Insects: Pest Or Pal?

On the great planet known as Earth, there are about 7.5 Billion Humans living as of 2015. However, there are more than a QUINTILLION insects on Earth. If you know me, I am deathly afraid of insects. Nearly every species of insects I am afraid of. But how come I afraid of insects, but brave enough to go on the scariest roller coasters? Well, I will explain to you the pros and cons of the world's most stigmatized creature, bugs.
First off, let me explain the usefulness of insects. Honeybees are famous for helping the environment by spreading pollen to the flora that needs it. Even though many people, including myself, are allergic to pollen, we can at least be grateful for the bees. Another thing that's useful are the insects who decompose. While Earthworms might be a little disgusting for most people, they are called Earthworms for a reason; they decompose the Earth, and reuse the nutrients of the deceased creature! In other words, without bugs, it will be very hard to grow crops. It's no wonder why environmentalists are concerned about the honeybees dying.
That doesn't mean that bugs are friendly creatures though. The main reason why I am afraid of insects is because they carry diseases. The most infamous insect that carry diseases are the ever so friendly Mosquito. They are related to the fly family, but even flies, as annoying as they are, aren't as bad as their cousins. You know what a Mosquito carries; West Nile Virus, Malaria, etc. What you didn't know was that Mosquitos kill more people than any other animal ON THE PLANET. That means Mosquitos kill more people per year than snakes, scorpions, crocodiles, and even BEARS ( although only 1 person dies from a bear attack every year). Do you see why I am afraid of insects? It really doesn't help that since the Earth is getting warmer each year, there might be more Mosquitos on Earth. The only other insect that's deadly are bees, since some people are good and bad.
In the end, are insects pests or pals? Well... they are both good and bad. While insects are certainly annoying, and they might even kill you, but at least they help the environment in a good way. The strange thing about these creepy crawlers is that they treat the environment very nicely, but for other animals, it's a mixed bag. If you say that all insects should be killed, I can say no to that for 2 reasons; One, it's literally impossible, and two, killing them would actually harm your life, as much as an insect bite. After making this post, I actually feel a little better about insects now. So, insects are in fact pests AND pals at the same time.