Top Ten Deadliest Cities

If you're looking for a city to vacation or move to here are the places you don't wanna go.

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1 Detroit, MI

I agree with whoever put this. There is a lot of criminals there and robbers I live 8 miles from Detroit and I'm glad that none of this stuff happens where I live. Oh and did you guys here about the bank crisis there

I get the shivers about hearing the deaths here. How sad people get killed there. Kiss did make a point about the city.

I vacation to Michigan and when I drive through that bridge on the highway it looks like a mess there. Plus I go ro the core of Detroit and I see a evil city. It scares me to even go through the city

Kiss wrote a song about a guy dying in Detroit who on his way to a kiss concert. - Schwanie2

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2 Saint Louis, MO

Have never heard of a "woman found murdered by her meth making boyfriend" and I live in the number one county for meth labs, Franklin, about forty miles West of the city until just this month when we slipped to number two. Six people killed last night, all in the city. All African American Males except one fifty one year old woman killed by a stray bullet. Most of the shootings being done by kids around fifteen, sixteen or so. Just crazy the waste of life. But when you can't get a job and you can make a few grand a day selling drugs you can see a big part the problem.

Not a day goes by that news headlines in St. Louis are not featuring a shoot out in E. St. Louis, school stabbing in S. St. Louis, a woman found murdered by her meth making hick boyfriend in the area right outside of St. Louis, or most recently a dead toddler found beaten to death in a dumpster outside his home. If you are not murdered in St. Louis the tornados or impending deadly earthquake will... or you will drown in a flood...

When I was a little girl I went on this boat then someone shot my brother I was so scared so scared so I never came back to saint louis ever I was heart broken then my mom was gonna have a mother was gonna have another baby so I felt ok

3 Compton, CA

you get shot if you wear the wrong colour in the wrong neighbourhood - Okami

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4 Camden, NJ

On my way back from vacation, I was praying not to drive through Camden, but I did... - Mariomaster63

Well as you can see in today's time Camden is the the worst out of all of them

Yeah... Not the biggest city, but its one of the wordy

But there's still Campbell's that's MADE IN CAMDEN! - Mariomaster63

5 Birmingham, AL

To all y'all that think we slow down south laugh out loud show you all the hospitality in the world then have y'all dumb ass on first 48

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6 Flint, MI
7 Clevelend, OH

I live outside of Cleveland and I am too scared to go in Cleveland. They even have a crime show for Cleveland. That's how dangerous the place is!
When I go to Cleveland I just look around to make sure I am safe.

8 Tijuana, Mexico
9 Caracas, Venezuela

THE most violent city in the world. Just check 10 Most Violent Cities by AllTimeTens OR look at this:
10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
9. Detroit, USA
8. Karachi, Pakistan
7. Grozny, Chechnya (I don't think it exists... )
6. New Orleans, USA
5. Cape Town, South Africa
4. Modigashu, Somalia
3. Baghdad, Iraq
2. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

I live in Venezuela and my mom got shot but nobody heard

10 Youngstown, OH

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? New Orleans, USA

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11 Oakland, CA

I live out here and it's crazy trying to be asleep hearing gun shots

12 Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
13 Gary, IN
14 New York City, NY New York City, NY The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.
15 Prypiat, Ukraine

Extremely Dangerous. It's so scary to go there alone. Ghetto ghosts, radiation, wolf etc..

No, there isn't. I've been to Pripyat for a tour once. OK, there is radiation, but no "Ghetto Ghosts" or "wolves." But I will agree with you that it is scary to go there alone. I went with a team of ten other people and still got scared. The ruins are really creepy, the abandoned town of Pripyat. There are ghosts there. The ghosts of those who once lived there. Not real ghosts, but memories. Shadows. They linger, they never leave. I swear to you, the ghosts of the people who once inhabited Pripyat, they give me shivers...

16 Wilmington, DE
17 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I herd that on the news that people got killed

18 Tokyo, Japan
19 Mogadishu, Somalia
20 Tirana, Albania
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