Top Ten Dead Video Game Franchises that Need Another Game as of 2019

Sometimes video game franchises haven’t had a game in awhile, and kinda confirms that franchise is dead. But here are ten dead video game franchises that need another game. It happened to Crash, it happened to Spyro, it happened to Medevil, so it should happen to these game franchises as well.

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1 TimeSplitters TimeSplitters Product Image

A new TimeSplitters game could be interesting. Also, I noticed that Half-Life is on this list. Half-Life isn't a dead video game franchise. It's on hiatus. Half-Life 3 will come out eventually.

This game was my childhood, but if they make a sequel, they might make it really trendy and overuse CGI to the point where it's just pathetic.

YES! I don't think they will make a 4th, but fans are working on a fan game called "TimeSplitters: Rewind" and it looks REALLLY good so far!

Spent countless hours on Timesplitters until the PS2 packed up! Would LOVE a remake of this game! :D

2 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Personally, I want Jedi Knight to get a new game more.

Bring back the pre EA era

3 Jet Set Radio Jet Set Radio Product Image

I have played the demo on Xbox 360 and it's cool, but it'll probably never make a comeback since Sega ignores most of their franchises.

The problem is that Sega doesn't even care about their other series other than Sonic anymore.

Sega, please! We need another JSR game! It’s been too long!

Speaking of which... it's been awhile since the last time I have seen you on.

4 Chrono Chrono Product Image

A new chrono game would make so happy.

5 Road Rash Road Rash Product Image

I used to have this game on the PS1 and I genuinely believe it needs to be revived. It would be especially perfect as a rated M game considering how violent the idea of it was.

That would be fun.

6 SSX SSX Product Image

Sooo good for it’s time, was one of my favorite games when it was new. would love to see a new one.

7 F Zero

It's likely to happen. They did a new Star Fox, Bomberman (even though those sucked), and they're releasing Metroid Prime 4. A new F Zero might be right around the corner.

F-Zero was intense. It's been nearly two decades, this series deserves a revival more than anything.

I hope it happens, they tried to make one for the wii u but they cancelled it.

The last game was in 2004!
Captain Falcon is not just a smash filler!

8 Portal Portal Product Image

The problem with this is that Valve doesn't care about making games right now. They are fully concentrated on profit. Maybe someday they'll come back but it's hard to tell at this point because they haven't announced anything in several years. They recently made some online card game that I forgot the name of, but it did not last at all because it was a pay to win cashgrab. I feel like this company is turning into one of those scumbag game companies but trying to stay more under the radar instead of being blatant about it.

Portal 3 would be awesome. But I seriously doubt they could come up with a good story for it...

They won't do this. They don't know how to make trilogies.

Valve is terrible at finishing trilogies, though.

9 Half-Life Half-Life Product Image

The reason there isn't a half life 3 or episode 3 is because valve can't count to 3

Team fortress 2
Half life 2
Portal 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Yep Valve can't count

The little zombie things gave me nightmares

Totally this one. (One eternity later)

10 Burnout Burnout Product Image

I miss Burnout! For the love of God just make a new one. Takedown, Revenge and Paradise are three of the best racing games ever.

I only played Revenge and Paradise so far. They were good, though.

Love this, so much fun!

We need this supreme racing game back. It’s better than Hot Wheels.

The Contenders

11 Kid Icarus Kid Icarus Product Image

Please make another Kid Icarus game, Sakurai-san. Bring Project Sora back from the dead.

Only three games? We need a new Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus Uprising 2 for the win

12 Banjo-Kazooie Banjo-Kazooie Product Image

I'm not saying that Nintendo should buy out Rare, but I have a few problems with Microsoft's acquisition of Rare:
1. What did Rare EVER do for Microsoft?
2. Since Rare is a British company, while Nintendo is Japanese, I love the idea of Nintendo having more connections with other cultures.

In my opinion I honestly think this series deserves another game screw the other series this is my favorite and I need my new game now

Probably won't happen, since Microsoft bought Rare they've hardly payed any attention to poor Rare

If Rare made another Banjo-Kazooie game it would not be the same because the main developers of the game is not with the company.

This won't happen since Microsoft did almost nothing with Rare, except some crappy games.

13 Crimson Skies Crimson Skies Product Image
14 Bully Bully Product Image

According to rumors and credible leakers: Bully 2 is the next game to be released by Rockstar and that’s it’s been in production since 2012. If all that is true, then I can already tell this game is gonna be awesome.

bully 2 and not gta6

15 Earthbound Earthbound Product Image

Meanwhile at E3...
Nintendo: "We have new Kirby, Super Smash Bros. contenders, a New Mario Game, new Metroid, new Yoshi, new console, new hats, new phone apps, our own web browser, new jobs, and Disney bought us! Oh, and no Mother 4."

PLEASE, we NEED either Mother 4, localised Mother 3 (ideal name: EarthBound Future) uncensored or a collection of the entire trilogy (my ideal name for it: EarthBound: Reborn Trilogy).

Me: Hey Nintendo I have a suggestion for a game...
Nintendo: Oh sure anything, except if you say Mother 4 if you do you'll die!

We need Mother 3 in America

16 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Product Image

Crash bandicoot 4 coming soon, and dingodile is playable. This is officially the best game ever.

There makind a racing game about this franchise in 2019 for Nintendo Switch

Last Release was in 2017. Its fine where is is

We want a new game, not more remakes.

17 Rayman Rayman Product Image

Rayman is far from a dead game franchise. Rayman Origins and Legends were fantastic games.

18 World Heroes World Heroes Product Image
19 Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim Product Image

My dad wants this and so do I.

Wouldn't mind a new game

20 Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure Product Image

We need that Sonic Adventure 3.

Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure


21 Kaiser Knuckle

Unlike Street Fighter II, this game DID have beautiful characters in its playable roster instead of the BOSS roster.

22 Darkstalkers

Does not need a new game

23 System Shock System Shock Product Image
24 Team Fortress Team Fortress Product Image
25 Pandemonium Pandemonium Product Image
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