think

4 Masenko
5 Destructo Disk

I like your planning

6 Wolf Fang Fist

Haha the wolf fang fist is used by yamcha and is so much weaker than the galick gun

7 Galick Gun

No it should 4th or 5th

8 Super Kamehameha
9 Galactic Donut
10 Finish Flash

Guys you should see the super Vegeta vs cell fight. This move can destroy MULTIPLE PLANETS - Champ

The great thing, this does not destroy planets champ

The Newcomers

? Supernova

The Contenders

11 Super Spirit Bomb
12 Burning Attack
13 Burning Storm
14 Hercule Special
15 Final Flash
16 Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
17 Instant Kamehameha
18 Revenge Cannon
19 Big Tree Cannon
20 Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball
21 Dynamite Kick
22 Peace Sign Pose
23 Final Impact
24 Big Bang Attack
25 Atomic Blast
26 Bang Beam
27 Big Bang Cannon
28 Big Bang Storm
29 Cosmic Cannon
30 Dark Impact
31 Exploding Wave
32 Super Big Bang Attack
33 Super Big Bang Cannon
34 Hellzone Grenade

If #17 hadn't used his barrier, he would have been scraps a long time ago.

35 10x Kamehameha
36 Solar Flare
37 20x Kaioken
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1. Specialbeam Cannon
2. Kamehameha
3. Masenko
1. Instant Kamehameha
2. Kamehameha
3. Spirit Bomb
1. Kamehameha
2. Spirit Bomb
3. Masenko


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