Top Ten DC Comics Characters That Are Lanterns

Characters that came from Green, Red, Blue, Orange or any colored Lantern are listed here.

The Top Ten

1 Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

The main character of the Green Lanterns Corp is the first to start with; Hal Jordan is a great leader to his corps and he has the will to save the galaxy. - TechnicallyIDoComics

He built a contruct that moved the earth back into its proper orbit. With the exception of possibly Alan Scott (circa Kingdom Come), Jordan is the big man on campus.

In one comic, he made a construct that actually moved the Earth back into its proper orbit. enough said.

I just saw DC Knights Green Lantern yesterday, Nathan Fillion! As Hal Jordan! Best. Pick. Ever!

2 Kyle Rayner (White Lantern)

He was formally a Green Lantern during his time, but nowadays he becomes the White Lantern. - TechnicallyIDoComics

I think he is the most powerful because he has all the powers of all the lantern cores and he is my favorite Lantern

Sorry Ryan Reynolds and Hal Jordan but Kyle Rayner is my favorite lantern so suck it

He's a kick ass character in my opinion

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3 Sinestro (Yellow Lantern)

As a former Green Lantern, Sinestro becomes a villainous yellow lantern that represents fear. Nowadays he can be a "frenemy" to Hal Jordan and the rest of the good lanterns. - TechnicallyIDoComics

4 Guy Gardner (Red Lantern)

...and then later on he becomes a Green Lantern again.

As a former Green Lantern, Guy becomes the leader of the Red Lantern after defeating Atrocitus and takes command of the Red Lantern corps - TechnicallyIDoComics

5 Saint Walker (Blue Lantern)
6 Kilowog (Green Lantern) Kilowog (Green Lantern)
7 John Stewart (Green Lantern)
8 Larfleeze (Orange Lantern) Larfleeze (Orange Lantern) Agent Orange is a fictional comic book supervillain appearing in books published by DC Comics, usually as an antagonist in books featuring Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps.
9 Atrocitus (Red Lantern) Atrocitus (Red Lantern) Atrocitus is a fictional alien supervillain and anti-hero in the DC Comics Universe. Created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, Atrocitus is an enemy of the Guardians of the Universe and Sinestro, their former Green Lantern.
10 Batman (Yellow Lantern)

The Contenders

11 Galia (Star Sapphire)
12 Super Girl (Red Lantern)
13 Scarecrow (Yellow Lantern)
14 Nekron (Black Lanterns) Nekron (Black Lanterns) Nekron is a comic book supervillain appearing in books published by DC Comics, specifically those related to Green Lantern.
15 Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)
16 Simon Baz (Green Lantern)
17 Batman (Black Lantern)
18 Superman (White Lantern)
19 Dex-Starr (Red Lantern)
20 Bleez (Red Lantern)
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1. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
2. Sinestro (Yellow Lantern)
3. Kyle Rayner (White Lantern)
1. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
2. Sinestro (Yellow Lantern)
3. Atrocitus (Red Lantern)



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