Top Ten Deadliest Big Cats

Across America, Europe, Asia and Africa, all over the world the top ten deadliest of the amazing family. The big cats!

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21 Javan Tiger

Its an extinct tiger subspecies

22 American Cheetah
23 Malayan Tiger

Is face

24 South China Tiger South China Tiger
25 Sunda Clouded Leopard
26 American Lion

Wait wait how can it be at less than lion? And someone wrote I didn't know that there are lions at America It is not a lion at real

I didn't know that there is a lion that lives in America.

Other wise known as Mountain Lion, Cougar, or Puma.

No such thing

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27 Ngandong Tiger

It's the biggest tiger ever to live! Its even bigger than the Siberian tiger! But its extinct

28 Giant Cheetah

People you need to stop adding random cats to this list. There is no such thing as a giant cheetah

No giant cheetahs exist

There is giant cheetah's check your facts

Yeah It's fake

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29 Caspian Tiger

They are extinct but a strong,big Tiger 🐯.

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