Top 10 Dead Memes that Should Never Come Back

I'm not into memes but there are some that are so unfunny and horrendous and they should never, EVER come back. Let's all hope they stay irrelevant and forgotten about forever.

With that said, feel free to add more bad memes that are hopefully dead.

The Top Ten

1 2 Girls 1 Cup

Definitely never bring this back EVER! No matter what! You're literally having people react to pornography. Porn isn't for funny reactions! Keep your sick fetishes to yourself! - Aragorn98

I swear to god. If you look this up you will be shocked for the rest of your life

2 Damn Daniel Damn Daniel Damn Daniel is a 2016 viral video. Daniel Lara and his friend, Joshua Holz, who are students at Riverside Polytechnic High School, reached their Internet fame after their video, an edited collection of Snapchat videos, went viral on social media platforms such as YouTube and facebook.

Yeah... Not funny. - Aragorn98

3 Harambe Harambe "Harambe" (27th May 1999 - 28th May 2016) was the name of a male western lowland gorilla in the Cincinatti Zoo who was shot and killed by a staff member in 2016 due to child negligence, sparking public outrage and later a revered internet meme .

This one's just stupid and tasteless. How do you make a meme out of a dead gorilla? Whoever thought this up is hopefully going to hell. - Aragorn98

I never understood the 'fun' of this meme.
If there was any.
I don't find this funny at all. - Kiyomi

4 Deez Nuts Deez Nuts

More like This Sucks! - Aragorn98

5 Dat Boi Dat Boi

Literally looks and sounds like it was made by a person on drugs. - Aragorn98


Something that would make you wanna read books instead of playing games. - Aragorn98

7 What Are Those?!?

This meme is not funny at all. - Kiyomi

Um, YOUR SHOES?!? - Aragorn98

8 Harlem Shake - Baauer

Absolutely not original whatsoever! - Aragorn98

9 Dabbing Dabbing

How could I have forgotten this one? - Aragorn98

10 Sparta Remixes

I'm already starting to hate 300 for spawning this unholy meme. - Aragorn98

The Contenders

11 Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Silento
12 Overly Attached Girlfriend Overly Attached Girlfriend

That face is nightmare fuel. 0_0 - Aragorn98

Bieber fangirl

13 Bert is Evil Bert is Evil

One of the oldest memes on the list. It's about Bert from Sesame Street in photos with history's worst humans such as Hitler and Osama Bin Laden. This is just offensive and it shouldn't be revived. - Aragorn98

14 Extra Thicc Extra Thicc

This was a horrible meme - TeamRocket747

15 Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda
16 Uganda Knuckles Uganda Knuckles
17 Yee
18 Fidget Spinners Fidget Spinners
19 Roblox death sound
20 Le Lenny Face
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