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21 Chickasaw

The chickasaw tribe was regarded as one of the most deadliest tribe, according to some or most of the tribes even here! They fought, and won all of their battles, and even wiped out full tribes! this shows how dangerous and ruthless they are, and how they are the best out of all of these. I'm a chickasaw heritage, and I want to explored a lot more about it

I learn ah bit Of history about Chickasaw Tribe. During the French and Indian War, the English nickname us the Spartan of the Southeast. Everyday I am honored and grateful to be Chickasaw

They were always at war and lived in fortified towns when at war to be better defended. I'm 1/4 Chickasaw and proud of it.

I'm chikasaw, choctaw, and creek. My great grandfather told me stories that he was told of how tough the chikasaw were. They were the Spartans of the native american tribes. They way they trained there warriors. From boys to men.

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22 Seminole

The Seminole gave the army fit's and fought hard,chief Osceola remains the only chief to never formally surrender and was never captured

The Seminoles are raw...Chief Osceola and his warriors will stomp any tribe!

Osceola was never a Chief.

23 Shawnee

Tecumseh, Cornstalk, Blue Jacket are some of their more famous leaders. Look through American History and search for the battle between Indians and white's and the battle that the most American soldiers was killed in was with the Shawnee's and some of their confederate tribes. General St. Clair's defeat was the most severe loss ever inflicted upon an American army by Native Americans. The American casualty rate was 69%, based on the deaths of 632 of the 920 soldiers and officers, with 264 wounded. Nearly all of the 200 unarmed camp followers were slaughtered, for a total of about 832 deaths "the highest United States losses in any of its battles with Native Americans. They fought against white expansion along the Ohio River for longer than any other tribe managed to.

Whites took many Shawnee scalps. The Shawnee sold white men scalps to the British in Detroit

Way underrated.

The Shawnee kidnapped, tortured, and killed the famous American explorer Jedidiah Smith's oldest son.

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24 Micmac

The Mi'kmaq militias deployed effective resistance for over 75 years before treaties were created and the Burial of the Hatchet Ceremony took place (1761).

MiqMaq were a strong force to be reckoned with. My great grandfather was a full blood. I wish there were more of them still around. Long live the MiqMaq

25 Aztecs

I think they are deadly considering they ate people at rituals and performed cannibalism

Seriously... THE empire before Europeans got here! And that was for a reason. Their Capitol was bigger than London and Paris at the time, healthier and actually more advanced in some areas.

Technically, the aztecs only ate the hearts, and if you go to ancient aztecs, they would have had to eat 28 people per day, on average, in order to fulfill the required sacrafices. So, not that scary.

They were dangerous

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26 Taino

It is no surprise that the Tainos were the fierce tribe in the Caribbean including Jamaica and in fact they were also the second fierce tribe after the caribs that fought the Spanish and other invaders from entering the Americas.

27 Kickapoo

The Kickapoo had the highest kill ratio of whites killed to Kickapoo killed... by that measure they were the most lethal tribe in North America.

What a bad name like that. When they're in battle do they say that they've "Kicked the Poo".

28 Huron

Killed the grey hair the bastards


29 Hopi
30 Ute

Most feared tribe of the inter mountain region. Utah Colorado area raids on neighbors

Badasses of the mountains. Greatly feared by my ancestors.

Experts on the horse

31 Atakapas

The great appache tribe was angry (for good reason) and fought a good fight.

32 Sac and Fox
33 Ojibwe

Ojibwe/Chippewa, along with the other bands of tribes they absorbed, were absolutely the fiercest warriors prior to European contact. Join us or die. They killed. They enslaved. They were highly adaptable to any environment. They swept other tribes into the Pacific Ocean. They scalped. They cannibalized. They were very successful in the fur trade, which meant, they had guns! Huge populations spread out, but joined together in force. They created & revolutionized many game-changing ideas, which strategically strengthened their forces, such as shoes with hard soles, and birch bark canoes - which could maneuver faster than the other types. They had it all, and never succumbed to the Europeans. They did, what they decided to do, as evidenced by effectively having signed the most treaties out of any other tribe. The total number is 51. We Are The Baddest.

Should be in the top ten

Wery good yez I am happy, much blood, young blood

34 Karankawa

I hope I spelled this right. they performed a lot of cannibalism

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35 Miami

Since when was there a native tribe called miami

The USA wolverine

Yes there was. The Miami tribed gave OHIO there name. They lived in Oklahoma. Look it up I googled it

36 Inca
37 Blood Tribe
38 Abenakis

Just a very tough tribe. They were scared of no one!

Even though the Mohawk tribe out numbered the Abenakis greatly, the Mohawks feared the crazy Abenaki warriors and would run from fights with them. The Abenaki word for Mohawk literally meant cowards that soil themselves. The Mohawks often called the Abenakis cannibals (although there is no evidence that they were) and the small Abenaki tribes earned a reputation of being the most clever and crazy natives around.

39 Maya

This society has left us many interesting artifacts. Knowledge

The most spiritual and intelligent of all tribes.

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40 Muscogee

Just ask the genecidist Andrew Jackson which tribe he and his army feared the most. Oh yea, he's in he'll so can't answer.


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