Top 10 Deadliest Carnivorous Dinosaurs

The Top 10 Deadliest Carnivorous Dinosaurs, in my opinion in scientific research and/or the web. I've been enjoying dinosaurs for almost ten years, and after comparing the statistics of the carnivorous dinosaurs, here's what I think of as the perfect Deadly Carnivore Dino list (sorry I'm not putting Tyrant King at first). By the way this is only for carnivores. No herbivores included. Sorry my herbivore fans.- RaptorOnFire1206, Creator of the List.

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1 Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus, meaning "tyrant lizard", from the Ancient Greek tyrannos, "tyrant", and sauros, "lizard" is a genus of coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur.

As an aspiring paleontologist, I can safely say that there is no significant evidence to support that Tyrannosaurus wasn't more dangerous than the current top contender, Giganotosaurus which only has a slight size advantage, if that. - Puerto_Rico

Sure, Tres isn't the largest carnivorous dinosaur, but's it's the most loved and respected, and for good reason.

Strongest bite force of all the dinosaurs & bacteria on the teeth.

It is very powerful it's my favourite carnivore dinosaur my name is Utkarsh Gautam

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2 Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

The spinosaurus Or the spino is a four legged animal that could walk on four legs, or bring up its front two legs (Kinda like a gorilla) to attack and it weigh bigger than the t rex so it claws combined with it weight and size would do a enough damage to The t rex To kill it But with major injuries

Look it up, Spinosaurus is bigger than T-Rex. T-Rex is SO overrated

Spinosaurus was Around 60 feet and had 7-8 foot claws. This should make it number 1

It should be first because it is like a alligator

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3 Giganotosaurus Carolinii Giganotosaurus Carolinii

Giga was a deadly killer that in my opinion should be Number 1 because it hunted in packs and rarely was found alone so it could take on pretty much and other predator because of that fact.

Well of course... Giganotosaurus Carolinii is probably the greatest land predator of all time... Until Godzilla came to town! Nah just kidding. But of course Giga ought to be the new king! - RaptorOnFire1206

I think it's Giganotosaurus

Even though the giganotosaurus is not the biggest, it is still a big it is the biggest non -fish eating animal.

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4 Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus

How is this creature not higher on the list? Certainly is deserves at least a top 5. Although I can't really say there is much evidence to support just how deadly it was. - Puerto_Rico

The third-largest land predator after Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus is basically an oversized version of the famous Allosaurus. Studies have shown that Carcharodontosaurus has the same brain function and size as an Allosaurus, and have the same attacking strategies. The only thing that sets Carchar apart from Allosaurus is that Carcharodontosaurus is about 45 feet long, longer than a 41 foot long T-Rex, and much longer than a 39 foot long Allosaurus. But there is still another similarity between Carchar and Allo: They WEREN'T, yes WEREN'T, the top predator of their time. They were both 2nd to the top: Carcharodontosaurus was ruled by Spinosaurus, and Allosaurus was under the mighty reign of Saurophaganax (though Sauro is thought to be a new specimen of Allosaurus by some scientists). Still, Carcharodontosaurus is a formidable predator, and is very experienced at fighting after all these years sharing the homeland of Spino. - RaptorOnFire1206 - RaptorOnFire1206

Watch Planet Dinosaur Episode 1: Lost World for more info about Carcharodontosaurus! - RaptorOnFire1206

Number two second biggest carnivore to walk the earth bigger than trex but light like a giant allosaur faster then spino, but not big enough to win in 1 on 1.

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5 Rajasaurus Narmadensis Rajasaurus Narmadensis

It would be stronger than tyrannosaurus because it is stronger and probably has stronger bite force.

Rajasaurus the pride of india is scientifically stronger than t rex and probably the strongest among all so it should have been in top

It should be on first because it is powerful then T-Rex and it is scientifically proven.

That's an Indominus

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6 Tarbosaurus Bataar Tarbosaurus Bataar

Cool! Deadly, but cool!

Was 38-40 feet long

Tarbosaurus Battar is the best

Sounds like a lil bitch, tarbos were smaller then albertosaurus which was a lil bit smaller then trex

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7 Utahraptor Ostrommaysorum Utahraptor Ostrommaysorum

This thing was a badass definitely worth top 5

At 18-22 feet long and 1,400-1,900 lbs

Was 18 feet long

Dude this Dino could have beaten T-Rex easy as it hunted in packs while t Rex solitary
Bigger packs than giganotosaurus
P.s wasn t as smart as it's evolutionary successor deinonychus but surely smarter than stupid giganotosaurus

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8 Velociraptor Mongoliensis Velociraptor Mongoliensis

Needs to be Higher on the list. But you are right. they weren't "6 foot Turkeys", like Jurassic park said. They would have been extremely dangerous, they were indeed pack hunters. They had the retracting claw on their feet. They looked nothing like Jurassic park said. They most likely had feathers, were short, and had a very long, upward-pointed tail.

Velociraptor lived 85 mya he died in a fight to the death with the ceratopsian dinosaur protoceratops and is Rilly cool they were also fossilized together, oh I forgotten to mention the Velociraptor had feathers.

Velociraptor was made famous from Jurassic Park, portrayed to be man-sized, able to turn doorknobs, and outwit a human. None of that is true. The size of Velociraptor in J.P. is based on Deinoychus, who is 5.5 feet tall and 10 feet long. Well, what about the Velo? Velociraptor is only the size of a full-grown Turkey, at about 7 feet long and 3 feet tall. And any dino, even the two smartest dinosaurs Utahraptor and Troodon could not turn doorknobs neither outwit a human. Still, Velociraptor is quite an intelligent dino, and is one of the fastest dinosaurs too. Velociraptor hunted Protoceratops in Mongolia, being second top predaator next to the tyrannosaur, Tarbosaurus. - RaptorOnFire1206 - RaptorOnFire1206

9 Saurophaganax Maximus Saurophaganax Maximus

Similar to Carcharodontosaurus, Saurophaganax is a basic oversized Allo. This dinosaur in 43 feet long, almost the same length as Carcharodontosaurus (45 feet) and Tyrannotitan (42 feet). Sauro is much bigger than his close relative, Allosaurus (39 feet), though. Saurophaganax and Allo are so closely related, and lived at the same time and place as Allosaurus did, many scientists wonder if Saurophaganax was a new Allosaurus specimen. - RaptorOnFire1206 - RaptorOnFire1206

"Was 43 feet long 45 max"

Was 40-45 feet long

To me Saurophaganax is the 2nd most biggest Allosaurus after Giganotosaurus 👻

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10 Mapusaurus Roseae Mapusaurus Roseae

Mapusaurus is a close cousin of Giganotosaurus, if not a juvenile of Giga. But studies prove that Mapusaurus is a slightly different dinosaur, with a smaller, lighter build, weaker jaws, more of a pack hunter, and a slightly larger brain. Mapusaurus is about the size of T-Rex and Allosaurus, at around 40-42 feet long. Evidence suggests that Mapusaurus traveled in family groups, since bones showed baby, juvenile, and adult Mapusaurus bones scattered near each other. Mapusaurus probably hunted in packs so they could bring down the large Argentinosaurus of his time. Even though a formidable predator, Mapusaurus is not king of his land. That throne is for Giganotosaurus! - RaptorOnFire1206 - RaptorOnFire1206

This dino is very fierce

Was 40 feet long

At 40 feet long

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11 Acrocanthosaurus Atokensis Acrocanthosaurus Atokensis Acrocanthosaurus is a genus of theropod dinosaur that existed in what is now North America during the Aptian and early Albian stages of the Early Cretaceous.

Was 38-42 feet long

Was 38-42 long

At 40 feet long

Second biggest allosaur or biggest I don't think carcharodontosaurus is in the family but a cousin

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12 Sinraptor Dongi Sinraptor Dongi

Sinraptor really isn't a raptor, but a closer relative to Allosaurus and Yangchuanosaurus. I have NO idea why Sinraptor is named a "raptor", but... Well, sue the namers. This dino is a quite small Allosauridae, only reaching up to about 25 feet long and about 7 feet tall. So, really, how did this tiny allosaur reach the list? Smaller than the already puny Yangchuanosaurus, Sinraptor is known for his cunning, a little bit smarter than the not-as-bright allosaurs later in the day. Which brings us to... Yeah, Sinraptor is from the early-mid Jurassic Period, unlike Allosaurus, whom comes from the Late Jurassic period, and unlike Yang, who came into play during the mid-late Jurassic. But, like Yang but unlike Allo, Sinraptor is from China. Sinraptor uses his speed to hunt down speedy dinos such as the feathered little dino Epidexipteryx and sometimes a little bit larger herbivores such as the sauropod Shunosaurus. Which brings us to the subject of Sinraptor's speed, which can overpower ...more - RaptorOnFire1206

Wait a minute, how did this get into number 5? It used to be number 13... - RaptorOnFire1206

13 Troodon Inequalis Troodon Inequalis

As far as dinosaurs go, Troodon was the rocket scientist of all dinosaurs. This five foot long genius dino was a dromaeosauridae, or, more commonly known as "raptor". Some scientists say Utahraptor was the most intelligent of dinosaurs, but more scientists today observe that Troodon was probably the smartest of all dinosaurs. With the IQ of a crow, Troodon was a small, intelligent raptor that usually hunted during the night. They say Troodon could see in the night, and that was when Troodon usually hunted, so he wouldn't have to confront bigger dinos of the time such as Tyrannosaurus Rex. This 2 foot tall reptile would spot prey in even the darkest of nights. And as far as dinos go, Troodon was the Albert Einstein of the dinosaurs (while we can say Utahraptor, coming in with an IQ of an eagle and coming in second place, would be the dinosaurs' Thomas Edison). - RaptorOnFire1206 - RaptorOnFire1206

14 Torvosaurus Tanneri Torvosaurus Tanneri

Was 31-35 feet long

Torvosaurus Tanneri was a pretty large allosauridae that terrorized the Late Jurassic's Portugal while Allosaurus still ruled America. Torvosaurus was a large, bulky allosaur, dumber, slower, and a bit shorter than Allosaurus (Alllosaurus = 39 feet long, Torvosaurus = 32-36 feet long). Torvosaurus also shared Portugal with a smaller Allosaurus specimen (only 24-28 feet long), and Torvosaurus terrorized many large sauropods. But, not being the brightest of the bunch, Torvo is tearing flesh in the Top 20. - RaptorOnFire1206 - RaptorOnFire1206

15 Allosaurus Fragilis Allosaurus Fragilis

Probably the most famous theropod dinosaur next to T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Spinosaurus, made famous by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's the Lost World: A Novel, Allosaurus was one of the most wide-distributed dinosaurs of his era, and being 2nd top predator next to Saurophaganax (though recent studies showed that Saurophaganax was probably just a larger specimen of Allosaurus). Allosaurus killed prey with his regular carnosaur features: Claws, teeth, and, of course, size. It also had two bony knobs on its head, but is most possibly used to scare prey or for attracting mates, but is probably not strong enough for defense of attack. Allosaurus was also probably a swift predator, reaching up to speeds of 24-25 mph. They also say that Allosaurus was a pack hunter, since once they found about 40 Allosaurus skeletons all together in one spot, probably because they found a herbivore stuck in the mud and every five allosauruses or so try to get to the herbivore at a time, but get stuck in the mud ...more - RaptorOnFire1206

These were actually around 30-45 feet long

Allosaurus is more aggressive than other bigger hunters

The Allosaurus is an very aggressive predator able to easily take down a carnotaurus 1 on 1 and maybe even 1 on 2 plus it likely traveled in packs meaning it could even take down large herbivores like the camarasaurus, it also had it's fatal hatchet strike thanks to it's strong neck.

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16 Tyrannotitan Chubutensis Tyrannotitan Chubutensis

Why is the image used to represent this species that of a Giganotosaurus made by the paleontologists at Discovery? - Puerto_Rico

With tyrannosaur-like teeth on a 43' long body, this theropod was deadlier than Giganotosaurus thanks to its more powerful bite force!

One of the largest theropods of all time and closely related to mapusaurus and giganotosaurus.

Tyrannotitan is a very new dinosaur, discovered in 2005. Little information is known about Tyrannotitan since only fragments of one skeleton of a Tyrannotitan have been discovered. The bones suggest a large Allosauridae, about 40-43 feet in length (avg. At 42 feet). This early-mid Cretaceous probably competed with larger predators such as Giganotosaurus and Mapusaurus, since all three lived in the Early Cretaceous (115 mya) in Argentina. Even though not much has been known from this new theropod, he is able to shove into the list with his big size. - RaptorOnFire1206 - RaptorOnFire1206

17 Oxalia Quilombensis Oxalia Quilombensis

Oxalia was 40-45 feet long

Was 40-45 feet (12.1-13.6 meters) long.

At 40-45 feet long

Oxalia is a large spinosauridae, about the size of a smaller allosauridae, such as Torvosaurus or Yangchuanosaurus. Oxalia is basically a miniature Spinosaurus: But this 35 foot long spinosaur rarely hunted other dinosaurs except in rare conditions, such as the riverbed drying up. Usually, this Late Cretaceous Brazilian hunter mostly hunted fish and sometimes smaller crocodiles in the riverbed, sharing his land with Abelisaurus and Carnotaurus. - RaptorOnFire1206 - RaptorOnFire1206

18 Indominus Rex Indominus Rex

This dinosaur didn't actually exist though so it doesn't actually classify as a real dinosaur.

I don't think that this should belong. It isn't a real dinosaur, never existed. - RaptorOnFire1206

This shouldn't be included because it isn't real

This isn't real it's from a move so why is it here

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19 Deinonychus Antirrhopus Deinonychus Antirrhopus

"Size isn't everything! " - Some Random Guy said. Well, that Random Guy is correct. Deinonychus Antirrhopus isn't a real big dino. Actually, he is pretty small, since he's a dromeosaurid like Utahraptor and Velociraptor. Well, Utahraptor may be 19 feet long and 8 feet tall, but for such a deadly dinosaur like Deinonychus, 10 feet long and 5 feet tall is way more than enough. Why? Well, first of all, Deinonychus, like most raptors, hunted in packs. Usually in groups of 7 or 8 (unlike Utahraptor's groups of 3 thru 5), Deinonychus could bring down dinosaurs several times his size, such as its favorite prey, Tenotosaurus, a 30-foot-long iguanodont. Another reason about why Deinonychus is so deadly is because of his cunning. Like all raptors, Deinonychus's brain is WAY above average, with the brain almost the size of a crow's. Deinonychus also, like all raptors, have huge, hook-clawed feet. The second toe acts like a kitchen knife: It sliced through flesh in seconds. Last of all, ...more - RaptorOnFire1206

Yeah, this dinosaur to me is WAY more deadly than T. Rex...

20 Carnotaurus Sastrei Carnotaurus Sastrei

Carnotaurus, featured in Disney: Dinosaur, is a large theropod capable of taking down large sauropods with his great jaws in the Late Cretaceous South America, feeding alongside the larger and probably more deadly Abelisaurus. This 30 foot long dinosaur has spikes running down his whole body, probably for protection. A heavyweight, this dinosaur probably took down slower dinosaurs such as sauropods instead of faster iguanodonts, as shown in the movie Disney: Dinosaur. Carnotaurus's name means "meat-eating bull" because 1. Carnotaurus is a carnivore and 2. Carnotaurus has two large horns on the top of his eyes. Carnotaurus probably used his horns to cause wounds in victims, or maybe just for display and attracting mates. Anyhow, this 30 foot long dinosaur is a terror to behold. - RaptorOnFire1206 - RaptorOnFire1206

I personally think the Carnotaurus should be above the deinonychus because the Carnotaurus could bite then well, it's dead. The Carnotaurus has a bite as powerful as two alligators

Carnotaurus was 25-31 feet long

At 25-30 feet long

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