Top Ten Dead Video Game Franchises that Need Another Game as of 2019

Sometimes video game franchises haven’t had a game in awhile, and kinda confirms that franchise is dead. But here are ten dead video game franchises that need another game. It happened to Crash, it happened to Spyro, it happened to Medevil, so it should happen to these game franchises as well.

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1 TimeSplitters

A new TimeSplitters game could be interesting. Also, I noticed that Half-Life is on this list. Half-Life isn't a dead video game franchise. It's on hiatus. Half-Life 3 will come out eventually.

This game was my childhood, but if they make a sequel, they might make it really trendy and overuse CGI to the point where it's just pathetic. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

I remember playing this in the old days. A new entry would be awesome! - codgtamk34

That character Shane eats farts

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2 Jet Set Radio

Yo, this franchise was awesome! What happened Sega? Make another new game please! - RadioHead03

The problem is that Sega doesn't even care about their other series other than Sonic anymore. - Mcgillacuddy

Sega, please! We need another JSR game! It’s been too long! - nintendofan126

Speaking of which... it's been awhile since the last time I have seen you on. - htoutlaws2012


SSX, wow what an amazing franchise! It takes snowboarding games to the next level, and makes them fun. SSX 3 is one of the best gaming experiences i’ve ever had. SSX Tricky was awesome. I’ve haven't played the original SSX yet. SSX On Tour was good but a huge step down after SSX 3. SSX Blur was... eh. SSX 2012 was good, but the physics were weird. As of now, we haven't seen an SSX game since 2012. We need a new SSX game similar to SSX 3 or Tricky. But hey SSX 3 just recently got a backwards compatibility with the Xbox One so that might mean something... - RadioHead03

4 Chrono

A new chrono game would make so happy. - Silence4101

A new Chrono game would be sweet. I loved Chrono Trigger on the SNES, and Chrono Cross for the PS1. come on Square, make a new Chrono game. - RadioHead03

5 Knights of the Old Republic

Oh Yeah Yeah

Yes please - iliekpiez

I’d would die for a new Knights Of The Old Republic game, that game was awesome! - RadioHead03

6 Banjo-Kazooie

I'm not saying that Nintendo should buy out Rare, but I have a few problems with Microsoft's acquisition of Rare:
1. What did Rare EVER do for Microsoft?
2. Since Rare is a British company, while Nintendo is Japanese, I love the idea of Nintendo having more connections with other cultures. - TheYoshiPyro64

How is TIMESPLITTERS above banjo kazooie?!

Who doesn't love good old Banjo-Kazooie? I played the original on the Rare Replay, and it’s pretty fun. We haven't seen a new Banjo-Kazooie game since 2008, and we don't talk about that game. Hopes for a new installment, or a HD remake. - RadioHead03

7 F Zero

It's likely to happen. They did a new Star Fox, Bomberman (even though those sucked), and they're releasing Metroid Prime 4. A new F Zero might be right around the corner. - Mcgillacuddy

F-Zero was intense. It's been nearly two decades, this series deserves a revival more than anything.

I agree with you! It would be nice to do so! - MeeMeeCandy777

We haven't seen a new F Zero game since 2003. Legit, i’m not lying. What happened to this amazing franchise? I even heard Nintendo went to Criterion Games to make a new F Zero game, but they turned it down. Nintendo, we need a new F Zero game, now. Hopes in the future. - RadioHead03

8 Road Rash

That would be fun. - LightningStrike

I used to have this game on the PS1 and I genuinely believe it needs to be revived. It would be especially perfect as a rated M game considering how violent the idea of it was. - Mcgillacuddy

I remember this franchise. I have Road Rash 3D on my PS1, and it’s pretty fun. - RadioHead03

9 Portal

The problem with this is that Valve doesn't care about making games right now. They are fully concentrated on profit. Maybe someday they'll come back but it's hard to tell at this point because they haven't announced anything in several years. They recently made some online card game that I forgot the name of, but it did not last at all because it was a pay to win cashgrab. I feel like this company is turning into one of those scumbag game companies but trying to stay more under the radar instead of being blatant about it. - Mcgillacuddy

Portal 3 would be awesome. But I seriously doubt they could come up with a good story for it... - EvanTheNerd

Valve is terrible at finishing trilogies, though. - TriggerTrashKid

Doubt that would happen, Valve can't count to 3 - ToddHoward

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10 Burnout

I miss Burnout! For the love of God just make a new one. Takedown, Revenge and Paradise are three of the best racing games ever. - PlanetDeadwing

We need this supreme racing game back. It’s better than Hot Wheels. - BeastKool

Burnout is the best racing franchise ever. Who doesn't love taking down cars, and crashing them? Burnout 3 Takedown was awesome, so was Revenge. Dominator was okay. It just felt like a clone for Revenge. Paradise was awesome! My favorite in the franchise. Crash was just a cheap mobile type game that looked crap from the start. As of 2011, we haven't seen a new Burnout game. But in 2018 we got a remaster version of Paradise, so does that mean something? - RadioHead03

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11 Bully

Actually, Rockstar confirmed that Bully 2 is their next game. They recently announced that voice actor tryouts are open. - Mcgillacuddy

That has not been officially confirmed yet, just a rumour at the moment - kanetheundertaker25

Bully is one of the most underrated games in my opinion. A sequel would be awesome. - RadioHead03

Bully 2 should be Rockstar's next game, hopefully their first for the ps5 - codgtamk34

According to rumors and credible leakers: Bully 2 is the next game to be released by Rockstar and that’s it’s been in production since 2012. If all that is true, then I can already tell this game is gonna be awesome. - nintendofan126

12 Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus Uprising 2 for the win - BeastKool

We haven't seen a new Kid Icarus game since 2012. Maybe Sakurai is busy with Smash. So I respect that. - RadioHead03

13 Crimson Skies
14 Skate

These games took down the skateboarding video game titan Tony Hawk. Skate takes realistic approach to the Skateboarding game formula, and does it well. All 3 Skate games are fantastic, and Skate It was pretty cool. As of 2010, we haven't seen a new Skate game. We need Skate 4! - RadioHead03

15 Half-Life

Guys, Half Life 3 is coming. Just wait 234 years. - RadioHead03

Hey, I made the third comment on this! Wait a minute, three comments...HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!

Totally this one. (One eternity later) - LightningStrike

Valve, please. - TriggerTrashKid

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16 Rayman

Rayman is far from a dead game franchise. Rayman Origins and Legends were fantastic games. - Mcgillacuddy

17 Spyro Spyro Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

And I mean a new entry in the series, not a remaster or remake of an older Spyro game - codgtamk34

I used to love Spyro. - 2storm

18 World Heroes
19 Earthbound

PLEASE, we NEED either Mother 4, localised Mother 3 (ideal name: EarthBound Future) uncensored or a collection of the entire trilogy (my ideal name for it: EarthBound: Reborn Trilogy). - TheYoshiPyro64

Me: Hey Nintendo I have a suggestion for a game...
Nintendo: Oh sure anything, except if you say Mother 4 if you do you'll die!
Me:... - tacoperson

Still waiting for Mother 3... - RadioHead03

Definitely - Typical999

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20 Kaiser Knuckle

Unlike Street Fighter II, this game DID have beautiful characters in its playable roster instead of the BOSS roster. - Interrogator

21 Guitar Hero

I still love this game and play it today. Shame it went under.


Guitar Hero Live was a flop from what i’ve heard. But Rock Band 4 was a success. I kind of feel bad for Guitar Hero. Activision just doesn't know how to make a Guitar Hero game. If they try to make a new one, it might flop. But if they do know how to figure it out, then they can make a new Guitar Hero game. - RadioHead03

22 Earthworm Jim
23 Jak and Daxter

If they release a new entry, all I hope is they add lots of checkpoints during missions. Anyone remember Jak 2? - codgtamk34

Haven't been a game for almost 10 years now. The lost frontier was released November 2009. - bugger

Nah, I think the series ended perfectly. It doesn't need a sequel. - Drawbox

No - Typical999

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24 Pandemonium
25 Ice Climber

WHY? They need more purpose than a Smash filler! - RosalinaX

26 Tomodachi Life

Please Tomodachi Life for the Switch! - LittleAwesomeApple

Tomodachi Life 2, please! It's been a while since Nintendo released this game, and hopefully, there'll be more options for you to choose in the game. - IceFoxPlayz

More like tomodachi 3
think it should be called tomodachi life 2 instead of tomodachi 3?
heh I wanted to call it tomodachi life 2 as well except something blew my mind
like I'll blow your minds
tomodachi life is a sequel to tomodachi collection
never heard of tomodachi collection?
cause it came 2009 & was exclusive to japan - e9090

27 Silent Hill

Yes. I would honestly like to see another one like Shattered Memories.

Latest we got was PT. - Cyri

28 Tak and the Power of Juju
29 Skylanders

In 2019 we need Trap Team Imaginators where you can create villains to battle. We definitely need that. - Carly19781

This is a good thing that the franchise is dead. - RadioHead03

Na, this series is better off left dead - codgtamk34

Imaginators killed the series, we need a remake of trap team or maybe even a new one that is as good as trap team.

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30 Lego Star Wars

They'll probably make 4 for Rouge One, Solo, and Episodes 8 and 9 - codgtamk34

No, itll just be rushed and glitchy like all other Lego games - Typical999

31 Disney Infinity

Yes please bring this back that would be nice - Lpsgirl

I miss this biting it back

32 Super Mario Galaxy

There are so many 3d games that are used in motion controls, and this is no different. The only reason why Smg3 hasn't come out yet is because Miyamoto said that the motion controls would be awkward and that is absurd because lots of modern games have motion controls on the switch like Mario party for example and Odyssey, which is a 3d game for crying out loud, every Super Mario Galaxy game gets a good reception and Nintendo should make this for the next 3d mario game.

We have Mario Odyssey, another 3d Mario game - codgtamk34


33 Deltarune

Honestly, consider this: Deltarune has only one chapter as of now. Sure, the other chapters will take time, but people will get rowdy and want more. It's a good game, as well as an UNDERTALE spinoff. For those thinking, no. It is not UNDERTALE 2. I'm also not saying this just because of people wanting more of this game. If you play the game, you get tons of plot development and mysteries waiting to be solved. The ending leaves many cliff hangers and people don't like to be left hanging. What happened to Lancer and Ralsei? Do Kris and Susie ever go back to the Dark Realm? We may never know until Chapter 2. Plus, this may lead to us finally finding out who W.D. Gaster is (There's and Easter egg where his face glitches onto the screen for a few seconds).

Theory: chapter 2 will have you “babysitting” papyrus

34 Ape Escape

It would make sense to reveal a game in May, since the that's when the series turns 20. - Drawbox

Ape Escape on the PS1 was an awesome game. A new Ape Escape game would be sweet, or a HD remaster. - RadioHead03

35 Golden Sun

There were just so many unanswered questions throughout Dark Dawn and a gigantic percent of the world remains unexplorable. And come on, what's with that cliffhanger ending? - xdanxlei

36 Klonoa

Aw, Klonoa. Man I remember playing that game on the Wii. Why can't Bandi Namco make a new game. - RadioHead03

37 Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
38 Angry Birds Star Wars

Just let this franchise die please. - EvanWellens

No - RadioHead03

39 Nintendogs

O yes

40 Midnight Club
41 Billy Hatcher
42 Borderlands

I loved Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for the PS4. I thought Both 2 and The Pre-Sequel were good games. I think another Borderlands sequel needs to happen. - B1ueNew

43 Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

I started a petition on Look up Bring Skylanders Back! if you want to support it. - Synchronocity

44 Clock Tower Clock Tower
45 NFL 2K

Why? They make a new one every year?

46 Jet Moto
47 Sonic Adventure

We need that Sonic Adventure 3. - EvanWellens

Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure - BeastKool

48 Crash Bandicoot

And no, I don't mean remakes

Oh yeah, hell yeah - TriggerTrashKid

49 Turok - Dinosaur Hunter
50 Saint's Row

We need a Saint's Row 5. Who Agrees? - masoncarr2244

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