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1 Dead Rising

The original, the best and the more memorable. Nearly everything in this game was perfect and even today it still blows many games away. Its polished, its smart, it isn't a cash grab, it has barely aged, it is still loads of fun and the plot is really gripping. You can not hate this game, it is that Fantastic.

The graphics were good back then in 2006, the characters were amazing especially Frank West, Isabella Keyes, Brad Garrison and Jessica McCarney, the psychopaths were craziest. I love how you can have a bit of fun in the game as well because of taking photographs, killing zombies, escorting survivors etc. But what I loved most about the original is the story. This game had seriously one of the best stories in history. Plus the acting was actually really good.

2 Dead Rising 2
3 Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
4 Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Heil hitler - XtremeNerdz12

5 Dead Rising 3
6 Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Even though the whole thing place in the mall, it never gets old!

7 Dead Rising 4 Dead Rising 4
8 Dead Rising 2: Case West
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